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Grenada Bank Fraud To Infinity Mining Corp in Canada & USA
Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011

Posted: 7/11/2006 3:51:46 AM

By: Offshore Informant

In-keeping with the two (2) previous Offshore Informant posts . . .

Dr. Dtorm T.G. Gill is a chiropractor by trade, used by both Van A. Brink and James Gregory ("Zig") Ziegler as resident agent on Portland, Oregon LLCs for several years.

Just a couple of months ago, Storm Gill handed Tuscon, Arizona attorney Robert W. Hinds (Tuscon, Arizona) what turned out to be a non-sufficient funds check amounting to $500,000.00 for the purchase of mineral claims pertaining to an area of approximately 3 square miles of Pinal County, Arizona barren land because a financial deal - involving Russian investors - presented by Martin Tobias-Gibbins (aka) Martin Bruce Gibbins (UK & UAE) was to buy EQUITY RETIREMENT DISTRIBUTORS LTD (aka) INFINITY MINING CORP. stock shares, both companies of which have promoted for years they hold $81,000,000,000.00 (USD billions) in assets that have been trading on grey-market Pink Sheets. INFINITY MINING CORP., however recently in June 2006 that it prepared U.S. SEC filings for a NASDAQ listing. INFINITY MINING CORP. may have also filed at the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) in Canada.

Earlier in March 2004, a joint venture contract agreement pertaining to a China Toll-Road Concessions Contract valued at $1,000,000,000.00 (USD billion) involved:

EQUITY RETIREMENT DISTRIBUTORS LTD. (Allan Sanford in Wurtsboro, New York);
MORGAN STANLEY (Plano, Texas);
THE PILLAR GROUP LTD. (Charles L. Webb in Panama City, Panama);
SAMPAIO & SAMPAIO (Almeria, Spain); and,

Before the aformentioned deal could be consumated, the Plano, Texas office of MORGAN STANLEY raised the value of EQUITY RETIREMENT DISTRIBUTORS LTD. stock shares to 'at least' $20.00 each - valuing them actually between $21.00 to 25.00 each and at the same time there were actually 'billions of stock shares' that existed, of which the vast majority were held through Trusts (see #2. URL above) controlled by James Gregory ("Zig") Ziegler through his foreign attornies (see #2 URL above).

A reasonable facsimile copy of the original joint venture agreement (immediately below) and the online stock promotion of EQUITY RETIREMENT DISTRIBUTORS LTD. (aka) INFINITY MINING CORP., surrounding it:

- - - -

Venture Capital Master Contract
Transaction Reference Code: TPGL/JFI/US1BSEC/030304

This Venture Capital Master Contract (hereinafter referred to as "Contract") is agreed effective on the third day of March 2004 by, between and among the parties identified below and whose roles, rights, responsibilities, duties and obligations are set forth herein, is further identified by Transaction Reference Code TPGL/JFI.US1BSEC/030304 and is for the purposes, intents and benefits as herein defined and agreed among the parties.


1.1 The Venture Capital Provider (hereinafter referred to as "the Investor") is:

The Pillar Group Limited
an Island of Nevis company
Spencer Howell Building
Main Street
Charlestown, Nevis, West Indies


Whose authorized signatory hereto, is:

Mr. Charles L. Webb, Attorney in fact
USA Passport No. _______________, an enlarged color photocopy of which is attached as Appendix 1(a)

Whose appointment as the Investor's attorney is evidenced by Investor's corporate resolution attached hereto as Appendix 1(b) and by Investor's Power of Attorney for Mr. Charles L. Webb, attached hereto as Appendix 1(c).

1.2 The Venture Capital Recipient (herein referred to as "the Company"), is:


4.1 The Investor is purchasing for the equivalent value of One Billion United States Dollars ($1,000,000,000.00 USD), or more, a thirty-five (35%) percent minority interest in the Company and its Toll Road Concession Management Contract(s) in PRC, subject to the terms and conditions stated herein.

4.2 The medium for this purchase is shares of publicly traded stock that the Investor privately owns, said stock being common shares in Equity Retirement Distributors (Canada) Limited (herein referred to as "ERDL").

4.3 For the purposes of this transaction, the Sister Company's securities house of Morgan Stanley has valued common shares of ERDL at US $20.00 each. Thus, the total consideration paid by the Investor to the Company via transfer of ERDL shares to the Sister Company in this transaction is Fifty Million (50,000,000) shares of common stock in ERDL.

4.4 The Investor is purchasing, and the Company is selling, a thirty-five percent (35%) equity interest in the Company and its Toll Road Concession Management Contract(s), which equity interests may be repurchased by the Company or its Sister Company at any time within five years and one month from the date of the Investor's delivery to the securities account of the Sister Company the agreed purchase price in ERDL shares, as stated herein.

4.5 This repurchase of the Company's equities by the Company and/or its Sister Company may be affected by returning to the Investor the Fifty Million (50,000,000) shares of ERDL common stock that the Company, through its Sister Company, receives as the purchase price for the thirty-five (35%) percent minority equity interests in the Company and its Toll Road Concession Management Contract(s), as defined herein.

4.6 As an INCENTIVE to the Investor, the Company herein agrees to pay the Investor an advance against future Company earnings over a term of five years and one month in the sum of Fifty Million United States Dollars ($50,000,000 USD) and to pay to the Investor this sum within thirty (30) Calendar Days of its Sister Company's receipt of the Investor's full consideration [the ERDL shares referenced in paragraphs 4.2, 4.3, 4.4 and 4.5, above] paid as specified herein. This payment of Fifty Million United States Dollars ($50,000,000.00) by the Company to the Investor is the INCENTIVE herein.

4.7 This INCENTIVE, once paid by the Company, is non-refundable to the Company, irrespective of the Company's profits or losses during the five-year and one-month term in which the Company and/or its Sister Company may re-purchase the equity interests in the Company and its Toll Road Concession Management Contract(s) that are purchased by the Investor in this transaction.

4.8 In the event that the Company does not render the INCENTIVE to the Investor within thirty (30) Calendar Days as agreed herein, this Contract is automatically and without protest by the Company, irrevocably amended as follows:

4.8.1 The equity-purchase consideration [the ERDL shares] paid by the Investor to the Company must be returned to the Company within five (5) international banking days, together with liquidated damages in the amount of Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars ($500,000.00 USD); or

4.8.2 The Investor's stake holding in the Company and its Toll Road Concession Management Contract(s) is automatically and irrevocably increased to Seventy Percent (70%) equity interest and the Investor may in its sole discretion reconstitute the Board of Directors of the Company and instruct those new Company directors to identify, appoint and constitute new management for the Company, including but not limited to the Funds Administrator; and

4.8.3 The five-year moratorium on dividends to be to be paid by the Company to the Investor is lifted and the Investor shall be entitled thereafter to Seventy Percent (70%) of all net incomes of the Company and its Toll Road Concession Management Contract(s), after applicable PRC tax obligations, if any, are paid.


5.1 The Arranger and the Investor have agreed to organize via their connections and relationships, at the specific request of the Company (hereinafter interchangeably referred to as "the Beneficiary"), to deposit into the securities account of the Sister Company, at Morgan Stanley, assets valued at One Billion United States Dollars ($1,000,000,000.00 USD) or more, for the purpose of assisting and supporting the Company's Toll Road Concession Management Contract(s) in China and the issue of a Confirmation of Assets Letter (herein referred to as "COAL"), from Morgan Stanley (herein referred to as the "Issuing Institution"), in the form and addressed to the Beneficiary's Bank as set forth in the attached Exhibit "A."

5.2 The Issuing Institution is to remit the original COAL by overnight courier to the Beneficiary's Bank and a copy is to be sent by facsimile to the Beneficiary's Bank. A further facsimile copy is to be provided to Stanley P. Salzman, the Funds Administrator, and to the Closing Agent, the details of which are set out in the INVESTOR'S INCENTIVE SCHEDULE attached hereto at Exhibit "B."

5.3 The Closing Agent hereby authorizes and instructs the Funds Administrator, immediately upon the Funds Administrator's receipt of the facsimile copy of the COAL received from the Issuing Institution pursuant to paragraph 5.2, above, to release a copy of the COAL to the Beneficiary for the sole purpose of assisting the Beneficiary in communications with its Bank. The Closing Agent also hereby authorizes and instructs the Funds Administrator, immediately upon the Funds Administrator's receipt of the facsimile copy of the COAL received from the Issuing Institution pursuant to paragraph 5.2, above, to release a copy of the COAL to the Investor for the sole purpose of serving as part of the Investor's record of performance according to the terms of this Contract.

Prior to the issue of the COAL, the Company is to present a complete set of Closing Documents to Closing Agent and to the Funds Administrator. The Company is thereby bound by the Closing Documents, which documents become an integral part of this Contract. The Closing Documents in original format are to be held by the Closing Agent, under its undertaking as Closing Agent, to hold said Closing Documents for the duration of the COAL's validity period, unless otherwise provided for.


5.5 The Beneficiary and/or the Beneficiary's Bank may only use the COAL, to support the Toll Road Concession Management Contracts unless other prior arrangements are made in writing with the Investor.

5.6 Neither the Company, nor the Sister Company, or the Funds Administrator or the Arranger may use the COAL for any other purpose whatsoever unless other prior arrangements are made in writing with the Investor.

5.7 The Company represents and warrants that its Bank is prepared to receive the COAL and to release the Investor's INCENTIVE or part thereof to Citibank, 1F Tower 1, Bright China Changan Building, No.7 Jian Guo Men Nei Avenue Dong Cheng District, Beijing 100005, Peoples Republic of China, for the account of the Funds Administrator, Stanley P. Salzman, account number __________.

5.8 The Company represents and warrants that it will do as described in paragraphs 5.4, 5.5 and 5.7, above, upon receiving from the Issuing Institution, in an acceptable format, such as SWIFT, to the Beneficiary's Bank, confirmation that the COAL was issued by them and is now operative.

5.9 The Funds Administrator represents and warrants that upon receiving the Investor's INCENTIVE funds noted in paragraph 5.4, above, he will transfer Forty Eight Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars ($48,500,000.00 USD) to the Closing Agent, according to the instructions provided herein below as part of Exhibit "B" and retaining for himself and his uses, however determined, the sum of One Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars ($1,500,000.00) as his consideration in full for his services herein.

5.10 The Closing Agent, upon receipt of the sum noted in paragraph 5.9, above, is instructed to apply the funds, as follows:

5.10.1 Twenty Three Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars ($23,500,000.00 USD) for the benefit of the Arranger and as separately may be instructed by the Arranger;

5.10.2 Twenty Five Million United States Dollars ($25,000,000.00 USD) for the benefit of the Investor and as separately may be instructed by the Investor; and

5.10.3 Deduct its consideration in full for handling this transaction, half from the amount apportioned to the Arranger and half from the amount apportioned to the Investor.

5.11 If within thirty (30) Calendar Days of the date of issue of the COAL, the Beneficiary's Bank does not provide to the Fund Arranger's Bank for the account of the Funds Arranger the herein agreed Investor's Inducement amount of Fifty Million United States Dollars ($50,000,000.00 USD) or the liquidated damages amount of Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars ($500,000.00 USD), so that the Funds Arranger may render to the Closing Agent the agreed amount within thirty-five (35) Calendar Days of the date of issue of the COAL, then a default has occurred on the part of the Company and the provisions of paragraph 4.8, above, and of sub-paragraphs 4.8.1, 4.8.2 and 4.8.3, above, apply and are irrevocably operative, unless prior written agreement is made between the Company and the Investor and duly copied to the Closing Agent.

5.12 The Beneficiary is prepared prior to the issue of the COAL by the Issuing Institution for the Issuing Institution to communicate with the Beneficiary's Bank, seeking confirmation that the Beneficiary Bank is aware of and is prepared to receive the COAL. In the event that the Issuing Institution should wish to seek such confirmation, the details of the Issuing Institution's Officer are to be made available to the Beneficiary, and the Issuing Institution is to communicate directly with the Beneficiary's Bank Officer as detailed within Exhibit "B" attached hereto.

5.13 Upon the Beneficiary Bank issuing an acceptable Conditional Payment Undertaking to the Funds Administrator, with copy notice made directly by the Beneficiary Bank to the Closing Agent, the Beneficiary's Bank may request confirmation from the Issuing Institution that the COAL was issued by them and is operative. It is to be noted that the Issuing Institution will not issue such confirmation until such time that the Conditional Payment Undertaking is satisfactorily in place.

5.14 The Investor's INCENTIVE, as identified in the INVESTOR'S INCENTIVE SCHEDULE, forms the consideration to be paid by the Beneficiary's Bank on behalf of the Beneficiary, through the Funds Administrator, to the Closing Agent for payment of the Closing Agent, the Arranger and the Investor.

5.15 In the event that the COAL is properly issued by the Issuing Institution and the Beneficiary's Bank fails to issue the Conditional Payment Undertaking to the Funds Administrator's Account at Citibank, within thirty (30) Calendar Days of the date of issue of the COAL, the Company shall pay to the Closing Agent the sum of Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars ($500,000.00 USD) in liquidated damages, and upon payment of such sum and after causing to be reversed any and all assets transferred into the name of the Sister Company by the Investor and providing proof of such return to the Closing Agent, the Closing Documentation shall be returned by the Closing Agent to the Company. In the failure of the Company to pay the liquidated damages, the aforementioned provisions of paragraph 4.8, above, and of sub-paragraphs 4.8.1, 4.8.2 and 4.8.3, above, apply and are irrevocably operative, unless prior written agreement is made between the Company and the Investor.

5.16 In the event that the Company does terminate this Contract by way of paying the prescribed liquidated damages and returning any and all assets transferred into its Sister Company's name and securities account at Morgan Stanley, then the Closing Agent is to apportion the liquidated damages as follows:

5.16.1 Three Hundred Fifty Thousand United States Dollars ($350,000.00 USD) to the Investor;

5.16.2 One Hundred Fifty Thousand United States Dollars to the Arranger; and

5.16.3 Deduct its consideration in full for handling this transaction, half from the amount apportioned to the Investor and half from the amount apportioned to the Arranger.

5.17 Demonstration of Good Faith on the part of the Investor:

5.17.1 To test that the above outlined transaction may work smoothly between the Investor and the Sister Company's securities account at Morgan Stanley, upon all parties agreeing to these Contract terms and conditions, the Investor will transmit fifteen million (15,000,000) of its ERDL common shares to the Sister Company's referenced account coordinates at Morgan Stanley as an "earnest money" deposit on this purchase transaction.

5.17.2 If this transfer is successful and confirmed back to the Investor, then the Investor shall have ten (10) Calendar Days to affect delivery to Morgan Stanley the balance of thirty-five million (35,000,000) of its ERDL shares.

5.17.3 In the event that the Investor's first transmission of shares to Morgan Stanley is successful and, after ten (10) Calendar Days it cannot prove that it has attempted to make delivery of the remaining thirty-five million (35,000,000) of its ERDL shares to Morgan Stanley, then the Investor forfeits its "earnest money" deposit entirely and without protest.


6.1 This is a binding Contract by, between and among the Parties, all parties hereto having had the availability of and adequate time to consult with their respective legal counsel(s) of choice and, having satisfied themselves accordingly, are proceeding with this transaction of their own free wills, acts and deeds, respectively.

6.2 The provision of the COAL is at the specific request of the Company.

6.3 Neither the Investor nor the Arranger in any way solicited the Company to initiate negotiations to bring about this transaction.

6.4 The terms and conditions of this Contract and all documents concerning this transaction shall be, and remain, strictly confidential among the parties. Neither the Company, nor its Sister Company or the Funds Administrator or the Arranger or the Investor, or anyone acting on behalf of any of their respective, joint or mutual interests, shall disclose this Contract or any document concerning this transaction to any other party without:

6.4.1 The express written consent of the other parties; or

6.4.2 A valid and enforceable Court Order compelling disclosure.

6.5 This duty of confidentiality shall not prevent or preclude disclosure to a party's advisors. However, in the event of such disclosure to advisors, the advisors shall affirm their understanding and agreement with the parties' undertaking of confidentiality.

6.6 The Company shall not contact or communicate with the Issuing Institution under any circumstances, except through a duly authorised officer of the Beneficiary's Bank, in writing, and with the prior written consent of the Arranger prior to any such communication. The exception being that the Beneficiary's Bank may seek written confirmation from the Issuing Institution that the COAL was issued by the Issuing Institution and that the COAL is now operative.

Electronic Transmissions:

6.7.1 All duly executed electronic transmissions of this Contract shall be lawfully binding and enforceable on each, every and all of the Parties.

6.7.2 Secure electronic communications between the parties' securely controlled email addresses as specified above in this Contract shall be regarded as authentic by all receiving parties.

6.8 Severability: In the event that one (1) or more of the provisions in this Contract shall be, for any reason, declared in Binding Arbitration to be invalid, void or unenforceable in any respect, such declaration shall be deemed not to affect the validity or enforceability of the other provisions of this Contract, which shall remain and continue in full force and effect.

6.9 Total Contract: This Contract together with its Addendae and Exhibits, executed by the Parties duly authorized representatives and initialed by each of them on each page, shall constitute the entire Contract by, between and among the parties hereto. No previous verbal representations, warranties, or statements by any party shall have any force or effect whatsoever on this Contract unless set forth in writing in this Contract. Any amendment to this Contract shall be made in writing and executed by the duly authorized representatives of each of the parties hereto.

