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Stanford University nicotine stock scam continiued
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Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011
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Posted: 1/30/2007 4:32:34 PM

By: david p summers

Does anyone know anything about the 'angel investors' listed below in regards to Stanford University's ongoing 'nicotine angiogenesis and stem cell recruitment' fraud ? Shortly after I complained to Stanford University in 2006 about their nicotine patents being used for fraud and probable money laundering by Peter Taylor's Bellador Group in Kuala Lumpur and Dubai,etc.,I received a reply from their patent office and a press release by Endovasc of Montgomery,Texas stating they had terminated their deal with Stanford and Heeschen and John Cooke.

However all of a sudden a new website appeared on the internet claiming to have 'angel investors' and that all of a sudden this overnight company thaty includes Stanford University's John Cooke came into being and are attending 'bio' conferences in Asia and Canada as their website states.Thes csambags have not a word to say about Endovasc that John Cooke and Stanford promoted as legit developers in the past or about the worthless shares dumped from Charles Schwab and vFinance by way of LOM of Bermuda more than likey.What gives ? Is Stanford law professor and ex SEC Commissioner Joseph Grundfest such a corrupting influence on academic and science research there that pump and dump scams are encouraged and then covered up with Grundfest's and thus Stanford U.'s unethical SEC CONNECTIONS ?

The website has been changed recently and the claims of 'stem cell recruitment'from bone marrow seem to have been removed since I wrote an indymedia article of complaint that can be found on a 'stanford stem cell recruitment penny stock fraud
ryals' google search.However some scammy article did appear on the internet(possibly a washington post or newsmax connected website article,I'd have to search for it again)claiming that Heeschen had proven his stem cell recruitment from bone marow claim somehow by cutting and pastuing two mice together,(hee, hee).I only hope it wasn't my complaint that led to this not so clever cutting and splicing to prove nothing.

Remember that the Grundfest connected Arthur and Toni Rembe Rock Center for Corp Responsibsility(ha)on Stanford's campus even had SEC's employee (and SEC Chair Chris Cox law firm connected Cartwright speak at their opening !Grundfest always goes to the aid of any corp crook who cries for his help such as Dynergy's Ollis and yet allows and encourages Stanford in international penny stock scam(all the while bragging about his role as founder of Stanford's near worthless litigation website)Endovasc with its James Dale Davidson and suspect money laundering connections.Stanford does more due dilligence or 'know your client' investigations into their own students backgrounds ! and yet allowed a con artist(David P Summers) to pose as a doctor and Dwight Cantrell to buy nice cowboy boots from Kuala Lumpur to his funeral made from the fraud that was their 'nicotine patents' !

How come no 'KYC' at Stanford U. guys !? Can't David Marchant offer his services there ? Haven't Joseph Grundfest,Chris Heeschen,and John Cooke proven 'scientifically' that they could use some help ?

Ex SEC Commissioner Joseph Grundfest, Stanford University has aided international boiler room scamsters from the Caribbean to the Middle East while you have presided over their law department!The question is is what they will do with those ill gotten gains that you and Stanford helped them make and will that use be as funny as your negligent incompetence in allowing them to do it ?

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