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Albert, Judy, Roger & Craig
Internal Administrator
Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011
Joined: 10/12/2010
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Posted: 8/15/2008 10:20:12 AM

By: Blackwidow

$20k to ANYONE who can provide the location for Albert Shen, Judy Chen, Roger Shen, Craig Smith or Philip Lee (likely the same person) ONLY serious individuals need apply.

Please reply with a simple "yes" and we'll go from there.

Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011

Posted: 8/16/2008 10:58:10 AM

By: magician

a lot cheaper idea: go to or go to for about $49.95 you can search for people in the USA: enter name, approximate age, last known city, etc. service is good for about a year. they usually find a 5 state radius of likely "hits". indexed with criminal arrest records,tax records, drivers license, marriage certificates, birth certificates, death certificates, tax records,real estate transactions, court records,etc etc. easy to use. try them first before you pay all that extra money. also go to
see their titles like "How to find anything on anyone",etc. useful if you are doing your own private investigator work. cost is about $25.00 good luck and good hunting

Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011

Posted: 8/16/2008 12:26:43 AM

By: sucker #3


Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011

Posted: 8/15/2008 6:51:38 PM

By: Yes

Yes, I know Craig Smith but it cost you $250,000 hard cash. No joker or too cheap to pay responses will be replied to.

Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011

Posted: 8/15/2008 3:13:35 PM

By: umma


Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011

Posted: 8/16/2008 11:51:26 AM

By: horseman

you may also wish to try these search engiones to find someone: and are free

also try
additional search engines are available like most are inexpensive( about $50 ) and very impressive results. for the initial fee you can search for multiple names for up to one year. very valuable tool to find someone who has 'skipped" I would recommend for any type of investigator (e.g. law enforcement, investigative journalist, reporter,etc) have at least one outfit that you use regularly


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