6.10 Enurement and Authority:

6.10.1 This Contract shall inure to the benefit of and shall be binding upon the Parties hereto and their respective heirs, nominees, representatives, executors, successors and/or assigns.

6.10.2 The parties individually, severally and respectively warrant, covenant, and represent that they are acting upon full authority to enter into this Contract and are lawfully and legally empowered to perform all of the obligations and actions required pursuant to this Contract and that the undersigned signatories are individually and fully authorized to execute and enter this Contract and to bind themselves, individually, and their respective entities that they respectively represent fully to this Contract in all respects.

6.11 To further preserve the privacy of this Contract, other than as specifically provided for in sub-paragraph 6.11.4, below, each and all of the parties hereto specifically renounce their respective rights to bring suit in any court of law in any jurisdiction in order to seek redress of grievances and/or remedies for financial injuries or for resolution of any, each and all disputes and/or grievances between or among any, several or all of the Parties hereto and do hereby mutually agree and covenant to settle amicably any grievance, dispute or injury sustained as is befitting of individuals and companies acting and operating with clean hands, abiding in good faith and relying on Binding Arbitration as a last resort, to which they hereby agree and mutually covenant, contract and prescribe to be as follows, understanding that time is always of the essence:

6.11.1 In the event that one or more of the parties has a contract grievance or dispute they cannot resolve among or between themselves, the matter is to be decided by Binding Arbitration.

6.11.2 The procedure shall be that upon ten (10) Calendar Days written notice of one Party to the other(s), each Party shall appoint an Advocate. The Advocates shall meet, whether by telephone, other electronic means or in person, within that initial ten (10) day period and shall agree upon a neutral third party to serve as an Arbitrator between or among the Advocates and/or the Parties.

6.11.3 If the Advocates cannot agree on a single Arbitrator, each Advocate may appoint one Arbitrator and the Arbitrators shall have an additional five (5) Calendar Days to agree upon an additional Arbitrator, who shall serve as Chairman of the Panel of Arbitration and shall set a time within the following ten (10) working days to convene the Panel of Arbitration, to hear provided by both sides, determine the facts and make a ruling pursuant thereto.

6.11.4 The Decision of the Arbitrator or of the Panel of Arbitration shall be binding upon both or all parties who have thus submitted themselves to Binding Arbitration in the specific matter addressed and the Decision may be entered as judgment in the records of any court in any jurisdiction and any sum ordered by the Arbitrator or by the Panel of Arbitration may be enforced according to the laws of that jurisdiction and/or those jurisdictions.

6.11.5 Payment of the fees and expenses of an Advocate shall be the responsibility of the Party who appointed the Advocate.
6.11.6 Payment of the costs and expenses of the Arbitrator or of the Panel of Arbitration shall be as determined in the Arbitration.

6.12 Site and Governance: The site of this Contract is the Republic of Panama and the Contract shall be governed according to the Common Law of Contracts as interpreted and decided in Binding Arbitration.

6.13 The official language of this Contract is English in all of its parts, Exhibits, Addendae and annexes of any kind, unless specifically required to be otherwise as set forth as part of this Contract, and any and all amendments to it must be mutually agreed by the parties and must be agreed to in writing in English.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have executed this Contract with an agreed effective date as of the third day of March 2004.


Junius - Panama

Junious - USA

Salzman - NY

From Morgan Stanley

China Everbright Bank
Everbright Building
6 Fuxingmenwai Street
Peoples Republic of China

Attention: Mr. LI Zheng, General Manager Corporate Banking Dept.
Fax: 86 10 66 56 74 15

Our Ref: TPGL/JFI/US1BSEC/030304

Dear Mr. Zheng

Account Number with us : ……………………………
Account Name : Junius Finance International
Beneficiary : Junius Finance International

At the request of our customer, this is to confirm that Junius Finance International is the account holder of account No. _____________, with us

As of days date, we hereby confirm that we are in fact, holding on deposit for the aforementioned account assets with a value in excess of US$1,000,000,000 (One Billion United States Dollars) free of any liens and encumbrances.

We would also like to confirm that Junius Finance Interantional has pledged this account in your favour for a period of five (5) years, and that Junius Finance International also pledges to maintain a minimum balance in this account in the amount noted above, to support the acquisition of the Toll Road Concession Management Contracts in China.

This document will become valid upon your receipt of our confirmation in an acceptable format to you of the above details upon your request.

- - - -


The Investor's Incentive will be provided as follows:

1. Inducement Amount: US$50 million

2. Payment Terms: Immediately on the Issuing Bank confirming the
authenticity and activation of the Confirmation of Assets Letter (COAL) to the Beneficiary's Bank via an acceptable media to the Beneficiary Bank or acceptance by the Beneficiary's Bank of the COAL, whichever occurs first:

3. Security for fee: Bank Commitment / Undertaking from
Beneficiary's Bank in favour of Citibank for the account of the Funds Manager.

Conditions: Refer to Venture Capital Master Contract, Transaction
Reference Code: TPGL/JFI/US1BSEC/030304, with special attention to paragraph 4.8 and sub-paragraphs 4.8.1, 4.8.2 and 4.8.3 therein.

5. Beneficiary Bank: China Everbright Bank
Everbright Building
6 Fuxingmenwai Street
Beijing, Peoples Republic of China
Bank Officer: Mr. LI Zheng - General Manager Corporate Banking Department
Fax: ++ (86) 10 66 56 74 15
- - - -

Funds Administrator:Mr. Stanley P. Salzman P.C.
11 Grace Avenue
P. O. BOX 220700,
Great Neck, New York 11022-0700. USA
Fax: ++(516) 487 1320

Funds Administrator's Bank:

1F Tower 1, Bright China Changan Building,
No.7 Jian Guo Men Nei Avenue
Dong Cheng District
Beijing 100005, Peoples Republic of China
Bank Officer:

Account Name: Stanley Salzman Client A/C
Account Number:

8. Issuing Institution:
Morgan Stanley
4175 Preston Park Blvd. Suite 500,
Plano, Texas 75093 USA
DTC: 0015
Account Name: Junius Finance International Corp.
Account Number: 450-029247-151

9. Closing Agent: [Name of Bank]
[Address of Bank]
[Escrow Department Manager's Name]
[Contact info]

The Company/Beneficiary is to prepare and complete on their formal letterhead, where appropriate, the following documentation, which for the purpose of the Venture Capital Master Contract, Transaction Reference Code: TPGL/JFI/US1BSEC/030304 by, between and among The Pillar Group, Limited; Junius Finance International SA; Junius Finance International Corporation; Stanley P. Salsman, PC; SAMPAIO Y SAMPAIO S.L.; and [Name of Closing Agent Bank], is to comprise of these Exhibits:

1. Fully executed Venture Capital Master Contract, Transaction Reference Code: TPGL/JFI/US1BSEC/030304, together with all Addendae and Exhibits thereto;

2. Corporate resolutions of Junius Finance International SA and Junius Finance International Corp., respectively authorizing the making of the above-referenced Venture Capital Master Contract;

3. General Power of Attorney for both Junius Finance International SA and Junius Finance International Corp. made to The Pillar Group Limited, Mr. Charles L. Webb, Attorney in fact, and vesting in The Pillar Group Limited all powers to reconstitute the Boards of Directors of said companies/corporations according to the provisions of the above referenced Venture Capital Master Contract;

4. A duly sealed, executed and notarized Irrevocable Declaration of the Board of Directors of Junius Finance International SA identifying the Toll Road Concession Management Contract(s) that the Company now owns, attaching certified true copies of the original Chinese language versions, if any, of that/those contract(s) and of certified English translations of that/those contract(s) and specifying in the Declaration of the Board of Directors of Junius Finance International SA that The Pillar Group Limited is thereby awarded a thirty-five percent (35%) equity interest in the Company and in that/those contracts, subject to the terms of the Venture Capital Master Contract, bearing the Transaction Reference Code: TPGL/JFI/US1BSEC/030304.

5. A second, duly sealed, executed and notarized Irrevocable Provisional Declaration of the Board of Directors of Junius Finance International SA identifying the aforementioned Toll Road Concession Management Contract(s) and awarding The Pillar Group Limited with an additional thirty-five percent (35%) equity interest in that/those contract(s) and pledging that the Board of Directors, officers and senior managers of Junius Finance International SA shall continue in service to the Company until such time as The Pillar Group Limited shall designate new Directors for the Company who shall be responsible for naming new Company officers who shall appoint, subject to the ratification of the Company's reconstituted Board of Directors new senior management for the Company, including but not limited to a new Funds Administrator.

To deliver these closing documents to Closing Agent, who is instructed to hold these documents in trust until the earlier of the following events shall apply:

· According to the terms and provisions of the Venture Capital Master Contract, above referenced, the Company repurchases the Investor's equity in the Company, in which case the Closing Agent shall return the above documents to the Company, or

· According to the terms and provisions of the Venture Capital Master Contract, above referenced, at the expiry of the five-year moratorium on the Investor's rights to claim dividends on the earnings of the Company, in which case the Closing Agent shall return the above documents to the Company, excepting for item number 4 in the above listing of documents, which it shall deliver to The Pillar Group Limited, or

· According to the terms and provisions of the Venture Capital Master Contract, above referenced, the Company is in default and the provisions of paragraph 4.8 and sub-paragraphs 4.8.1, 4.8.2 and 4.8.3 are called upon by the Investor by reason of the Company's failure to abide by the Contract, in which case the Closing Agent shall deliver all of the above documents to the Investor, together with an Affidavit made in English attesting to the failure of the Company to perform according to the instructions received by the Closing Agent from the Company and that therefore, in the opinion of the Closing Agent, the Investor stands at liberty to enforce the relevant provisions contained in the itemized documents therewith delivered by the Closing Agent to the Investor.

The parties agree as follows:

In consideration of The Pillar Group Limited delivering via Depository Trust Corporation ("DTC") One Billion United States Dollars ($1,000,000,000.00 USD) or more in share value of Equity Retirement Distributors (Canada) Limited ("ERDL") stock to Junius Finance International Corporation's account at Morgan Stanley, to support Junius Finance International SA's Toll Road Concession Management Contract(s) in China and the issue of the Confirmation of Assets Letter (the "COAL"), a draft text of which is attached hereto for reference, Junius Finance International SA, and Junius Finance International Corporation, as appropriate, hereby agree to the following:

1. During the period in which the ERDL stock is in the name of Junius Finance International Corporation, Junius Finance International Corporation shall not sell or attempt to sell, or put at risk the ERDL stock without the joint express written consent of The Pillar Group Limited and of Junius Finance International SA, which consent will not be unreasonably withheld by either of them.

2. The Chinese Toll Road Concession Management Contract(s) now solely held by Junius Finance International SA and not under any authorized by them lien or encumbrance will not be put at risk or transferred in any way by them to any other party without the prior written consent of The Pillar Group Limited, which consent will not be unreasonably withheld.

It is further agreed that:

1. The Pillar Group Limited shall have proxy to vote according to the subject shareholding in ERDL, so long as Junius Finance International Corporation continues to own the shares pursuant to Venture Capital Master Contract, Transaction Reference Code TPGL/JFI/US1BSEC/030304, and further, that Junius Finance International Corporation shall do all that is required by The Pillar Group Limited to ensure that such voting rights and votes are dealt with in accordance with The Pillar Group Limited's wishes.

2. The Pillar Group Limited, via the Closing Agent, will upon the return of the EFDL stock according to the provisions of the Venture Capital Master Contract bearing Transaction Reference Code TPGL/JFI/US1BSEC/030304, release the Closing Agent to return to Junius Finance International SA's order the assignment of the Toll Road Concession Management Contracts and such other documentary items that are placed with the Closing Agent.

Agreed with the effective date of the third day of March 2004.


Junius Finance International SA
Passport No. ______

Junius Finance International Corporation
Passport No. ______

The Pillar Group Limited
Charles L. Webb
Attorney in fact
USA Passport No. _______


On formal letterhead

TO: The Pillar Group Limited



Dear Sirs:

Re: Toll Road Concession Management Contracts in China and Equity in
Junius Finance International SA

By this Deed, we irrevocably undertake to assign to you a thirty-five percent (35%) equity interest Junius Finance International SA and in the above-referenced Concession Contracts, which shall equate in value to not less than the equivalent of One Billion United States Dollars ($1,000,000,000.00 USD). Such assignments are conditional on:

i. The deposit in our designated account at Morgan Stanley of at least US$1,000,000,000.00 in value of Equity Retirement Distributors (Canada) Ltd. ("ERDL") stock for the duration of five (5) years and one (1) Month,
ii. The issue by Morgan Stanley of the Confirmation of Assets letter,
iii. The issue by China Everbright Bank of the a Conditional Payment Undertaking in respect of the Investor's Incentive, which is to be remitted to Stanley Salzman, Funds Manager, at Citibank, China for forwarding under terms of the Venture Capital Master Contract bearing Transaction Reference Code TPGL/JFI/US1BSEC/030304, which instructions we shall not instruct Mr. Salzman to vary in any way.

We further acknowledge and undertake without protest that should we, in the opinion of the Closing Agent, fail to perform timely as indicated above, that the provisions of the Venture Capital Master Contract bearing Transaction Reference Code TPGL/JFI/US1BSEC/030304 that in the event of our failure to perform award to The Pillar Group Limited a total of a seventy percent (70%) equity interest in Junius Finance International SA and its Chinese Toll Road Concession Management Contracts takes immediate effect.

Junius Finance International SA





From Junius Finance International Corporation



Dear Sir

With reference to the issuance of a Confirmation of Assets Letter in the amount of US$1,000,000,000 issued by your Bank, we confirm that the Confirmation of Assets Letter is of no further use and we hereby advise that we are no longer relying on the Confirmation of Assets Letter and you may cancel same in your books immediately.

The securities placed with you by the Applicant of the Confirmation of Assets Letter are to be returned to them unconditionally.

We fully indemnify the Bank and the Applicant against any claim or loss as a result of issuing the Confirmation of Assets Letter, providing the Confirmation of Assets Letter is properly issued by the Issuing Institution, and we waive all legal rights in connection with any claim made upon us should the Bank or Applicant suffer a financial loss as a result of the issuance of the Confirmation of Assets Letter, providing we are at fault.

Name and Title
Position if a corporation

Company Seal (if appropriate)

- - - -

Stock promotion of the aforementioned China Toll-Road Concessions deal began with Mario Pino (Beverly Hills, California) and his firm MELLON RESEARCH (Scottsdale, Arizona) promoting it online, which can still be viewed, at:

- - - -

On July 6, 2004 Kevin Bruce Wilkerson ("Zig") provided the following statements regarding Mario Pino having made public (online) their 'Secret Billion Dollar China Deal':

From: "Kevin B. Wilkerson" >
Date: Tue, 6 Jul 2004 23:52:58 +0000 (UTC)
Subject: Re: Mellons anyone?
To: "James Gregory ("Zig") Ziegler" >

We were unaware that any press releases had been issued. However, the facts stated in that release are not quite correct.

To begin with, the deal was not consummated as scheduled. At that point, the "toll road" proposition was being run through MORGAN STANLEY in the U.S.

MORGAN STANLEY tried to turn tables and insert a whole bunch of additional fees and requirements. Either due to greed or some other form of interference, MORGAN STANLEY effectively took themselves out of the deal. It then had to be restructured through other parties.

No fewer than 4 major European banks have been approached with it. One approved it, until at the last minute the legal department rejected it. The last one has approved it (including legal) and things are now moving forward, albeit at the speed of big banks.

This "Mario Pino" fellow is in fact merely a broker who provided some introductions. His company is not involved, they merely have a referral fee agreement with the actual arranger, SAMPAIO & SAMPAIO that is not providing any assets but again just acting as a referror/broker.

There were/are various parties putting up assets to be used as collateral for the credit line to operate the China toll-road concession (Incidentally, the road is already constructed, contrary to the release), companies connected to the "Restoration Project" are among them.

Mario is altogether wrong to make it sound like MELLON RESEARCH has provided any assets whatsoever.

The deal has been driven entirely by a couple of very wealthy individuals in Europe. I doubt Mario has had anything much to do with it since making his original introductions.

What we have here is somebody who is writing a name-dropping "puff piece" to try and tout his penny-stock company and its prospects. Well, that tendency should have been obvious from the fact that they named it "MELLON" in an obvious bid to be mistaken for something to do with THE MELLON.

I'm not sure whether the actual parties involved are aware that Mario Pino is crowing like a rooster about his big starring role in their private business, so I have forwarded the URL to someone who will make them acquainted with that fact.

It wouldn't serve anyone's interest if Mario were to repeat his stupidity in future, so I wouldn't be a bit surprised if they don't decide to whack his wiener for him. That's his problem.

We are all just getting by on [Stay Alive Money] SAM. In fact, our group has done so much with so little for so long now that at this point we are probably qualified to do anything with nothing.



- - - -


In RE: Mario Pino, et al. (below)

- - - -


[Circa: no date]

Mario Pino
694 W. Myrtle Drive
Chandler, Arizona 85248 USA
TEL: (602) 757-1132

[NOTE: Possible use of credit card number: 4427-4260-1005-7069.]

