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Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011
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Posted: 12/1/2005 6:31:34 PM

By: well excuse me...

Got this email message below from a they're in Toronto I think and not related to Agora Inc. of William Bonner and James Dale Davidson.Now why would I have thought they were the same ? I guess because they both tout penny stocks and penny mining stocks among others ? Was there something else ? If I'm not mistaken has advertised in the U.S. and particulary in the Washington Post which seemed like something Beltway connected penny stock promoters might do an ad in and Agora Inc. is Beltway connected in some fashion.

In fact 'Bob O'Brien' and Patrick Byrnes of did place
an ad in the Washington Post on February 8 warning W.Bush about the supposed dangers of 'naked shorting' to SS investing in markets.And I noted has at least one client,('ad zone research' ?),that claims to be a victim of 'naked short selling' and has added the 'anti-naked shorting'group to their pr or tout team,as if's pr services alone wasn't enough.Does officially believe companies they represent are victims of 'naked short selling' as well ? Why does promote itself as well through ?

Does agoracom have any relation to of California or do they just allow their pr client 'ad zone' to post's 'naked shorting' propaganda on their website to insinuate their mutual client is a victim of 'naked shorting' ? I ask in part because 'Bob O'Brien' of also appears to have some relation to the California's folks or at least thinks highly of them.

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Carnegie Mellon:Lycos used for fraud.
by Tony Ryals Tuesday, Nov. 08, 2005 at 1:49 AM (email address validated)

Good evening, Tony. I have just had an opportunity to read this article at and wanted to bring your attention to the fact that neither our firm, AGORA Investor Relations, nor our portal are in any way related to Agora, Inc out of Baltimore. Unfortunately, you have erroneously included us in your article and would greatly appreciate it if you could either retract it, or provide a correction.

The mistake is an easy one to make due to our similar names. Unfortunately, the term “AGORA” is a very popular one in business due to its meaning – “marketplace” in Ancient Greece. In fact, there is an “Agora Investor Relations” out of Poland that was recently awarded best investor relations firm in Poland – but we equally wouldn’t want to take credit for that achievement either.

The people at Agora, Inc. ran into trouble with the SEC over a promotion a few years ago, along with a firm called “Pirate Inc.” However, I assure you that beyond having no business connection to them, neither AGORA Investor Relations, nor have ever been the subject of a complaint with any securities regulator in North America or the world.

I look forward to your response and thank-you for your attention to this matter.

Yours truly,
George Tsiolis, LL.B.
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