- - - -


[Circa: 16APR04]

Mario Pino
Beverly Hills, California
TEL: (310) 228-7679

Date of Birth: May 1971

- - - -

[Circa: 06JUL04]



- - - -

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
Contact Name: Holly L. Katsaros
Date of Birth: December 1972

- - - -

[Circa: 18NOV02]

Mario Pino named as 'user' at online trading website TPAGE.COM (aka) REAL TRADERS NETWORK, as follows:

Member Name: Mario Pino
User Name: apino49350

- - - -

State of Arizona File No.: 0948960-2
County: Maricopa
Incorporation Date: 04MAY00
Type of Business: Technology (General)
Corp. Officer Name #1: Dorothy Frank (Shareholder/President/Secretary: 04MAY03 thru 05JUN03)
Corp. Officer Name #2: Mario Pino (President and CEO on 02MAR04)
Corp. Officer Name #3: Holly Katsaros (Secretary on 02MAR04)

Shares (Common) Authorized: 100,000,000 (04 May 2000 by, Dorothy Frank)
Issued (Common): 10,000,000 (18 March 2002 by, Dorothy Frank)
Issued (Common): 20,600,00 (05 June 2003 by, Dorothy Frank)

Corporate Address:

2415 E CAMELBACK RD #700

Current Registered Agent:

Registered Agents-Arizona LLC
4643 E. Thomas Road #9
Phoenix, AZ 85018

Former Registered Agent:

2338 W. Royal Palm Road, Suite # J
Phoenix, AZ 85021-9339
Contact: Ronald W. Vernon (Manager)

- - - -

[Circa: 16APR04]

Mario Pino post (below) at "Party Zoom IMB Forum", a Swiss-based website using combined German and English language message posts for an online new C-D release enthusiasts club.

3/16/2004 21:07:41
Name: MARIO PINO - Gast
IP: Logged
RE: Sensation Amsterdam


PLEASE CALL: (310) 228-7679


- - - -

9992096|PHP|Donald|Cramer|1234 Delaware St|Delaware|Ohio|43222 ... ... 1054577861|0| | 9993318|PHP|mario|pino|694 w. mrytle drive|chandler|arizona|85248|UNITEDSTATES OF AMERICA|1-602-757-1132||4427426010057069|04 ...



Victims of the "Restoration Project", "Instauration Project", "Victory Club", "Humanitarian Project", and other Projects linked to these James Gregory Ziegler (aka) Zig Ziegler internet-based financial fraud crimes are encouraged to immediately contact their nearest federal law enforcement agency to file complaints against those they feel defrauded them out of their 'money', 'personal property', and/or 'real estate'.

A list of financial crime victim names, addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses are still being compiled by the Offshore Informant to see criminal complaints against those responsible for Internet frauds conducted by James Gregory Ziegler (aka) Zig Ziegler and others.


Offshore Informant



Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011

Posted: 7/10/2006 2:21:51 PM

By: Offshore Informant

Below, is a further inside look at how those involved in EQUITY RETIREMENT DISTRIBUTORS LTD. (aka) INFINITY MINING CORP. participated and argued amongst themselves regarding the proceeds of FIBG LTD. bank system victims (aka) Restoration Project "contributors" solicited over the Internet in broadcast e-mails to send monies for returns of up to 300% between 2002-2006 by James Gregory ("Zig") Ziegler who directed an elaborate and complicated distribution system handled by his foreign lawyers who took simple e-mail instructions they received from Kames Gregory ("Zig") Ziegler between 1998-2006.

Through offshore lawyers, Ziegler had them establish for him an elaborate and complicated array of international business companies (IBCs) registered in Anguilla, Panama, and elsewhere through a Sousa, Dominican Republic attorney named Dr. Epifanio Vasquez-Santos who further acted on Ziegler's instructions to establish a series of foreign Trusts along with foreign bank accounts they would see victim monies sent in and out of based on what Ziegler instructed them to do with those victim monies.

Another attorney named Herman W. Lyburd (Charlestown, Nevis) used THE BANK OF NEVIS to wire transfer and thereby launder financial crime victim monies out of Ziegler Trust accounts on his instructions to send portions of those monies to a variety of other individual accounts, which benefited individuals like Ziegler's wife Ivanka Lekic Milanovic Ziegler who saw Zig completely rebuild two (2) of her inherited homes (in Smederevska Palanka, Serbia and Bosnjane, Serbia) for them both, buy 3 luxury Mercedes Benz (450 Models) and 2 other cars (Mercedes Benz and Open Astra) for their use, a computer controlled color CCTV security system, satellite internet, luxury appliances, furnishings, computers, vacations throughout Serbia and Montenegro, establish companies in Serbia and Uganda, and much-much more.

In the meantime, Ziegler played 'poor mouth' to everyone except those he was scheming against to con them out of their monies, which he saw to siphoning millions of dollars from hundreds of victims by his use of the Internet between 1998-2006 sending e-mails and website solicitations to people telling them that they would reap unbelieveable amounts of returns on their investments through his "deals", but after he got their monies he fled countries he got burned out in for other countries where he settled in at to start-up and continue his next Internet financial crime games from.

Ziegler's financial crime games later saw to cutting off many people who sent monies or provided services, just as Allan Sanford was in 2005, Richard Warriner Downes in 2005, and many others from 1998-2006.

Reasonable facsimiles of communications (below) provide a very small picture of what the Restoration Project was all about, the two (2) companies EQUITY RETIREMENT DISTRIBUTORS LTD. (aka) INFINITY MINING CORP., and a gew of the individuals involved were doing with Internet financial crime victim monies from 2002-2006 that saw joint venture agreement contracts like the one below drawn up and signed amongst crooks in plans that ended in disaster to all but James Gregory ('Zig') Ziegler who walked away with the vast majority of victim monies after he had his foreign attornies hide it in FOREX [foreign currency exchange] accounts that total in-excess of $42,000,000.00 (USD) that allowa Ziegler to draw disbursements from while using others as his money-laundering conduits, and he believes he is highly intelligent by not placing anything of great value into his own name because he's always used his wives - 6 wives to-date - to launder his financial crime proceeds for him.

Here (below) is how percentages of EQUITY RETIREMENT DISTRIBUTORS LTD. were to be split-up amongst these selected individuals, but the actual numbers of stock shares totalled in the billions as depicted on yet other documents, which actually saw Ziegler controlling the vast majority of shares that even his closest partners in crime were never aware of, until now:


THIS AMENDMENT made as of the 26th day of February 2004 to the Joint Venture Agreement made between the Parties as of the 4th day of April 2003 under Transaction Code No. TPGL/JVP/N/C23265 is hereby made


THE PILLAR GROUP LTD., incorporated under the provisions of the Nevis Business Corporation Ordinance 1984 as company registration number C 23265, with its Registered Agent and Registered Office at:

Herman W. Liburd, Chambers
Government Road
Charlestown, Nevis (West Indies)

with its principal place of business at:

Spencer H. Howell Building
Suite 202-A
P.O. Box #631
Charlestown, Nevis (West Indies)
TEL: ++ (869) 469-0995
FAX: ++ (869) 469-0400

and with its secure email address for authenticated electronic communications at:

and represented herein by its Attorney-in-fact, Mr. Charles Webb, United States of America passport number 120400564, whose personal contact information is:

MOBILE: ++ (507) 603-1794
FAX: ++ (507) 236-7150

(hereinafter referred to as "the Company") of the first part;


REDIRECTION TRUST, an unregistered Anguilla trust in care of its Trustee:

Misa M. TODOSIJEVIC, Advokat
Trg. Heroja 7/1
11420 Smederevska Palanka
TEL: ++ (381) 26 323-378

(hereinafter referred to as "Joint Venture Partner") of the second part,


ABLE TRUST, an unregistered Anguilla trust in care of its Trustee:

Misa M. TODOSIJEVIC, Advokat
Trg. Heroja 7/1
11420 Smederevska Palanka
TEL: ++ (381) 26 323-378

(hereinafter referred to as "Joint Venture Partner") of the third part,


AMPLE TRUST, an unregistered Anguilla trust in care of its Trustee:

Misa M. TODOSIJEVIC, Advokat
Trg. Heroja 7/1
11420 Smederevska Palanka
TEL: ++ (381) 26 323-378

(hereinafter referred to as "Joint Venture Partner") of the fourth part,


FAIRBANKS TRUST, an unregistered Anguilla trust in care of its Trustee:

Misa M. TODOSIJEVIC, Advokat
Trg. Heroja 7/1
11420 Smederevska Palanka
TEL: ++ (381) 26 323-378

(hereinafter referred to as "Joint Venture Partner") of the fifth part.


Joint Venture Partners have previously entered into the Agreement referenced above; and

Joint Venture Partners now desire to amend that Agreement in order to conduct their affairs as they deem fit; and

All Joint Venture Partners concur with and freely approve the Amendment detailed below,



Section 1.1 of the referenced Joint Venture Agreement of 4th April 2003 is amended to read:

"1.1 The Joint Venture Partners (hereinafter "JVPs") agree to share as set forth herein all gains that may be generated by the Company as a result of the provision from time to time by the Joint Venture Partners by way of Assignments of various assets to the Company for the purpose of utilizing those assets as assets of the Company.

The schedule for the sharing of the gross gains of the Company shall be as follows:

· Three percent (3.0%) shall be retained by TPGL [THE PILLARS GROUP LTD.] to cover its operating and other expenses, including any fees and reimbursements owed to its manager, Administradora Panamena de Bienes Internacional, S.A.

· The remaining ninety-seven percent (97.0%) shall be divided among the other JVPs and certain other parties they wish to remunerate in recognition of services performed, as follows:

1.1.1 Seventy-five percent (75.0%) shall be allocated to JVP REDIRECTION Trust, and shall be disbursed by the Company as may be directed by its Board of Trustees or attorney-in-fact;

1.1.2 Two point eight percent (2.8%) shall be allocated to JVP ABLE Trust [James Gregory ("Zig") Ziegler], and shall be disbursed by the Company as may be directed by its Trustee or attorney-in-fact;

1.1.3 Two point eight percent (2.8%) shall be allocated to JVP AMPLE Trust [James Gregory ("Zig") Ziegler], and shall be disbursed by the Company as may be directed by its Trustee or attorney-in-fact;

1.1.4 Two point eight percent (2.8%) shall be allocated to JVP FAIRBANKS Trust [James Gregory ("Zig") Ziegler], and shall be disbursed by the Company as may be directed by its Trustee or attorney-in-fact;

1.1.5 Two point eight percent (2.8%) shall be allocated to BUENA VISTA Trust [Charles L. Webb], an unregistered Anguilla Trust having the same address and Trustee as the JVPs, and shall be disbursed by the Company as may be directed by its Trustee or attorney-in-fact;

1.1.6 Two point eight percent (2.8%) shall be allocated to BRIGHTSEN Trust [Kevin Bruce Wilkerson], an unregistered Anguilla Trust having the same address and Trustee as the JVPs, and shall be disbursed by the Company as may be directed by its Trustee or attorney-in-fact;

1.1.7 One point five percent (1.5%) shall be allocated to QASAR Trust [Allan Sanford], an unregistered Anguilla Trust having the same address and Trustee as the JVPs, and shall be disbursed by the Company as may be directed by its Trustee or attorney-in-fact;

1.1.8 One point five percent (1.5%) shall be allocated to COL. OO Trust [Robert Emery Shaw], an unregistered Anguilla Trust having the same address and Trustee as the JVPs, and shall be disbursed by the Company as may be directed by its Trustee or attorney-in-fact;

1.1.9 One point five percent (1.5%) shall be allocated to REDSTART Trust [Joseph R. Cavness], an unregistered Anguilla Trust having the same address and Trustee as the JVPs, and shall be disbursed by the Company as may be directed by its Trustee or attorney-in-fact;

1.1.10 One percent (1.0%) shall be allocated to Rodney B. Beyer, manager of FIRE'S GLOW LLC, or to legal persons representing his interests herein, and shall be disbursed by the Company as may be directed by him or his agents or assigns;

1.1.11 One percent (1.0%) shall be allocated to Thomas J. Swenson, legal advisor to ERDL [EQUITY RETIREMENT DISTRIBUTORS LTD.], or to legal persons representing his interests herein, and shall be disbursed by the Company as may be directed by him or his agents or assigns;

1.1.12 One percent (1.0%) shall be allocated to Richard L. Banting, Director of ERDL [EQUITY RETIREMENT DISTRIBUTORS LTD.], or to legal persons representing his interests herein, and shall be disbursed by the Company as may be directed by him or his agents or assigns;

1.1.13 One percent (1.0%) shall be allocated to Douglas C. Ferguson, or to legal persons representing his interests herein, and shall be disbursed by the Company as may be directed by him or his agents or assigns;

1.1.14 One percent (1.0%) shall be allocated to Wesley Stevenson, or to legal persons representing his interests herein, and shall be disbursed by the Company as may be directed by him or his agents or assigns;

1.1.15 One percent (1.0%) shall be allocated to Scott Rautmann, or to legal persons representing his interests herein, and shall be disbursed by the Company as may be directed by him or his agents or assigns;

1.1.16 One half percent (0.5%) shall be allocated to Chad Perry, or to legal persons representing his interests herein, and shall be disbursed by the Company as may be directed by him or his agents or assigns."

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have executed this amendment with an agreed effective date as of the 26th day of February 2004, even though the date of any signature or notarization hereunder may be later.


(the party of the first part)

Charles L. Webb
Attorney in fact
USA Passport no. 120400564


(the party of the second part)

Kevin Bruce Wilkerson
Attorney in fact
USA Passport No. 074528865


(the party of the third part)

Dr. Storm T. G. Gill
Attorney in fact
USA Passport No. 700696279


(the party of the fourth part)

Van Arthur Brink
Attorney in fact
Grenada Passport No. 201860


(the party of the fifth part)

Ivanka Lekic Milanovic Ziegler
Attorney in fact
Yugoslavia Passport No. 003079455

*** AUTHENTICATION per SeaSignature Agreement via Coded Address ss_rafaphes ***


-------- Original Message --------

From: "Allan Sanford"
To: "James Gregory ('Zig') Ziegler", "Robert E. Shaw" >, "Joe Kelly" >, "Martin Tobias-Gibbins" >, "Charles L. Webb" >, "Storm T.G. Gill"
Subject: (no subject)
Date: Tue, 2 May 2006 11:12:50 EDT


No one has been able to make you understand much of what has been going on. I don't believe that my response will do that and am only responding so that it is on the record that these facts have been presented to you.

If you continue to communicate with the contributors [Restoration Project 'victims'] without making these facts available to them, and solicit funds from them for "legal action," you will not be acting in good faith with these people who trust you.

Can someone give me one valid reason to not allow legal counsel to begin with various complaints and legal actions?

There is no legal basis for "complaints" and "legal actions." Nothing illegal has been done.

Until the reverse split the argument some of us used on ourselves was that with $3-million cash on the table to start mining and put people on payroll, things would change. Everybody could emerge happy in some fashion. Since the reverse split was done, regardless of begging and advice, we have been told that the deal is dead.

What do we have left to tell the contributors [Restoration Project 'victims'] who funded the ERDL/INFINITY corp for years? You might try, for once, to tell them the truth. Here's the truth. You might copy and paste these paragraphs in an e-mail broadcast to them [Restoration Project 'victims'] so that THEY can decide if they have been wronged, and not treat them like children, subject to your uninformed whims.

If we had left ERDL in your hands, it would be dead by now. What we have done is taken an unbelievable mess and have started the transformation into a viable company, eligible to be listed on SEC approved Exchanges. Did you ever ask yourself why ERDL avoided having anything to do with U.S. Securities Laws?

On this "deal" that you have been dangling in front of these uninformed contributors [Restoration Project 'victims'], the one that was to save the company by putting $3-million into the corporate account, and I've told you this before, but let's try again:

It ran absolutely counter to the business model that Van set up. Van set up the rule that no stock would ever be sold, but only leased. Every undergraduate in a business school knows that it is a common tactic for someone to buy up the stock of a target company, wait until the share price rises to a decent level, dump the stock on the market and collapse the price. Then go in and buy up all the available stock, at pennies on the dollar, and gain control of the company. Van knew this, you don't. All you had to do was read Van's business plan. You didn't.

As soon as you used the word "sell," with respect to the ERDL stock going into that deal, I knew that it would put ERDL in jeopardy, and in all likelihood, the $3-million dollars that you've been shouting about would be all the money that ERDL would ever see. In effect, you'd have sold the company for $3-million. The only legitimate vehicle for getting any appreciable amount of money into the RP would be gone, with all the officers and directors fired, and the company securely held by a third party.

Martin [Tobias-Gibbins] and Joe Kelly had undertaken a job to do. It was not up to them to evaluate the situation to make sure that ERDL would not be hurt by the sale of the stock. That job was up to you. And you failed. We didn't.

Nothing but demands, supposedly authorized by the Board, that the contributors [Restoration Project] have nothing. Shaw, Sanford and Sanchez grabbed everything for themselves. You've already gone on record with this libelous statement in an earlier e-mail to Robert Shaw.

I will only speak for myself, as I am doing with this entire response, and repeat that I have not gotten 1 cent or one share from stock from the company that wasn't on the transfer agents [TRANSFER ONLINE INC., 317 S.W. Alder Street, 2nd Floor, Portland, Oregon 97204, USA, TEL: (503) 227-2950, FAX: (503) 227-6874] ledger since the company was formed.

When Van invited the officers to take the jobs with ERDL, he said he would suggest that $10-million dollars of ERDL stock per year be issued to each of us. The 300,000 shares of stock currently on the ledger is what remained after the earlier 20:1 reverse split. Pretty good "enrichment," yes? Somebody please give me something other than reporting theft to report, and please do it quickly.

It surprises me that David [Mark Evan Pedley] and Mario [Pino] have not already started proceedings of some kind to protect their interests, even though they never contributed one cent for audits, filings, pink sheets, etc., etc., etc.

Any small shareholder could start proceedings, it isn't only the [Restoration] Project that you have ripped off. You might, for once, face reality.

No one can "report" a "theft," if no theft has occurred. Let me suggest a way out for you. Do your homework. Confirm what has actually occurred with respect to the company reorganization, which is something you haven't done till now.

Ask someone with business experience beyond yours in mortgages, about the probability of, in effect, selling the company for $3-million if that "deal" had gone through.

The question should be "Could something like that happen?" Give that person facts on the reorganization, not aggrieved howls of anguish. Ask him/her if theft has occurred. Then act accordingly with your contributors [Restoration Project 'victims'].


-------- Original Message --------

Ref: N1-4Tdfw-QGAy
From: "James Gregory ('Zig') Ziegler"
To: "Allan Sanford" >,"Robert E. Shaw" >
CC: "Martin Tobias-Gibbins" >, "Joe Kelly" >, "Charles L. Webb" >, "Storm T.G. Gill" >
Subj: One reason please
Date: 3 May 2006 17:32


Thank you for reminding me how stupid and ignorant I am. Every September, since 1960, I have had a chronic memory lapse to enroll in the 12th grade. Perhaps investigators and courts could overlook my being uneducated and stupid? And what excuses will an attorney [Robert E. Shaw], CPA [Joseph Cavness], and you [Allan Sanford] have for taking contributor [Restoration Project victim] funds for years to pay ERDL audits, ERDL claims renewals, ERDL Pink Sheets, etc., plus over $100-K to you Allan?

Your supposed legal stance is that claims used to buy shares transaction was not valid. You can't have it both ways. If that acquisition was not valid then neither were the shares issued during acquisition to David [Mark Evan Pedley] with some ending up with Mario Pino I understand. Everything is rescinded back to pre-shell acquisition.

Rolling everything back in a recission means that [Jimmy Bernard] Sanchez made payments to others with bogus shares, bogus shares are being traded on the market, someone just sold some for $1.01 (real bragging point for the success of Sanchez). Shares issued to you, Shaw, etc. are bogus. Martin [Tobias-Gibbins] and [Joe] Kelly have been, are using bogus shares. Many shares out there are bogus.

Is that where you really want to go with this argument? Go ahead, file that suit, I would speculate that at least one large bank and a bunch of little shareholders will be interested in funding as a class against that recisssion concept of yours; Sanchez, however is so brilliant.

Instead of giving me one reason to NOT allow an attorney to proceed: you remind me of my honestly earned ignorance. Other than a mountain of junk saying the shareholders have nothing, you have not told me how the [Restoration] Project gets one cent, or one share, EVER.

Martin [Tobias-Gibbins] suggests negotiations. Telling the [Restoration] Project they have nothing is not a negotiation.

Telling the [Restoration] Project, Shaw, you, and Sanchez take all is not a negotiation. Starting at what you have declared as nothing (under supposed Board authority), just what is it the contributors have to lose?

If the contributors have nothing (per your multiple declarations) they have nothing to lose by riskng creating a shell out of INFINITY. That was my original question yesterday: "give me one reason."


-------- Original Message --------

- - - -

-------- Original Message --------

Ref: N1-N2vDlj_7-3
From: "James Gregory (Zig) Ziegler"
To: "Thomas J. Swenson"
Subject: ideas please
Date: Sun, 7 May 2006 10:40:20 -0400


The brokers whined that the reason they could not close deals was for lack of trading volume. The primary broker we have used referred a friend who could ostensibly do a fine PR job, a Jimmy B. Sanchez (previously sanctioned by the SEC we learned later).

Sanchez was issued a large amount of shares as pre-payment for his services.

Shortly after the arrival of Sanchez he demanded 50% of the company or he would quit. We did not approve giving him 50%, he did not quit.

Since that time (January - February 2006) Shaw and Sanford (and the brokers) have bought into the Sanchez concept that as the claims from Hinds exchanged for erdl shares had not been paid for (only contracted for) the transfer of shares was not valid, the Project has nothing.

Interesting concept, the shareholders have nothing and certain select Officers take all.

Trading threats and all negotiations have accomplished nothing.

We held an emergency shareholder meeting [Mark Evan Pedley used his vote proxy Philippe Carrier [(Quebec, Canada) of PRISTINE NATURE LLC ( MajorPerson/Prime/quantum_gold.htm )] with his voting the overwhelming majority of shares including those issued originally to David [(aka) Mark Evan Pedley] in the initial shell acquisition. Shaw and Sanford were terminated which of course they ignore.

If we make a complaint to any authorities or press release regarding management change we risk being dropped by Pink Sheets and possible SEC investigation which would forever tube the company, we also lose all in such a tube. Being vindictive against the crooks would accomplish nothing positive for the Project. Our motivation is blessing the project, not retaliation.

The entire fight is about the shell, not the claims.

We have had a cash on the table deal available since February [2006] which Shaw and Sanford have blocked. If this situation could be quickly dealt with we might be able to salvage the deal.

Do you have any suggestions for us?

Thanks -zig-

-------- Original Message --------

From: "Thomas J. Swenson"
To: "James Gregory (Zig) Ziegler"
Subject: Re: ideas please
Date: Mon, 8 May 2006 01:20:33 -0400


I'm sorry to take the easy way out, but I have no ideas -- mainly because I have virtually no idea what has been happening the past 3-years, and I have absolutely no idea how the mining rights were transferred from Hinds (presumably to SPRINGBOARD LLC).

In any case, I think you are right that any complaints to the Ontario company authorities or US SEC might simply torpedo everything (as well as get people in trouble). I suppose if some shareholders want to stick out their necks, they could stir things up, but I cannot imagine such an approach being easy to implement, much less achieving anything fruitful.

The only contract I ever saw was the so-called share exchange agreement between SPRINGBOARD LLC and ERDL. That in itself was a mess. I am not sure if and how that was ever cleaned/cleared up.

I am disappointed, but not surprised that brokers/bankers/investors/counterparts are wary of the ERDL (or whatever they're called now) shares. I could name 3 or 4 general reasons why deals are not being closed, one being that the shares have no liquidity, volume being part of the liquidity problem.

In any case, in my view, things are pretty much in Robert Shaw's hands, for better or worse. In my outsider's opinion, there's nothing I can do, and probably not of much of a practical nature that others can do.


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Ref: N1-_HfmwBVQoo
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Date: 8 May 2006 08:12
From: "James Gregory (Zig) Ziegler"
To: "Thomas J. Swenson"

Thanks Tom!

Business failure is understandable in just about any circumstance. In this case Shaw and Sanford seem to be much more intelligent than Judas who only got 30 pieces of silver for betraying his friends. Shaw and Sanford have grabbed the entire treasury, or at least think they have.


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Date: 10 May 2006 10:27
From: "James Gregory ('Zig') Ziegler"

The two biggest mooches, struggle for me to raise SAM every month, were Charlie [Webb] and Allan [Sanford] in that order.

Both Charlie and Allan from time to time raised extra funds that I would learn of later and post appropriate SAM bonuses for. Allan mainly from Scott [Rautmann].

Rod [Beyer] raised much money for assays from Wes [Stevenson] personally, not all was posted for bonus.


Rod is a good guy, 75 years old, we'll benefit from his reasearch greatly. Wes and Rod are buddies. Wes was fired by Allan, no love lost there.

Unfortunately Joe Cavness and Scott have not had backbone enough to make independent decisions for what is right though no evidence of their being antagonistic to the RP [Restoration Project], other than not quitting ERDL/INFINITY after learning [Robert E.] Shaw, Allan [Sanford] and JS [Jimmy Bernard Sanchez] were out to screw the rp [Restoration Project].

Causing investigations today would drag-in the major shareholders (Trusts for the RP), my name would be right on top wth Storm [Gill], the only two names giving the RP hope today.

The hope for me and thousands is that the RP is successful. Time is on our side at this moment. They are not makng the smashing success of the company that Sanchez led everyone to believe, they are starving themselves.

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Report Date: 03AUG05
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Today's Open: 9.000
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EQUITY RETIREMNT DISTRIBUTORS (PFD) ERDJF otox Quote 100.00 226,400 shares

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Wesley D. Stevenson


[ERDL Vice-President, Communications]

Scott H. Rautmann & Carrie Rautmann
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Allan & Shannon Sanford
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- Dr. Caroff
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Joseph Raymond Cavness, CPA

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Rodney B. Beyer
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Dr. Storm T. G. Gill, D.C. [USA Passport #: 700696279]
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FIRE'S GLOW LLC (Oregon) one-and-one-half sections of mineral claims in Pinal County, Arizona (USA), known as:

Quail 3, AMC 356413, Section 23, QS NW, T7S, R12E, G&SRM, Pinal County, AZ;

Quail 4, AMC 356414, Section 23, QS NE, T7S, R12E, G&SRM, Pinal County, AZ;

Quail 5, AMC 356415, Section 23, QS SW, T7S, R12E, G&SRM, Pinal County, AZ;

Quail 6, AMC 356416, Section 23, QS SE, T7S, R12E, G&SRM, Pinal County, AZ;

Quail 11, AMC 356421, Section 23, QS NW, T7S, R12E, G&SRM, Pinal County, AZ; and,

Quail 12, AMC 356422, Section 23, QS NE, T7S, R12E, G&SRM, Pinal County, AZ

- - - -

QUAIL 2 LLC (Oregon) Dr. Storm T.G. Gill.]


Robert E. Cattany is a retured lawyer (law degree in 1961, engineering geology degree from Colorado School of Mines, employed 5-years by USGS as a hydrologist) personally associated with the aforementioned mining claims area for over 20-years.

Cattany with another lawyer named Robert W. Hinds, Esq., a mining claims consultant, gathered magnetite ore samples from the aforementioned claims area, which was identified as being within what was termed the "Reconnaissance of Iron Resources in Arizona", according to a U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Mines information circular (#8236) authored by C. M. Harrer.

Cattany delivered the ore samples to metallurgical laboratory chief chemist Maya B. Dunkel for VORTEX INDUSTRIES INC. (Sun Valley, Idaho), which went out of business in September 1992.

On June 11, 2001 a placer mining consultant named Warren Mathwig contacted a man named Marcus White telling him gold and silver was found in all 13 samples Cattany and Hinds gathered from the mining claims area, a deposit evenly distributed over a large area and estimated to a depth of at least 100-feet. An assay report produced by CHRIS CHRISTOPHERSON INC. provided silver present.

On September 27, 1998 Cattany informed a man named Robert ("Bob") Anderson that he had recently dug-up several large buckets of alluvium magnetite and supervised lab tests, which produced a small bead of gold plus a small bead of platinum indicating that over one (1) ounce of precious metals could be derived from 1-ton of this particular magnetite.

On January 15, 2002 a letter was directed to Maya B. Dunkel requesting that she refresh an earlier authenticity of the mining claims area information results and assay reports Cattany included copies of.

Robert W. Hinds was aquainted with mining consultant Joseph Mason (now deceased) and obtained his 'Mining Operation Business Plan' written in 1992 for ARIZONA METAL RESOURCES CORPORATION (Arizona from 13JUL92 to 10DEC94 now defunct).

The business plan sets forth 1992 costs and U.S. dollar return projections for a placer mining operation on the aforementioned mining claims adjacent to and in the vicinity of:

- Others

CASCADE and TABLE TOP (above) each hold 160-acres, one-fourth of a Section.

Specifically in the areas of the aforementioneed mining claims, was:

A letter from Kirk dated December 3, 1991 addressed to Martin reported results of a VORTEX report obtained via telephone, as:

Au 0.277 oz/ton
Pt 0.330 oz/ton
Pd 0.226 oz/ton
Rd (sic) 0.114 oz/ton

A VORTEX assay report addressed to Martin dated March 7, 1992 appears to be the second (2nd) redacted report provided by Cattany:

Au 0.289 oz/T
Pt 0.201 oz/T
Pd 0.146 oz/T
Rh 0.095 oz/T

A VORTEX assay report addressed to Concannon dated May 2, 1992 reports:

Au 0.573 oz/T
Pt 0.289 oz/T
Pd 0.140 oz/T
Rh 0.068 oz/T

A document entitled "Discussion of Known Drilling and Test Pit Work" refers to property maps for SOVEREIGN INDUSTRIES INC. citing "A total of 355 drill holes, totaling 44,500 ft. in depth, having been drilled by SOVEREIGN and OTHERS over an area of some 45 sq. miles." This report extensively discusses exploration and evaluation of the presence of magnetite.

A report dated July 14, 1979 entitled "Magnetite Placer Deposits Between Florence and Tucson, Arizona Pinal County, Arizona" - authored by a geologist named Willard D. Pye - was information on geography of this 800 square mile magnetite and titanium rich alluvial deposit, calculating the quantity of only those minerals, discussing topography, accessibility, presence of utilities, and geology of the alluvium from the point of view of intended mining.

It also reported a test hole drilled to over 1,000 feet and wells drilled to 100's of feet, reportedly still in the alluvial fill.

While it does 'not' address the presence of 'gold' and 'platinum group metals', it can be useful since the other minerals in that alluvium were not even detected until the late 1980s.

Through Hinds, Dr. Storm T.G. Gill commissioned geologist Ron Parker (Oro Valley, Arizona) to write a report entitled, "Analysis of Previous Reports of Alluvial Iron Concentrations in Pinal County and Projection of Known Reserves".

- - - -

14700 Shotgun Place
Oro Valley, Arizona 85737
TEL: (520) 825-5359

- - - -

Parker's report reviews documents written or published, by:

- Arizona Bureau of Mines
- Willard Pye (geologist)

Parker specifically related those studies to 5-1/2 square miles of claim Quail #1 through Quail #24 held by SPRING BOARD LLC. Parker's findings are consistent with analysis of other areas to include the COYOTE, ARKODA, TIN CUP and OTHER claims in the same geological area.

CASCADE ACCEPTANCE GROUP LLC, ia a holding company with a claim of one-quarter section (an area of 160 acres) in Pinal County. Based on assays, geologist reports, an appraisal, etc., and a company financial statement, the company has been audited by TEAM & CO. (Kampala, Uganda) Certified Public Accountants - at the request of its manager - whose audit was based solely on the values of the mineral claim the company holds, as the company has no other assets and has done no business.

A copy of the audit report - with permission of its owners - was given to Dr. Storm T.G. Gill indicating that as of September 30, 2001 the certified balance sheet showed a value of $2,874,097,260 along with notes stating the value was based on a mining depth of 500-feet, but only estimating the value of gold (alone) after subtraction of extraction costs and time-value of money.

On August 10, 2001 mining consultant K. Robert James calculated associated costs with mining the aforementioned claim areas describing various scenarios for operating costs for placer mining operations of different output capacities, based on a lifetime of mining experience for this specific alluvial area stated, "A medium operation, processes to 150-tons per hour, with extraction costs averaging $3.25 (USD) per ton."

- - - -

Partial list of Restoration project 'monthly payouts since 2002:

$5,000-mo. [Allan Sanford, ERDL President]
$5,000-mo. [Doug Ferguson & Evelyn McLellan, former IDIC director]
$5,000-mo. [Robert John Skirving & Melissa Skirving]
$4,000-mo. [Richard Warriner Downes, former FIBG LTD. bank Chairman]
$3,500-mo. [Greg Godwin]
$3,500-mo. [Annet Asiimwe - Brink, wife of Van A. Brink]
$3,000-mo. [Michan Ministries]
$2,700-mo. [Tanya Withrow]
$2,000-mo. [Nigel J. M. Francis, former FIBG LTD. bank director]
$2,000-mo. [Kenneth Schmitt (Robert Osborne)]
$2,000-mo. [Cecelia Hite, cousin of Ziegler & Brink]
$2,000-mo. [Josephina Gayiso Quiroz, friend of Storm T.G. Gill]
$1,500-mo. [H.P. Kaufman]
$1,000-mo. [Elridge Glasford / Tessa Howell]
$1,000-mo. [Katongole Sande Yude (Kampala, Uganda)]
$600-mo. [Jackie (Kampala, Uganda), Annet Asiimwe-Brink's friend]
$500-mo. [Iris Irene Koch, sister of Ziegler & Brink]
$300-mo. [Al & Kathy Palmer]



Offshore Informant



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Posted: 7/10/2006 7:16:24 AM

By: Offshore Informant

A few of who read this 'anti-financial fraud' bulletin board board have requested the Offshore Informant to reveal details surrounding issues relating to victims of Grenada independent offshore banks and others. It is an extremely lengthy story that will now begin.

From 2002 through June 2006 (below) is an inside look at inside communications between those behind two (2) firms named EQUITY RETIREMENT DISTRIBUTORS LTD. (2002-2005) now known as INFINITY MINING CORP. (2006) trying to get listed with the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), and base $81-Billion (USD) in assets on mining claims in Pinal County, Arizona held by Oregon limited liability companies to just barren dirt land.

The every infamous and very fraudulent Restoration Project started in 2002 by these fellows took over $6,000,000.00 (USD) from hundreds of victims - who were already 'victims' in the First International Bank of Grenada Ltd. bank system network - who were promised between 2002-2006 they would receive as much as 300% on money being solicited from them over Internet e-mail broadcasts sent by James Gregory ("Zig") Ziegler from his homes in Smederevska Palanka, Serbia and Bosnjane, Serbia 'before' and 'after' his brother Van A. Brink died on December 10, 2005 through the present date.

Here are just a few communications of thousands more that occured between 1998-2006 that the Offshore Informant holds in files. (See Below)


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From: "Van Brink" < >
To: "Tom Swenson" < >,"Allan Sanford" < >,"Rod Beyer" < >,"Joe Cavness" < >
CC: "Storm Gill" < >,"Kevin Wilkerson" < >,"Zig Ziegler" < >
Subject: Preparing to take over a publicly listed company
Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2002 02:22:08

Attachment links:



Each of you have volunteered to assist in the "Restoration Project" for depositors in the banking system formerly associated with First International Bank of Grenada Limited.

Each of you come highly recommended and are believed to be honest and trustworthy. Further, each of you have pledged to keep matters confidential and to that end each of you have been awarded complimentary Seamail / Sealand e-mail addresses to further aid in the preservation of privacy in these matters.

The top listed four of you I've never met. The next two of you I've met on one or two occasions. The last one of you I've known all my life.

All of you have been generally informed on the status of the overall Restoration project. What will occur within the next few weeks (I believe before Christmas) is that an asset-rich Oregon limited liability company (FIRE'S GLOW LLC) will be sold to a publicly listed shell corporation, the purchase price being all in shares issued by that shell company. The final name of that shell company is not yet determined; there are two available for this purpose (and it will depend upon which one is still available at the time the sale is set for conclusion).

Each of the two shell corporations has no present assets and no liabilities. Each also has a couple hundred thousand shares that have been issued to as many as 1,000 shareholders. Due to the size of the sale of Fire's Glow LLC ("FGLLC") the shares to be awarded to the sellers number in the billions - so the couple hundred thousand other outstanding shares do not constitute any threat to the control of the corporation, i.e. we will be able to name the corporation's Board of Directors.

In that each of you above-noted "future" directors have expressed a willingness to participate in a key Restoration Project role, I'm asking you to consider accepting appointment to this corporation's Board of Directors.

One of the natural things you would want to know is basic background information on your fellow directors - hence the attached resumes. One of you (Tom Swenson) is a licensed, practicing attorney. Another of you (Joe Cavness) is a licensed, practicing certified public accountant. Another (Allan Sanford) is a businessman of quite interesting versitility. The fourth (Rod Beyer) has actual experience in the minerals industry (in addition to good business background) and is something of a visionary/inventor. All of you are of sterling personal, business and professional reputations.

I've hand-selected each of you prospective directors from among a couple dozen willing volunteers. I've selected you because I feel that if you choose to agree to the assignment-

(a) the company's existing shareholders might have reasonable cause not to dump their shares on the market instantly, but hold and exit slowly, thus preserving what I believe will be a trading value in the range of $10 a share;

(b) those considering the company as an investment would have room for a most favorable impression, based on the named directors and being able to read of their diverse backgrounds;

(c) I believe the prospects of actual good, informed, reasonable decision-making would exist on such a constituted Board of Directors; and

(d) I also believe that in each of you there is hope for creative, innovative thinking without the risk of going off the proverbial deep end.

Initially, FGLLC is taking total assigned interest to 1.5 square miles (1.5 sections) of mineral claims in Pinal County, Arizona. I believe that by year's end that figure will grow to 3.0 square miles. We're working on it - and more is available, as soon as we have more investment capital.

The attached items written by Storm Gill will give you an overview of existing geological and other studies that have been performed in the alluvial mineral plain of Pinal County. For any of you who might not be acquainted with the term "alluvial," it is the easiest of all mining prospects. Literally scoop it up and haul it away for processing. No blasting. No mine shafts. No possibility of gas leaks and explosions trapping or killing workers underground. Scoop it up. Haul it away. End up with a huge hole in the ground (potentially 1.5 to 3 square miles in area and from 1,000 to 3,000 feet deep (depending upon where bedrock lies). That's a lot of dirt, a lot of potential value. See Storm's covering letter and more lengthy summary of study materials to get more of an idea of the potential value that exists in such a claim.

Storm is my co-producer/partner/"angel" in this project. I met him once or twice in Grenada in 1999 in brief passing at a dinner party. I don't think we spoke for more than 90 seconds. I also don't believe he was a depositor in FIBG or any of other associated banks. But when he heard about what happened, he was quick to volunteer to be of whatever help he could be. He has been working with me for nearly two years in lining up mineral claims in Pinal County. Don't know what I'd do without him.

Joe Caveness also has zero involvement with any of the Grenada banks related to First Bank (or to First Bank itself). He is a close friend of an elderly, statesmanlike depositor at Crown Meridian Bank who when he heard what had happened asked how he might help be part of the solution. Depositors (for good reason) tend to fight a victim mentality. If they only knew of the good people who never were involved are, yet are rolling up their sleeves and pulling for them, I think they'd be astounded. But I bite my tongue on announcements. Better we just get the job done quietly and celebrate/tell stories later.

For those of you who haven't heard the name Kevin Wilkerson before, he is the guru who put together both Seamail and Seagold. He has also designed a system he calls PMM - private money movement. Totally legal. Totally private. We will be using his system in moving restoration payments to depositors. He's someone that I've tried to keep in the loop all along. If something should ever happen to me, I think he is the natural one all of you should be turning to to make sure we finish what has been started.

BTW: Kevin, please set up a simple group name for e-mails that any one of us would like to send to everyone in this circle. First word (and I have not a clue as to why) that comes to my name is: zanzibar

*** Everyone: Give a couple days for Kevin to set it up and let us all know. Then, when you want to send an e-mail all of us will get and read, just type the word "zanzibar" in the "TO:" line. No need to even add the suffix to the address. ***

Zig Ziegler I've known all my life. My oldest brother and the one who has often helped me in the background set up various entity structures in far-flung jurisdictions, create, staff offices, etc. I've had him arrange with a Montenegro attorney [ Vera Ostojic & Igor Ostojic, Ulaz 64 Slabode, 1 Sprat, Podgorica, Montenegro, E-MAIL: ostojic@cg.yu WWW: ] to provide Trustee services for the primary trust created to hold the Restoration Project shares. Zig will be doing the actual work of administration, just taking items to the attorney for formalization.

SIDE BAR: No offense Tom, but when it comes to billions of dollars in publicly listed shares and hopefully millions, tens of millions, and hundreds of millions of dollars in proceeds, I want to make sure this gets channeled into Kevin's PMM system for distribution to depositors. I don't want some attorney to get dollar signs in his eyes and decide to retire somewhere else with everything over some weekend. Need someone I can trust with my life. That would be Zig. I've included Storm (my partner), Kevin (my potential replacement), and Zig (my protector) in this e-mail because each of them also need to know those who will be on the front lines of the Restoration Project.

Every Trust has one or more beneficiaries and one or more successor beneficiaries. From among other volunteers, I am creating a Board of Beneficiaries to stand for all depositors in writing necessary letters of wishes upon which the Trustee is requested to act. Such communications would pass through Zig, who would then be in a position to make sure that the Trustee acts upon them and to immediately pull the plug on the Trustee and have the Trust's Protector replace the Trustee if something smells even slightly amiss).

Now, as I see it-


Assuming you proposed Directors are willing to accept the engagement, you need to get acquainted with each other and elect from among yourselves a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. That way when the reverse merger is completed, we will have the initial Board all determined and implemented - maybe even as part of the merger signing process.


The company has no cash. The shareholders have no cash to advance. Directors still need to be fairly compensated.

What we can do until we come to the place of having company income is award shares in the company for services rendered in the early going. The four of you need to get your heads together and work out what is fair and reasonable in the circumstances.


We start working on a cash capitalization plan. If we choose to go into mining, we need to raise the funds to do that. If we choose to do general financial investing, we need to raise capital for that as well - and develop a plan on how it will be managed. The company may already have a web site, I don't know. If it does, we'll need to update it. If it doesn't, we'll need to create one.

I passed along Storm's letters on the mineral claims to Rod a couple days ago. He's already written back with some comments and questions. I'll be forwarding his notes to you other three proposed Directors and to Storm immediately after pressing "Send" on this e-mail.

One of the things we'll also be doing is searching for ways to raise loan funding against shares so that we can more instantly put a large amount of funds to work. I would like to see an informal management division of the company devoted to that purpose. But that's really not my decision - it would be the decision of the Directors to make. You truly need to do those things that in your eyes are best for the company at all times. It's your responsibility. Shareholders can express opinions and wishes. Directors determine policy - not shareholders.

So that's it, for now. Glad to have you all on the team.

All the best,


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5863 Leslie Street Suite 218
Toronto, Ontario M2H 1J8
TEL: (845) 888-9927


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Ref: N1R-6nqR-1vMu4
Subject: RE: Interesting
Date: 10 Jul 2006 11:33
From: [James Gregory ("Zig") Ziegler]
To: [Rodney B. Beyer]


[Jimmy Bernard] Sanchez is a "pump and dump" specialist [ ]. All he desires to do is to get the price of INFINITY MINING CORP. [ ] stock up, then sell only his personal shares as fast as he can. During the selling process (dumping) the price will crash and the company will be back to being a worthless shell, no value to the shares. That was the situation of the company when we acquired controlling interest, a worthless shell. That is the only reason we were able to acquire the company, it was somebody else's broken dream and became a worthless shell.

Because the motivation of Sanchez is only share value the only reason he would begin mining would be to increase share value so that he could dump his shares. What this means is that his motivation has NEVER been to put significant money into mining operations. Had he wanted mining operations he would have cooperated with the cash on the table deal that [ Martin Tobias-Gibbins ] would have put $3-million immediately into mining this past February and March [2006]. Sanchez didn't want the deal because he would have lost control, and he wants control so that he can dump shares.

Sanchez is not at all interested in the RP [Restoration Project - Van A. Brink internet financial network group], you [Rodney B. Beyer ], Robert W. Hinds, Allan Sanford [ ] or Robert E. Shaw [ ]. Sanchez is interested only in Sanchez. Sanchez has demonstrated this by not keeping any promise with Hinds, not even paying for claims filings (I have been told). Sanchez got himself on safe grounds by acquiring claims outside of the original ones from Jospeh R. Cavness via Storm T.G. Gill through Robert W. Hinds [ ]. Hinds shot himself in the foot by cooperating with Sanchez. Unfortunately Hinds also shot you and thousands of Restoration Project others in the process of buying into Sanchez' wild tales.

Sanchez is not interested in you as demonstrated by not even sending you $1000. Except for making a website [ and ] or news release [ and ] look good to hopefully raise share value. Sanchez is not interested in your technology [Vortex wind tunnel] or the virtues of anybody else.

Sanchez is not interested in keeping any promises made to anyone. Sanchez is interested in selling shares that Sanchez owns (or will own).

Regarding your take on too many shares issued:

this is the baloney bs sales pitch that Sanchez sold Shaw and Sanford on. Who were those shares issued to and why?

a.) Well, the minority were issued as payment for the empty shell we acquired. Many people chafed at that amount of shares, but, paying some paperwork sure beat $200,000.00 in cash for a shell, cash which the RP did not have. The old saying goes: "free is a very good price." At the same time an agreement was entered into to not sell (dump) any of those shares for 5 years, protecting share value;

b.) The balance of those shares were issued to offshore trusts for the benefit of the RP. Agreed, what Sanchez calls "rogue shares" maxed-out a reasonable amount of shares to be issued. Shares were issued that way, well thought through, and on purpose (I later learned). The purpose?

1.) Keep majority voting control with the RP custodians;

2.) The intention of the RP was to NEVER sell one share. To sell a share is to lose its value forever. To lease a share is to have your cake and eat it too. The intention of the RP was to lease shares forever, recycle into a new lease upon the expiration of each lease (typically 3 years).

3.) Issuing a large amount of shares was also a "poison pill" against the likes of Sanchez taking the company over and messing things up for the RP;

All in all, to pull-off what Sanchez wanted to pull-off, Sanchez had to get rid of the shares contractually issued. Sanchez has pulled every dirty trick that he can think of to gain back what he calls "rogue shares." Rogue to what, who? Rogue to Sanchez with his chronic huff and puff stealing all for Sanchez.

The first trick he tried was to offer bribes, I declined that and caused the RP custodians to decline.

The next trick was to beg and harrass by phone various individuals to voluntarily return shares. It is my understanding that a couple people were stupid enough to fall for that, returning SOME shares.

When voluntary surrender wasn't working for Sanchez, he had Sanford send a bunch of bogus official looking emails declaring shares null and void, and the Hinds contract null and void. Amazing, Sanchez even conned Hinds into the concept taht it was a good idea to deprive Hinds of $9 million. Even though this was unlawful activity: why would Sanchez care as he had Sanford do his dirty work rather than putting his own name on it.

The most surprising thing for me in all of this drama was the fact that Sanchez even pulled the wool over the eyes of an Attorney, Shaw.

The most disappointing thing for me was that Sanchez could convince the Team Members who Van had hand picked to betray the RP in favor of Sanchez, and Sanchez' promises of future personal enrichment to them as individuals.

Where do we go from here?

1. Speaking for myself I am willing to turn the other cheek, get on with life, accept that God cleaned house for the RP, and not put anybody into jail or legal difficulties. Though Van would be terribly disappointed in the Team Members who violated the trust of the RP, Van would also NEVER want to put anybody in prison.

Many people were harmed by Sanchez, Shaw and Sanford. I cannot speak for them. They "S" boys may not be out of the woods.

The blackmail Hinds' attorney is atempting is dangerous to Hinds.

2. You are correct, it became start-over time for the Project. How, what, where? How do we get there on zero dollars?

Van was not a geologist or scientist. I am not a geologist or scientist. At one time someone excited Van that ERD could get a shovel into the ground and begin selling limited quantities of pm's for $50,000.00. Van raised the money and was then told it could not be done.

After Van was kidnapped someone excited me that for $50,000.00 we could get a shovel into the ground and begin selling a limited amount of pm's. I sought your advice and you told me loud and clear that it could not be accomplished.

Many prospectors have for many, many years claimed that pm's could be economically extracted there (Iron Mountain). The various government agencies say otherwise very loud and clear. I am not a geologist or scientist.

Raising money to expand a proved thing is a bunch easier than raising money for experimentation and exploration. That was Van's thinking when someone told him we could do it for $50,000.00. That was my thinking when somebody told me we could do it for $50,000.00. Van was told "can't get there from here." I was told "can't get there from here."

A couple shovels, wheelborrow and pick-up truck can move several tons a day. If rich pm's are there, and economically extractable, why are there so many prospectors, who have year after year paid the renewals on so many claims, but failed to get started? Please help me with that answer. The answer from the government is that any such representations are fraudulent.

Yesterday I spent about 10 hours on google looking for refineries. Refiners of recycled scrap, filings, gold dust, are plentiful in many countries including the USA. In reading their websites what they will not accept is "ore" or "black sands." Who would accept and process/refine "black sands"?

Also, someone has mentioned "the platinum cartel." "Cartel" sounds like a bad word, does that mean one must sell to them, or does that mean one wakes-up dead one morning like Van did? How, where, to whom is platinum processed, refined, sold?

I appreciate you. I apreciate your offer to help. Time will tell where this goes from here.

Many Blessings

Please visit my website:

-------- Original Message --------

From: [Rodney B. Beyer]
To: [James Gregory ("Zig") Ziegler]
Subject: RE: Interesting
Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2006 18:06:25 -0600

> Zig, I still don't know very much about Jimmy. He is a fast, double-talking
> type that I cannot tell if he is basically honest or not. He can't be too
> bright because of the terrific expense he encountered when he tried to
> sanitize ERDL and get the stock under control. His lack of understanding
> the business cost him (and us) at least 6 months and at least a couple
> hundred thousand, I should guess. Alan thinks he is still fired up as ever
> though, but I suspect his main emphasis is going to build value in the stock
> and then do some manipulations to get his money back out fast. Maybe not,
> but that would not surprise me. I cannot have an intelligent conversation
> with him because he doesn't like to listen, he only likes to pontificate.
> That is a sure sign of trouble as far as I am concerned. Also, he doesn't
> really know anything about mining and I don't thing he is really interested
> in details. All he wants to know is the profitability angle. If profitable,
> good, if information is somewhat negative or in his mind posses a problem,
> he gets scared to death.
> Anyway, that's my take on him. Maybe if I were to sit down across the table
> from him in a normal conversation planning mode it might be different. But,
> I really don't think so, because he is so nervous and flighty. He wants to
> be teacher, not learner.
> Do you see any remote possibility of starting anew, different from ERDL
> (that was a real looser because of all the free treasury stock that was
> gifted to so many people for absolutely no cash). You would need to start
> with a whole new, untarnished company like the one I have, wherein no stock
> has ever been issued. Bob is still a problem for me because he is so
> volatile and unpredictable, except unpredictable is what you can expect. He
> really has no interest in mining though, so as soon as he gets a reasonable
> amount of cash--say a million dollars, he would go to Hawaii and retire.
> We are going to get a good return on any investment I feel quite sure, but I
> really don't think that Jimmy is going to feel any sense of responsibility
> to the RP. That would be a total lost cause because of his control and the
> two major people he is bringing in. I think I may be replace too,because I
> mentioned that I had some back pay coming to me for the past 4 or 5 years,
> and he didn't know anything about that. Can you imagine what else Alan has
> conveniently forgotten to tell him? He didn't want to know about any back
> salary and said he wasn't going to pay us for sitting on our butts for
> several years.
> So, basically, I think we need to effectively start over and I believe that
> Bob will be happy to transfer property under his control, which Jimmy has
> not paid him a cent for, to anyone with a realistic payment plan which
> doesn't insult his intelligence.
> Well, think about it.
> rod

-----Original Message-----

> From: [James Gregory ("Zig") Ziegler]
> Sent: Sunday, July 09, 2006 1:35 AM
> To: [Rodney B. Beyer]
> Subject: Interesting
> Interesting Rod, thanks!
> So Sanchez has succeeded in stealing the whole company! ???
> Well, hmmm. God has mysterious ways of cleaning house.
> If Bob Hinds had not colluded with Sanchez, Shaw and Sanford: we could have
> held the cash on the table deal together in February and March. That deal
> was scheduled to immediately put $3 million cash into the company to start
> mining operations and give Hinds $500,000.00 in CASH. The funds had already
> been transferred to escrow and were ready for disbursement.
> When it was learned that Hinds was playing both sides of the table (us plus
> the "S" boys) the investor backed out. I certainly do not blame the
> investor for not wanting to get serious money tangled up in a dispute which
> only Hinds could have resolved by choosing to not play both sides of the
> table at the same time. Hinds and over 5000 other people became the losers
> because of Hinds' choices. This would be easy to establish in Court.
> Well, spilled milk, huh?
> Hinds needs to show some good faith before I would be interested in touching
> anything with his name anywhere near it. Hinds conned Storm into writing
> him a pre-closing check and it appears his attorney is trying to blackmail
> Storm. Storm did not kill the closing, Hinds did. Storm has offered to
> exchange claims for the check and to the best of my knowledge not received
> any reply. It appears that Hinds has little interest in keeping claims,
> which Hinds is also establishing if this ever has to go to Court. How can
> his claims be worth millions if he won't trade a check for them?
> Jesus told us to turn the other cheek. I cannot speak for people other than
> myself, and there are many people affected by Hinds killing this deal.
> Even though the USA SEC labeled Sanchez a crook (info I supplied all
> including Hinds): Sanchez, Shaw and Sanford were not the ones stopping our
> deal, plus they were in the process of being removed from the company. The
> bottom line deal killer was Hinds. That will be established in Court if
> necessary to overcome any actions by Hinds and attorney. You would be doing
> Hinds a favor by getting that message to him as a friend.
> Thanks for the insight!
> -zig-

-------- Original Message --------

> From: [Rodney B. Beyer]
> To: [James Gregory ("Zig") Ziegler]
> Subject: RE: WEEKLY
> Date: Sat, 8 Jul 2006 10:03:13
> Speaking of elephants, we still have a mine or two over here in AZ that
> badly needs funding. Bob and I have not seen a nickel in the past 5
> months, actually 5 years. But, Bob will be the first to tell you, if you
> come with some earnest money, you will get a mine and all of the methods
> to mine. I understand that we now have a new president and CoB; I don't
> have a clue who they are. Some of Jimmy's cohorts, I imagine. I asked
> Jimmy 3 weeks ago if he could come up with even 1000 dollars for me, and
> he promised he would. Well, time came and went and no money. So, that
> doesn't lend itself to trustworthiness in my book. Who knows how much
> more time he'll want before we get funding one. Bob says he will give
> the property to the first on the block with serious money. So there you
> have it. Keep this proprietary, but it is true.
> rod

-------- Original Message --------


Formed in late 2002, Equity Retirement Distributors (Canada) Ltd. ("ERDL") is a Province of Ontario corporation -- a holding company.

The American company acquired is Fire's Glow LLC (Oregon), holder of 1.5 square miles of mineral claims. Fire's Glow LLC's Managing Director, Rod Beyer


Toronto, Ontario (Canada) - Equity Retirement Distributors (Canada) Limited (ERDL) today announced it has acquired the assets of STEELY LLC, (Oregon), including its Mineral Claims, issued by the U.S. Department of Interior, Bureau of Land Management, Phoenix, AZ, covering parcels of land located in Pinal County, AZ. These parcels cover one and one-half square miles of alluvial mineral claims adjacent to the one and one-half square miles that are already held by ERDL's wholly-owned subsidiary, Fires Glow LC (Oregon). Fires Glow has precious mineral deposits estimated to be worth nearly $81-Billion.

The $12,500,000,000 purchase price of this acquisition was paid for with shares of ERDL Common Stock by exercising an option that had been acquired earlier. ERDL's President, Allan Sanford, stated "Doubling the size of our mineral claims in the same mineral rich ore body and considering the forecasted increase in the price of precious metals makes this acquisition a real bargain. This should significantly enhance the market value of the company's stock."

According to the Pink Sheet marketplace, ERDL's Common Stock was last traded at $23/share and the Preferred Stock traded at $100/share.

Commercially significant minerals present in these claims include Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium, Magnetite, Ilmenite plus sand and gravel, all of which can be reclaimed in processing. As of March 23, 2004, gold traded at $416/oz, silver at $7.54/oz, platinum at $911/oz, palladium at $290/oz and rhodium at $760/oz, showing an average value increase per ton of these claims of 28 percent since acquisition.

With regard to mining plans, Rod Beyer, a Chemical Engineer and ERDL’s Vice President of Mining Operations has stated: "We are currently exploring new extraction technology which suggests it may be possible to remarkably increase precious mineral recovery. Research that the company has been doing on newly developed mining techniques makes the development of these claims very feasible. This should further enhance the value of this acquisition".

President Allan Sanford added that the company has contacted sixteen major mining companies, located in the U.S., U.K., Canada and South Africa, to solicit their interest in a Joint Venture project with ERDL to develop these mineral claims. Also, consideration is being given to the company funding an open pit mining operation on its own, which might commence later this year.

ERDL shareholders may follow this Canadian company and its stock’s performance on Pink Sheets at (trading symbol ERDTF ) and on the Belize International Stock Exchange at (located under trading symbols ERDTF and ERDJF).


Those interested in receiving more information about this fraud and those involved in it, are encouraged to contact the Offshore Informant (below).


Offshore Informant



Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011

Posted: 7/11/2006 12:10:59 PM

By: Offshore Informant

On or about January 5, 2004 over 1-million EQUITY RETIREMENT DISTRIBUTORS LTD. stock shares were transferred to Mark Kennedy (former CEO - until June 4, 2000 - of the now defunct FIRST INTERNATIONAL BANK OF GRENADA LTD.) handled through Charles L. Webb (formerly in Hawaii (USA), now in Panama overseeing the entity named ADMINISTRADORA PANAMENA DE BIENES INTERNACIONAL S.A. (Panama).

A corporation reguistered in Germany named REBECCA GOHA FOUNDATION AG was also registered as a Foundation in Panama by Elena Rodríguez Moran, president of PRESIDENT SERVICES INTERNATIONAL INC. to act as a Holding entity for EQUITY RETIREMENT DISTRIBUTORS LTD. stock shares hidden in another international business company named GOLDEN AGE SERVICES LTD. (Nevis) held in Trust by a lawyer named Dr. Epifanio Vasquez-Santos (El Batey, Sousa, REPUBLIC OF DOMINICA) who took e-mail instructions from the protector of that Trust named James Gregory Ziegler (aka) Zig Ziegler who actually controlled everything.

Sound complicated? Not for Zig Ziegler, who was hell bent to destroy the financial affairs of victims around the World who might believe what he had to say on how they could make more money. Ziegler easily hid victim monies he took in and turned around into financial assets by using layers of IBCs, Trust accounts, and Foundations he had foreign attornies establish for him, which he controlled using simple Internet e-mail and FAX services while having others act on his behalf as his private money-laundering conduits.

Using Internet e-mails he solicited victims into his financial crime web that he belted out instructions to for where, when, and how much money was going to whom and then proceeded to see others route money for him to yet other hiding spots around the World.

Ever since the early 1990s, there always comes a time when he falls out of grace with those who trusted his word to do right by them, for Zig Ziegler has a chronic criminal behavioral disease his six (6) wives have all experienced as they gave him all the money and property they had, as did others during financial investment deals he offered them too.

Here (below) is a relatively recent example of how things went between Zig Ziegler and Mark Kennedy who also got involved with EQUITY RETIREMENT DISTRIBUTORS LTD., stock shares, and much-much more.

[NOTE: The e-mail (immediately below), although not placed in chronoligal order with the rest that 'are' in 'reverse chronological order', shows how these two (2) individuals interacted with each other justifying their comments.]


-------- Original Message --------

From: "James Gregory ('Zig') Ziegler" >
To: "Allan Sanford" >
CC: "Mark Kennedy" >
Subject: (no subject)
Date: Feb 14, 2004 12:40:06

Trg. Heroja 7/1
11420 Smederevska Palanka
Serbia (Yugoslavia)
TEL: + 381 26 323-378

Attention: Allan Sanford, President
Date: February 5, 2004
Subject: Disposition of ERDL shares owned by AMPLE Trust

Via secure authenticated email delivery FROM: [James Gregory ("Zig") Ziegler] TO: [Allan Sanford]

Dear Sir:

As you have been informed, we are the legal owners, pursuant to a Deed of Assignment executed by SPRING BOARD LLC, and net of subsequent assignments to other parties by us, of shares in your company (after the recent splits) as follows:

1. Sixty-five million three hundred eighty-two thousand nine hundred fifty-five (65,382,955) common shares;

2. Thirty-two million seven hundred forty-eight thousand one hundred forty-eight (32,748,14 preferred shares.

This letter is to notify you that we have entered into separate Agreement with another Party whereby a portion of our share ownership has been duly and lawfully assigned to that Party, as follows:

CHRISTCHURCH TRUST, an unregistered Anguilla Trust in care of its Trustee:

Misa M. TODOSIJEVIC, Advokat
Trg. Heroja 7/1
11420 Smederevska Palanka
TEL: + (381) 26 323-378

with secure email for authenticated electronic communications at E-MAIL: [Mark Kennedy]

to which we have assigned the following:

1. One million four hundred eighteen thousand one hundred eighty-two (1,418,182) common shares;

2. Four hundred sixteen thousand (416,000) preferred shares.

Attached is an electronic copy of the Deed of Assignment formally performing this transfer of legal ownership. Note that pursuant to language contained therein, you may regard this electronic copy as an original, fully and legally binding.

Please update your company share registry accordingly. You can contact the new shareholding parties at the coordinates supplied above. They advise us that they will be contacting you shortly regarding any required issuance and/or delivery of ERDL share certificates.

Please contact me at my coordinates if you have any questions.


Katongole Sande Yude
Attorney in Fact
AMPLE Trust (Anguilla)



/** Per SeaSignature Agreement, Coded Address: **/

-------- Original Message --------

- - - -

-------- Original Message --------

From: "Mark Kennedy" >
To: "James Gregory ('Zig') Ziegler" >
Subject: Re: Help please
Date: Mon, 30 May 2005 13:37:35 -0400

Hey Zig,

Thanks for offering to be the messenger, but no thanks, with the unraveling of the Share/Trust stuff, I would prefer if you would just pass on my address to Charlie [L.] Webb. Charlie [L. Webb] is the Trustee and would have to perform the duties anyway.

I too would like to see your Brother released and exonerated, and yes it will have a positive effect on my life. I am always willing to "freely discuss" that.

Van [A. Brink] and I worked out our differences a few years ago, and I don't think there were any differences to work out with Richard [W. Downes], as he never left the process and has always working along side of Van. Your brother and I had several common dreams and we agreed to work together on those items.

As for sending subordinates to you, I am sorry I don't recall what you are referring to but thank you just the same. I am well aware that you made my life easier during my time in Grenada and I thank you for it.

Yes I have been trained well and that is part of my value, plus I have a cautious nature.


Based on the gravity of the situation and importance of what might be said, I am insisting on a policy of direct contact. This will ensure no misunderstanding and proper record keeping on my part. Any appearance of "he said, she said" third party information is avoided and accuracy is improved. Based on your communications so far I can see that you already have some information incorrect, but that is not for me to correct. I sincerely want to avoid wrong information being repeated.

You will probably continue to refer to my commets as "the party line" but if you insist on brokering this process I will have to decline. I also acknowledge your right to your views and opinions but ask that you refreain from making it personal. If we cannot work together then let us part as brothers in God and leave it at that.

I understand your frustration and strong desire to solve the critical issues at hand. I also extend my simpathies and compasion to you regarding the hardship you have had in the past due to the downfall of FIBG.

If I have offended you or cause you hurt in any way, please accept my appology and I ask for your forgiveness.

Best Regards,


-------- Original Message --------

- - - -

-------- Original Message --------

From: "James Gregory ('Zig') Ziegler" >
To: "Mark Kennedy" >
Subject: Re: Help please
Date: Mon, 30 May 2005 02:46:59 -0400

"I suppose there may be a few offences included in that view. I offer to you to work those issues out and freely discuss whatever you want to work out."

What I want to work out is my brother [Van A. Brink] released, exonerated. If/when that can/could be accomplished it will/would have a positive impact on your life (per your complaint of harassment). You are unwilling to "freely discuss" that.

'That was then, this is now.' To his credit Van [A. Brink] was willing to let bygones be bygones regarding you and Richard [W. Downes], me too.

When I worked for you, I respected any request from your subordinates as if it came from you. I never once insisted upon first verifying with you, or the source that may have led you to give the request to your subordinate to pass on to me.

I gave your subordinates (messengers would be more appropriate as it relates to the topic at hand) the same respect I gave you regarding any request they made of me.

You have had very good training somewhere along the line, you answer each question with a question, instead of a straight answer. Each email of yours contains a question, leading to somewhere we aint going.

Regarding today's question I will find out where/how share certificates should be returned: to the company [EQUITY RETIREMENT DISTRIBUTORS LTD.], to the issuing agency, or whatever is appropriate. I will perform the messenger role for you. Straight answer.

Ancient Indian proverb: "When horse is dead it is wise to dismount." Are you satisfied with where your horse has taken you?

Many Blessings


-------- Original Message --------

- - - -

-------- Original Message --------

From: "Mark Kennedy" >
To: "James Gregory ('Zig') Ziegler" >
Subject: Re: Help please
Date: Sun, 29 May 2005 12:17:26 -0400

Hello Zig,

It appears (at least from my point of view) that you have a fixed belief about me, based on your experience. I suppose there may be a few offences included in that view. I offer to you to work those issues out and freely discuss whatever you want to work out.

I will repeat, your suspicions are unfounded, your viewpoints are perhaps influenced with some quasi facts. But they are yours and you have a right to your opinion.

I certainly do not wish to add to your dis-ease regarding myself or anyone else, but I will hold on my original decision to not speak through you. I will speak directly to whomever you wish.

I may be paraniod but I suspect that your investigator will decline any direct contact with me, and he/she has already decided who and what my role was.

If you feel that I am not trustworthy of participating in the Restoration Project, you may withdraw my name from any email list you have, or other connection.

If you wish to pass Charlie [L.] Webb's email addy on to me so I will gladly communicate and sign off to return the ERDL shares I was assigned.

I will bear no offence or ill feelings and I understand your concerns.

For my part I have been operating under a different view. I sincerely though we (you and I) were OK, and there were no issues between us.

I appologize for any offence I have caused directly or indirectly in your life and wish you well.

I do not wish to cause hardship or stress in your life in any way and therefor believe I must back off and wait until you feel you can benefit from any relationship with me.

Thank you for the meetings on the path of life, and the good advice you have shared, it was worth it to me.

Best Regards,


-------- Original Message --------

- - - -

-------- Original Message --------

From: "James Gregory ('Zig') Ziegler" >
To: "Mark Kennedy" >
Subject: Re: Help please
Date: Sat, 28 May 2005 06:09:22 -0400

Nice try. You are still on the interrogate zig page. We did not start there, we are not going to end there.

Sometimes trust leads to a two-way street. Sometimes trust is a one-way street, as in faith in an unseen Jesus, faith that the check is in the mail, faith that the piece of paper in your hand will buy a few groceries. In 1999 while we were both in Grenada, before your resignation, you gave me some personal reasons not to trust you. OK, bygones are bygones. Now you have successfully given me reasons to not trust you today. It is not up to me to prove anything to you, whether you like me or not is not material to the subject at hand.

You were the CEO who participated in highly irregular activities for any business. Upon their default of the bogus promises made to you, and the Board, they put you psychologically on the run by intimidation, Zig didn't. I have never once intimidated you, while you were the CEO I treated you with respect. You did not give me a two-way street of trust then, and so far not now.

Today, the 28th of May, is the one year anniversary of the kidnappings and senseless murder of a young family man in Uganda. Even though Van socially associated with US Embassy personnel, zero attempt was even made to hand him a piece of paper, instead of the grandstand show that ended so tragically.

I never once held anything close to a management position with the collapsed banks and companies. Interrogate me about what Mark?

You have no need to know, I have no need to know, the names, addresses, country locations, contact info of those working "outside" of the nice neat little government payroll box. The government box has a 97% conviction rate, most of which are plea bargains to escape the centuries of years of imprisonment defendants (guilty or not) are threatened/intimidated with. The government box includes government paid defense attorneys and their government payroll investigators, underpaid, limited budget, limited resources, given limited time, to defend against unlimited time, budgets and resources. The government's neat, tidy, little box, is designed on purpose to get convictions, regardless of guilt or innocence. The "system" is a sick sham attempting to give the appearance of "justice" to the voters who have never been exposed to it.

Speaking of intimidation, Doug [Douglas Christie Ferguson] has not even requested a release hearing because the government box has threatened to jail Eve if he does. Is that playing at all fair? No, it is simply mental torture to try to get a plea. Van's wife was sent back to Uganda after being harassed at the US arrival airport for over 12 hours by the feds. Everybody knows that she is harmless, they already had every scrap of paper and every hard drive out of her/their house, they had already raided a non-Van owned Uganda business that did some contract work for Van. Harassment of Rita was simply additional mental torture aimed at Van (and Doug, Eve, you, me, anybody else they want to intimidate by this example of screwing with family if you do not cooperate and sign a plea). So you have experienced verbal intimidation? My, my, my, how impressive.

There is a possibility that you could help, that Richard could help. Even though more remote, there is a possibility that Chad could help. The help both you and Richard have provided government payroll people so far has not helped those incarcerated and/or on bail release. It has not made the intimidation used against you go away (per you). The definition of insanity is repeatedly doing the same things expecting different results. Why would a sane person expect different results in resting on providing the same information to people on the same payroll (USA Government)?

The three of you have been presented the opportunity to step out of the box that has gone nowhere positive for 5 years. Regardless of whether my suspicion of collusion between you three has merit or not, the three of you have so far opted to not assist. If any, or all, of the three of you are dissatisfied with the results you have experienced for 5 years why not try a change? Or are you satisfied with the results?

I can think of some reasons to not change, but that would elicit more accusations against me like you have already thrown my way, aw shucks, here is one, you can have some free intelligence from me:

McEnroe is on widely published public record of being a government agent, sent to Grenada by the US government, explicitly to fbg. You and Richard were wittingly, or unwittingly, government agents when you bought into the line of BS McEnroe threw at fbg. It is thus well established that both of you assisted in the tearing down of the fbg system (agents of a government agent).

Before you resigned, Richard [W. Downes] bragged to me that he was to be given 6 South America banks for his role in cooperation with McEnroe (personal enrichment motivation to perform a highly irregular Board activity).

What neither of you have so far established is what side you are actually on today, if not continuing to be on the government's side (as you wittingly or unwittingly were then). The manner in which you answered the questions I forwarded to you gave the answer that was expected. Before you get all huffy on me, I did type "wittingly or unwittingly". The ball is in your (collective and individual) court to prove otherwise. I did not start the ball on a "collective" basis, I gave each of you the opportunity to stand on your own two feet. Each of you are given the opportunity to stand on your own innocence as an individual, regardless of what someone else may, or may not have been up to in the past or present. Each of you are given the individual opportunity to try to be of assistance.

Harassment against you proves nothing. Extremely frequently the left hand of the government does not know the agenda of the right hand. The government operates on a "need to know" basis, in addition to being frequently inept, wrong intelligence for the right situation, friendly fire casualties, collateral damage, expendable soldiers and agents, etc., etc., etc..

Interrogating Zig proves nothing, except to further reinforce the existing suspicions.

Even though the situation is very personal to me, and to you, let's try to not get bogged down in personal issues.


-------- Original Message --------

- - - -

-------- Original Message --------

From: "Mark Kennedy" >
To: "James Gregory ('Zig') Ziegler" >
Subject: Re: Help please
Date: Fri, 27 May 2005 17:17:28 -0400

OK Zig,

You are right, and I want to change my way, I will no longer tow the party line with Richard and Chad, nor play any games. Please just have your investigator contact me with any questions he/she has.


-------- Original Message --------

- - - -

-------- Original Message --------

From: "James Gregory ('Zig') Ziegler" >
To: "Mark Kennedy" >
Subject: Re: Help please
Date: Fri, 27 May 2005 15:07:36 -0400

Nice try to turn this around to blame your games onto me.

I sent three different people completely separate emails, did not cc any of the three to notify them that I had asked anything of anybody else.

I received back a party line.

I, Van's brother, asked for help. In return I received interrogation, "loose lips sink ships", "still small voice" "contact my attorney" and other lame excuses. You are free to deny that it was a party line. Certainly amazing coincidences.

Your excuse of harrassment by the government is indeed a sad event, but does not impress me to the extent that you would like it to. Van has been in jail for one year now. Our sister was jailed who had zip to do with running the bank. The FBI was successful in getting me jailed in a foreign country that would make the worst jail facility in North America look like Four Seasons or better. The Chairman of the Board and CEO of the era have not been jailed are complaining of government verbal harrassment? You know dang well that neither Iris or I had anything to do with operating the bank.

You can get as self righteous with me as you care to. I sent a very simple request. You declined.

Of the questions YOU were asked, what is it that YOU have to hide? Why the fuss? Come on Mark, you say that you have been open with all, how is it that zig is so threatening? Such a high compliment, completely undeserved, I never dreamed of receiving.

"You see, I was stopped in Puerto Rico by the FBI and accused of stealing 63 billion dollars."

Hmmm, how is it that such an amount of assets turned up missing prior to your departure from Grenada, and who alerted the FBI that the assets were missing (not their jurisdiction to really care), and that the FBI should be intercepting you? Wasn't zig. What is it you have to hide from me?

So you do not trust me. OK fine. What else is there for me to say?
> > > > >
I do wish you Many Blessings. Jesus loves all and instructed us to do the same.


-------- Original Message --------

- - - -

-------- Original Message --------

From: "Mark Kennedy" >
To: "James Gregory ('Zig') Ziegler" >
Cc: "Chad Perry" >, "Richard W. Downes" >
Subject: Re: Help please
Date: Fri, 27 May 2005 12:40:11 -0400

Hello Zig,

I have responded to your message within the body of the text with (( brackets)). I chose this because of the increasing personal and accusational tone to your email. I think it is best we become very clear about the facts and viewpoints expressed, so as to prevent any further misunderstanding or bad feelings.

Please review below: ((My replies))

Kindest regards,


-------- Original Message --------

From: "James Gregory ('Zig') Ziegler" >
To: "Mark Kennedy" >
Subject: Re: Help please
Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 14:59:02 -0400

You are correct I am caught in the middle.

I clearly disclosed to you, Richard, and Chad that the private investigators are on the Team working in the background in Van's (and the others) behalf.

((I really have no idea of what constitutes a team and how one works on it. This makes your disclosure of no effective use for me. One mans team is another's circle of friends, another mans aquaintances, and anothers "never met him but he seems nice, Joe likes him".

I thought we were all on the team, and inclusion came from actions, like contributing SAM, working to find a deal for restoration, helping with the defense. If I am incorrect in my assumptions feel free to correct me. Just because someone is "on the Team" does not mean I should automatically answer any questions they pose, just like you won't answer a questions about who is "on the Team". You would not answer this question out of a sense of duty to protect those who could be harmed by those who may not consider their privacy important. I would respect and agree with your discretion not to pass on this information unnecessarily.))

You say that you have willingly and have openly talked to government payroll prosecution and defense. The 3of you [Mark Kennedy, Richard W. Downes, and Chad Perry (ERDL)] have given me the same "party line" that you are unwilling to talk to people who are not disclosed to government payroll people.

((The fact that someone is on the Government payroll does not lead to the conclusion that I will automatically speak to them. You also state that we willingly and openly spoke to the prosecution, this is an accusation, no, I did not miss it! Perhaps you do not understand the difference between a subpoena and a voluntary appearance. Perhaps you have not yet been threatened by the FBI or prosecutors office, so you don't understand the difference between the two. Or perhaps no-one showed up at your door demanding an interview, called all your family, and friends to get the low down on you.

So let me make it clear, a subpoena compels you to be present and provide answers to questions asked. Your choices include ignoring the instruction to appear, or cooperate. If you choose "ignoring" you are subject to detention, and forced into cooperation through contempt of court, in other words I too could be in jail or hiding, but not of course in Canada, because you see Canada and the US have agreements that allow for witnesses to be escorted to the appropriate location.

As for "party line" I have heard this accusation before and it is a generalization that suggests some type of collusion on the part of the parties included in the "party".

Fact: I have not spoken to Chad [Perry] in over a year, no e-mail, FAX or otherwise. I have spoken to Richard [W. Downes] almost weekly, but our conversation has little to do with conspiring to withhold information from your investigator, or how to better cover our ass at the expense of Van and others. Richard did call me regarding this issue but only asked me to check my e-mail, this is because we don't speak on the phone about the "Restoration [Project]" nor do we exchange emails about the Restoration [Project]. So your "party line" reference is spin doctor posturing, and I am asking you to stop this method.))

I am not privy to all that is going on, and by whom, in regards to defense. I have no "need to know". What I do not know cannot be gotten out of me with thumb screws.

((We are in the same boat, I know very little also, only what you post which is, very little. If there is someone out there (an investigator) that knows all, now that makes me very nervous. To think that one or two people (not Van) know the who's, the what’s, and the where's, YIKES!!! I thought the whole point of having independent teams operating toward the same goal was to protect the process from implosion if one soldier fell. You can enlighten me on this one, then I am sure I can rest at ease.))

The government hauled all records out of Grenada, just today I heard of yet another person harassed and computer confiscated.

((I am sorry to hear another person has fallen to the tactics of the prosecution, it saddens me to know that fear is the operating spirit active in the destruction of a good thing. I can relate very much to this because from the day I left Grenada I have been living that way. You see, I was stopped in Puerto Rico by the FBI and accused of stealing 63 billion dollars. From then on my comfort, security and peace was gone. My main priority since then has been to protect my family and maintain normalcy. It is now 5-years, almost to the day, and I am regaining some control in my destiny and letting go of fear. I will succeed, just like Restoration [Project].))

Just what is it that the government does not yet have if Zig were working for the government? Well, if Zig is not working for the government, just whose side could he be on? Further, just what is it the government has that the defense does not have? Now that answer I sure do NOT know. Van's attorney has written in Court records that the Prosecution has not been forthcoming on even what the Court has ordered them to do. Hmmm, since when has the government ever played fair in this mess?

((If you are seeking "games" then look no further, you have found the true players, the prosecution. If you think that your investigator can do what 5 attorneys and the court of jurisdicion cannot do, then you must be working with God himself. I myself like to work with God but so far have not been able to free our friends, I will endeavor to percervier. So lets be realistic, my experience is that He works on his own time table, and I must be patient.))

Each of the 3 of you [Mark Kennedy, Richard W. Downes, and Chad Perry (ERDL)] have free-will choice to assist or not assist.

((There is no free-will without consequence. Your use of the term is predisposed to imply guilt, and not in context. I have free-will to speak or not to speak, but I must consider those who would be effected by my words. This is called responsibility and it sometimes overrides the exercising of free-will.))

Each of you have very clearly articulated to me your lack of willingness to assist in this matter.

((I have not said I will not assist, I said I want to know whom I am speaking to before I decide to speak. That is not lack, that is willingness. It is you who now has free-will to act, so what are you waiting for?))

You are free to pardon my take on this or not, I sent 3 different individuals [Mark Kennedy, Richard W. Downes, and Chad Perry (ERDL)] 3 different emails and got 1party line in return. To me that is a game. The productive result of the game the 3 of you visualize I fail to understand, and make no apologies for my lack of comprehension. Color me stupid if you care to.

((Your conclusions are not correct as I have articulated above, no "party line" yes "games" but not by us. It seems that you or the investigator are the one's playing this game of hide and seek by not allowing your investigator to come forward as I have requested. This of course is enough to draw some conclusions about, but I will refrain until I have the facts. You are not asking for pardon but giving justification for your accusations, and they are unfounded.))

As President Bush went on TV and said to the world in 2001: "You are on our side or you are not". I know which side I am on.

((Again you have accused me of not supporting the cause, just like your quotable friend President Bush. Your choice of inspiring quotes is very clear communication that you now consider me an enemy of yours, Restoration [Project], and the incarcerated 5. You could not be more wrong!!! But you have the free-will to come to any conclusion you can sleep with.))

As far as somebody printing your name and address, I publish mine on about every e-mail I send out.

((My concern is not with people knowing my address but the context in which it was published. The statement was, "Mark is hiding in Canada from the FBI and prosecutors". The inference was, "to any who have an axe to grind, call him up, or call the FBI instead". Now that is dirty pool, bad karma, and just plain nasty. The same sort of tactic used by the Government to harass your dear friend whose computer was recently confiscated.))

I cannot stretch my imagination far enough to believe the government does not know down to the millimeter exactly where I am. I have no reason to hide from the defense either. I did not know that you were in hiding.

((I am not in hiding otherwise it would be impossible for the attorneys representing the defense to contact me so easily. I have already been given a subpoena to testify at the trial, so I guess there would be little point in hiding, especially since the prosecution already know I am a witness for the defense. So whomever dreamed up that little accusation, and I suspect it wasn't you, can just STOP with the bull.))

You are free to give out my address at any time (as if everyone doesn't already know it). I am also not the one who has EVER published anything about you, or even revealed to anyone any email address you have had.

((Thank you for that courtesy, I also extend this to you as I would any person I do business with or friends. It is a policy I adopted after a life insurance sales person extracted a list of all my friends and family to sell to. Whoooo boy was I in trouble when I did that, ever since I always ask permission.))

I also assume that by this time you have received a forward of my reply to Chad's [Perry's] most recent lame excuses.

((I have, but that was only after I included them in my email response to you.))

I did what was asked of me. You 3 made a collective decision.

((Zig, your insinuation of collaboration and collective decision making is totally unfounded and very offensive. But wait, there is a collective, the collective consciousness of God our Father whom the 3 of us go to to make decisions. Ooops I stand corrected, we have collectively made a decision, you caught me. I apologize for praying before responding to you... hey wait, I didn't pray, I just asked you to tell me who I was responding to. But how then did we get to this position, where 3 men have been accused of collaborating, withholding, game playing, hiding, and acting in a way that will hurt the 5 accused of a crime. Well I guess that is a story for you to tell, will you?))

There is nothing left for me to do in this matter.

((Once again you resign, but what do you resign from? From my perspective you are resigning to a position of accusation, posturing, and fence building. This is not necessary, but it is your free-will to do. I suggest if your investigator wants candid dialogue he should first be candid. But instead he has chosen to hide behind you, very unfair to you, I think. Putting you in a position that you will have to accuse those who have pledged to help those who have freely walked into the fire to see that the truth is told, how does that feel? Who would do such a thing to you?))

Many Blessings


((Your closing is nice etiquette but your emails have not been filled with blessings but instead, cursings. I sincerely hope you can climb down from that position because words are hard to get back. I get the feeling you want to fight about this, why? do you have something personal against me or the other two? Would you like to discuss it? If so I would really appreciate any dialog that will uncover the truth and heal any wounds. Mark))

-------- Original Message --------

From: "Mark Kennedy" >
To: "James Gregory ('Zig') Ziegler" >
Subject: Re: Help please
Date: Wed, 25 May 2005 17:35:58 -0400

Hello Zig,

I am playing no games, I take this very seriously. My desire is to help but cannot get around feeling that I am being played. Why won't your investigator contact me directly?

Doug insisted that his new attorney contact me directly, FIRST! of all witnesses, he wanted me to convey in plain simple terms why Doug and others are INNOCENT!!. This is because Doug knows my heart and intent, he clearly and trusts me with no hesitation. Van did too, and it was his attorney that contacted me First, over nine months ago!!!

But your investigator does not trust me enough to provide his name or contact me directly. Who is playing games in this situation?

Zig, search your heart, I know you are meaning well and just want to help, but you must know this; When Van introduced me to "Paul" he said "I think you can trust him", "so far he has been fair". Those two statements were guarded and given with reserve to change.

I am sure you don't want to be caught in the middle of this situation that must now feel somewhat uncomfortable. It is a great pity that email does not convey feelings, I am sure we could have a short conversation about this in person and come to a simple solution.

You already have my previous response, please consider my request for direct contact and advise me of your decision.

Best Regards,


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From: "James Gregory ('Zig') Ziegler" >
To: "Mark Kennedy" >
Subject: Re: Help please
Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 19:36:14 -0400

Mark, a private investigator has been working on this for over 2-years. The investigation is known to Van [A. Brink] and Doug [Christie Ferguson], whom of course cannot communicate, for the last 3-days short of 1-year. The investigator is NOT on the government sponsored defense team.

We are hoping to soon be able to present a slam-dunk and make this all go away for everyone. Your assistance would be much appreciated. The time for game playing has past.

Many Blessings


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From: "Mark Kennedy" >
To: "James Gregory ('Zig') Ziegler" >
Subject: Re: Help please
Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 11:14:45 -0400

Hey Zig,

Can you tell me who is asking the questions and can I have direct contact. Pardon my suspicous nature but I have experienced some questionable contacts and queries about my involvement with those people. Also I have red flags internally about both of them.


Mark "cautious" Kennedy

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From: "James Gregory ('Zig') Ziegler" >
To: "Mark Kennedy" >
Subject: Help please
Date: Mon, 23 May 2005 11:25:10 -0400

Mark, a defense investigator has asked my assistance on this.



= = = = = = = =

QUESTIONS I would like to read ANSWERS about, from:


1. "Might you have ever spoken with a man named Gabriel MacEnroe?" If so, "What might the circumstances have been as to how and when you might have become introduced and by whom?"

a. "Might you have ever noticed anything remarkable about this man?"

2. "Might you have ever entered into a confidential agreement that may have involved Gabriel MacEnroe?"

a. If such existed, "Might it have been a private or official agreement?"

b. If such existed, "Might you outline in general terms the nature of such agreement?"

3. "Might you have ever spoken with a man named Robert Palm?" If so, "What might the circumstances have been as to how and when you might have become introduced and by whom?"

a. "Might you have ever noticed anything remarkable about this man?"

4. "Might you have ever spoken with a man named Robert Skirving?" If so, "What might the circumstances have been as to how and when you might have become introduced and by whom?"

a. "Might you have ever noticed anything remarkable about this man?"

= = = = = = = =

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It would be nice to gather all those individuals who have been financially defrauded by James Gregory Ziegler (aka) Zig Ziegler into a forum that could see Justice be done once and for all.


Offshore Informant



Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011

Posted: 7/11/2006 9:12:50 AM

By: Offshore Informant

A rather unusual move seen (immediately below) for James Gregory ("Zig") Ziegler to have actually signed an IRS Form, and more . . .


[Circa: 19APR02]

IRS Form SS-4 Signed By: ZIG ZIEGLER - Director, Trust Department
IRS Form SS-4 Date Signed: 10JUN02
IRS Form SS-4 EIN (Employer Identification Number): Application Filed

Aforementioned IRS SS-4 Form application information details:

Principal Business Activity: LIMITED LIABILITY HOLDINGS
Primary Business Location: WASHINGTON D.C., USA
Type Of Trust: HOLDING
Mailing Address: P.O. BOX 405, PIMA, ARIZONA 85548, USA
Executor/Trustee: POLE STAR BANK A.D.

- - - -

Details surrounding the aforementioned Foreign Trust


TRUSTEE: POLE STAR BANK A.D. (Podgorica, Montenegro), Trust Department, Director Zig Ziegler c/o Rajka Bulatovic [Spanskih Boraca 56, Konik, Podgorica 81000, Montenegro]

TRUST GRANTOR: Rajka Bulatovic [Spanskih Boraca 56, Konik, Podgorica 81000, Montenegro]

TRUST PROTECTOR: Bonnie Gayle Ferguson [2954 West Rocky Road, Thatcher, Arizona 85552, TEL: (92 428-3331]

TRUST INDENTURE TRUSTEE: GRUPO DOMINICO EUROLEGAL S.A. Dr. Epifanio Vasquez-Santos, Esq., Pedro Clisante #9, El Batey, Sosua, Dominican Republic (November 2001)]

TRUST INDENTURE SETTLOR: Nichol C. Ottley [Grenada, E-Mail: (November 2001)]

TRUST BENEFICIARY: 100% TOYACT ENTERPRISE INC. c/o 12 POINT MANAGEMENT TRUST via Claude Ellsworth Martin & Pamela Martin [Residential Rural Route: HC01 Box 4002, Pima, Arizona 85543, USA, TEL: (92 428-4340, E-MAIL:]

TRUST SUCCESSOR BENEFICIARIES: 100% Claude Ellsworth Martin and Pamela Faye Martin, Survivors provided however in the event of death of both Claude Ellsworth and Pamela Faye Martin will be Charles Lloyd Martin, Wendy Lauren Martin, and Robert Allen Martin, equally as to each an undivided 1/3 interest.

- - - -

Funds Acknowledgement Statement (below):

Spanskih Boraca 56
81000 Podgorica
TEL: + 381 69 226-904
FAX: + 381 81 267-027
FAX: + 1 (215) 243-8578 (USA)

Date: February 25, 2002


Thank you for your funds of: USD $ 4,960.00


Please note, if the funds appear slightly less than what you sent, Bank charges were removed before being credited to our account, plus a Trustee Fee of $50.00 per wire transaction.

These funds have been applied per your instructions to:

PLATINUM BANK A.D. Stock shares: YES
PLATINUM BANK A.D. Trust establishment: NO
PLATINUM BANK A.D. AAC Card establishment: NO
PLATINUM BANK A.D. Passbook Savings account: NO

Please note, all transactions of incoming and out-going funds for savings accounts are posted in the Passbook Account.

On behalf of PLATINUM BANK A.D., thank you.

Zig Ziegler

- - - -

The independent offshore Montenegro bank PLATINUM BANK A.D. (aka) PLATINUM S.A., one of over fourteen (14) established for James Gregory Ziegler (aka) Zig Ziegler, sees him sign his name to his Internet fraud for his PLATINUM BANK A.D. Montenegro bank stock shares in a "Funds Acknowledgement" issued (see immediately below) to Mr. Claude Ellsworth Martin of ADMIRALTY FINANCIAL GROUP. Ziegler's bank establishef yet other Foreign Trusts by taking fees out of deposit monies from (now 62-year old) Claude Ellsworth Martin (below):

[Circa: 20JUN02]




Date Description Deposit Withdrawals Balance

02/15/2002 Beginning Balance $ - $ -
02/25/2002 Wire-Shares (Admiralty Trust) $ 4,985.00 $ 4,985.00
02/26/2002 Trustee Fees $ 25.00 $ 4,960.00
02/26/2002 Organizational Expense $ 4,960.00 $ -
03/01/2002 Wire-Shares (Queen Bee Trust) $ 2,485.00 $ 2,485.00
03/02/2002 Trustee Fees $ 25.00 $ 2,460.00
03/02/2002 Organizational Expense $ 2,460.00 $ -
03/07/2002 Wire-Shares (Hi Mountain Trust) $ 985.00 $ 985.00
03/08/2002 Trustee Fees $ 25.00 $ 960.00
03/08/2002 Organizational Expense $ 960.00 $ -
03/08/2002 Wire-Shares (Hi Hopes Trust) $ 985.00 $ 985.00
03/09/2002 Trustee Fees $ 25.00 $ 960.00
03/09/2002 Organizational Expense $ 960.00 $ -
03/13/2002 Wire-Share (Wolf Haven Trust) $ 985.00 $ 985.00
03/14/2002 Trustee Fees $ 25.00 $ 960.00
03/14/2002 Organizational Expense $ 960.00 $ -
Ending Balance $ 0.00

- - - -

[Circa: 28MAY02]



For US Dollars:




9967 308 USD



ACC 543100-485012708




Obtain from your Bank's Wire Officer a copy of the Wire Confirmation. Fax a copy of that bank document to USA fax forwarding service +1 (215) 243-8578

- - - -

---------begin original message---------

From: "Claude Ellsworth Martin" >, "Claude E. Martin" >
To: "James Gregory "Zig" Ziegler" >
Date: Wed, 22 May 2002 11:00:07 -0700

(((My replies. -zig-)))

(((There is a difference between being legal, and being easy and legal at the same time))) wrote:

As I understand, Admiralty Financial Trust is no longer viable since it was with Vasquez.

(((Viable, relationship not cut-off, has merely become a communication hassle. So the Trust with Vasquez can be used. As we have not yet placed anything in it (that I couldn't reverse in my computer), we can ignore it and pretend it doesn't exist. Or, we can use it for whatever long-term planning you may wish to do that doesn't require freqeunt in and out transactions. Example, could be used to hold Platinum shares as you won't be trading them on wall street, meaning few if any transactions to communicate to Vasquez and pay him a transaction fee.))) wrote:

If that is the case, then shouldn't we have 2 trusts created? One for the mortgage payments and one to use as a buffer with the snoop mentioned below.

(((You're a Founder, and my friend. Nichol [C. Ottley (Grenada & Trinidad)] and I will make as many trusts as you feel a need for, for any reason. Yes, would be a good idea to have separate Trusts to separate snoopiness possibilities. Ronald Regan reputedly had his afairs organized in over 200 trusts. An additional thought is to have a different trustee handle each item that may be prone to snoopiness.))) wrote:

Shouldn't the mortgage payments be made out to one of the new trust names?

In the land of the free, and everywhere else, banks will only cash checks for their customers. Your Trust doesn't have a bank account at a commercial bank. Checks to a Trust must be made out to the Trustee. In the case of Vasquez, the check should be made to Grupo Dominico Eurolegal S.A., his law firm. He can then deposit the check into his bank, and we then internally credit your Trust accounting. Subsequently he sends you a wire, buys a bank check for you to deposit at home, or hopefully soon sends a wire or check to the bank we get to issue debit cards.

In the case of Pole Star Bank Trustee, or Platinum Bank Trustee, both checks would be made payable to Pole Star Bank. In the "notes" section of the check it is sure OK to cite which customer (person, Trust, etc.)

Also please verify my understanding of your description of the mortgage payments and the Forex trading co. This months payment would go to Forex for 6 months to draw dividends. At the end of the 6 months we would withdraw both the payment and any dividends generated.

(((Yes. Rather than the one year minimum, maybe I can negotiate a six month account. At the end of each 6 months you could choose to withdraw everything from that one deposit, or any part of it. If you withdrew less than the full amount we would place any remaining balance with your new deposit thus increasing the amount to generate for the next 6 months. I would have to negotiate and work out some logistics. Rather than having a check or wire sent here it would be better to have it sent directly to a depository in favor of the Forex trader. If we could do that it would eliminate both time delay and costs to re-send from here. What is the size of the monthly check?))) wrote:

This would take place for each payment as it arrived there.

(((We'll do whatever your wishes are. If you set-up an automatic disbursement with your Costa Rica collection agent that is the way it would work, unless the automatic monthly from Costa Rica were sent to our account here and we reacted month by month to your wishes. Every additional step in any transaction runs both the clock and fees is what I'm trying to be sensitive to.))) wrote:

Still not sure about having the payments wire transferred but just in case please send the wire transfer instructions.

((OK))) wrote:

Thanks for all your help, patience, and guidance. It is really appreciated.


(((my pleasure! -zig-)

Version: Hush 2.1
Note: This signature can be verified at


---------end of original message---------


From: "James Gregory ("Zig") Ziegler" >
To: "Claude Ellsworth Martin" >
Subject: (no subject)
Date: 30 Jun, 2002


Thank you for your questions, and, letting me know that you know The Picks. In my position I must be sensitive to everyone's privacy so can't ask if anyone knows "so and so".

I have been trying to communicate with the Picks through Bruce. Since his stroke Bruce has a very difficult time, including with e-mail. I frequently hear from him that I haven't answered an e-mail of his, but, I have responded to every one of his e-mails, he just doesn't or can't read them.

Though it is very expensive for me I have called Bruce [Ripley, E-MAIL: ] several times, he says "Yes, I get your e-mails and starts reading me one I sent in January or February [2002]. Maybe he doesn't have his e-mail program set to show the most current first, or, or, or? He does acknowledge that he still can't read his computer screen very well. I love Bruce and wish him a full recovery. In the meantime we all have a few frustrations, as Bruce does. Bruce also has an answering machine attached to the number he uses for FAX, as do The Picks. My computer wont FAX to a number that answers as an answering machine, or a person answering the phone first.

Having bored you with the above, can you help me communicate with The Picks? I would sure appreciate it and I feel they would also. As they have disclosed their investment to you, please feel free to read the attached letter to them and please forward it to them.

I believe the letter to them addresses any suggestion that I kept anybody's money. I wouldn't be living like this if I had. I also wouldn't be working towards getting everybody, including myself, restored financially.

There also wouldn't be any settlement coming from anyone. If there weren't expectations of settlement the other company would not agree to exchange their SLIG [SLATECO INTERNATIONAL GROUP INC.] shares to The Picks for their anticipated settlement from HARBOR BANK (aka) HARBOR S.A.

If you can also FAX a copy of The (attached) Picks' letter to Bruce [Ripley] I'd appreciate it, I think he can read FAX's, even though he has trouble reading his computer screen.

1. Regarding simply converting $ to Euros:

Platinum would hold the Euros in your behalf in a non-interest bearing account established with a local commercial bank. Commercial banks are backed/supervised by the Central Bank (meaning backed by the government). As Platinum could not invest those funds, this would be a courtesy account for you, no real benefit to Platinum. In creating a "courtesy" account, nobody relies on any expertise from me, the Government of Montenegro is responsible for supervising the bank in which neither Platinum or Zig have any ownership.

2. Regarding FOREX,

Several months ago the Platinum Board authorized establishing an account with a professional Forex trading firm. Platinum needs a $5,000.00 opening balance which Platinum has so far not achieved. The funds of customers are sent to the trading firm by Platinum. Platinum does not do any of the trading, that is left to the professional trading firm. The benefit to Platinum is earning a portion of the returns. The contract with the trading firm has a 20% stop-loss provision, which is further reduced by contract stipulations, meaning nobody (including Platinum) can get wiped out on a "bad hair day". In a nutshell, nobody is relying on Zig's expertise on the FOREX account.

3. Regarding you and your wife not wanting to get involved in anything like happened to Harbor, I couldn't agree more. I also don't want more accusations of theft, etc. To that end I have made these personal choices:

a.) I'm not going to risk my name even just being a data processing center, like I was for Harbor, for any firm that does "high-yield, offshore investments". I don't care how many years of successful experience they may have. Color me gone. What worked last year, no longer works. The "Fed" and other major governments are systematically putting good "programs" out of business.

b.) I don't make any decisions for Platinum, we have a Board of Directors of 9 great people. I will hopefully never be accused of running a "one man show".

c.) If the Board of Directors approves a product, it can be offered to Platinum participants. Otherwise it is not offered.

You might recall that I proposed, and the Board agreed, to withdraw all products except:

a.) the non-interest bearing account, those funds are simply held in a cash account with a commercial bank, no gain to Platinum or the customer;

b.) the Forex account, Platinum has zero management input into that account and that fact is clearly disclosed to everyone;

c.) at such a time that Platinum develops some reserves (to cover potential losses), the Board can re-evaluate and approve alternative investments, and the offering of various interest bearing accounts based upon Platinum's success in investing.

Both the potential investments, and the products potentially offered are Board decisions, not Zig's.

Hopefully I have answered your questions. Thank you in advance for assisting with communicating with the Picks. Please note the attachments.



[Circa: 27OCT02]


There is a much quicker and easier way to get money to me (e-gold). I can then use the e-gold to buy more cards, so, everything works great!

Below are details from Cambist, one of the world's larges e-gold exchangers:

We accept funds via Money Order, Official Bank Checks (cashier's or treasurer's), and Bank Wire Transfers.

1. If sending funds by Money Order or Bank Check:

Please make the payment out to "CAMBIST" and mail to:

c/o Jim Davidson
5300 North Braeswood, # 394
Houston, TX 77096

Please be sure to write:

"I am buying gold e-Gold account # 603849 IVANSKIH PROPERTIES" on your Bank Check or Money Order. This is a security measure; if the statement is missing or incomplete, we will not be able to fund your account. Please make a copy machine copy of the completed Money Order for your records before mailing it.

2. I only have 3 cards on hand, which I will put in the mail to you tomorrow, Monday morning 28th. I should have more cards in about one week and will mail the other 4 to you promptly.

3. As you use/sell the cards, I'll be happy to do the CashCards set-up for you for each card. However, you've been through that learning curve now and can do it just fine. Let me know it I can help. Feel free to register the cards under Trust names:



Ivangradska 7
81000 Podgorica
TEL: + 381 69 226-904
FAX: + 381 81 267-027

You must use a different e-mail address for each new CashCards account sign-up. Use the 14-day free trial e-mail address offered by Seagold.Net!

More exciting things later.

God Bless


- - - -

In 2004, CORPORATE AND TRUST SERVICES D.O.O. was registered in the REPUBLIC OF SERBIA under the names of Ivanka Milanovic (Ziegler's current wife, who uses her previous married name) and Dragica Milanovic (Ziegler's current wife's daughter from his wife's previous marriage), and although this Serbian corporation is operated under the names of others, it is actually operated by James Gregory ("Zig") Ziegler from he and his wife's residence actually located in Bosnjane, Serbia.

In April 2004, CORPORATE AND TRUST SERVICES D.O.O. was named Trustee for two (2) entities named CRADLE MATE BUSINESS SERVICES LTD. and EURO TRUSTEE LTD., both run by James Gregory ("Zig") Ziegler), and both registered with the Lake Victoria Free Trade Zone in Sseesamirembe, Uganda (AFRICA).

The Lake Victoria Free Trade Zone saw Van A. Brink deliver shares of stock in EQUITY RETIREMENT DISTRIBUTORS LTD. for the "Restoration Project" to the Governor of the Lake Victoria Free Trade Zone named Beenunula Eyenunula Nunumisa who also directed the online foreign currency trading entity FOREXAFRICA.COM that in 2003 managed in-excess of $41,000,000.00 (USD) in many numbered accounts from monies pumped into it from FIBG LTD. bank system depositor monies and from others whose monies were placed in financial deals with James Gregory ("Zig") Ziegler over the Internet. All monies, which many claimed could 'not' be found.


The Offshore Informant has received numerous files pertaining to hundreds of businesses and individuals involved in financial transactions surrounding Van A. Brink, James Gregory Ziegler (aka) Zig Ziegler, and others who neglected to declare the income they took from others or file personal or corproate taxes in the USA, Serbia, Uganda, and elsewhere.

It is unbelievably amazing the amount of 'official indifference' toward financial crimes even when clear and convincing evidence is presented where millions of dollars are taken from victims over the Internet by e-mail confidence men who continue to get away committing fraud unhampered. A spectacular testimonial to events that have been going on for years by a small group, which sees everything contrary to the old saying that "Crime Doesn't Pay!"

Are government officials 'really' chasing more important criminals or turning another blind-eye toward those they secretly get information from?


Offshore Informant




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David Marchant
As any fule kno, the biggest enemy of fraud, corruption, money laundering, and other forms of financial crime is transparency, while their best friend is secrecy. That's why the unprecedented mass sealing of cases that's taking place at the Financial Services Division of the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands is repugnant to anyone with a genuine concern for financial crime.