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Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011

Posted: 3/14/2010 11:33:25 AM

By: boxman

teh question reallyis was there ever any trades jordan bionda and his thieving family would like you to beleive that they trraded but they never did they are not traders they would not know how to pick a stock if warren buffet himself told them how Jordan Bionda is a thief a socio path and a looser

Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011

Posted: 1/11/2010 10:58:50 AM

By: knightmare3000

is this about a HEDGE FUND? they also have pooled resources. look into the Caymans for some names and take it from there. I think the SEC is now going to take tighter control of them. good luck. if you think they traded wrong take it to the SEC or CFTC and file a complaint. if it is just losing money on trades then that is the risk with such outfits. they are high risk by definition

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Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011
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Posted: 1/10/2010 9:27:21 AM

By: boxman

April 4, 2003

Re: Pool Update
Marcello Di Francesco
Other Pool Participants


Further to our conversation I am providing here another update regarding the Pool and more specifically, my arranging the funds in order to take participants out of the Pool. I will tell you that I feel the last update was sufficient, however you said that the group wants to here it from me (the man himself) whatever that means. You have always been the communication lead but I can only imagine the hassles you have been having so if the team is demanding that I write directly to them, fine with me. It is only a change of print.

I wanted you to have this yesterday but my efforts the days before were taken up by responding to a third generation Pool participant who decided to get a little ridiculous and nasty. You and a few others have seen my reply to him and this will be a standard reply to anyone who makes the accusations that were made. It is not my nature to become that
aggressive but at this point I will not tolerate anyone who acts as this individual did. My reply to over aggression from this point forward will be words first, and if no resolve then civil court action and police if needed. Incidentally, that letter cost me two days of my life. Fifteen hours to absorb and think, a few hours to write and then ten hours to feel comfortable inside before sending it. I do not just fly off the wheel without thinking first. In that regard, I have only ever acted in a responsible manner with concern towards the Pool and the safety of the funds. I will continue to do so no matter what the cost.

The Pool and the Arranging of Funds to Buyout the Pool

April 4, 2003

Attention: All Pool Participants

Dear Participants,

I write this letter of information with respect towards all Pool participants. If the content displeases you I apologize but I am working as fast as I possibly can.

As of the date listed above there have been no profits gained from the Pool. I say this because until you are taken out financially you will always be a part of the gained profits. As stated in the last update I have not been successful arranging the financing to remove any of you from the Pool. I have had commitments (verbal agreements) broken continually as I guess this is a bad time for seeking any type of financing in the world. I have a credible contact that is assisting me to complete this endeavor, but he too is experiencing a tightened wallet syndrome (tws). I can assure you that it will not be to long of a wait. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you exactly how long. I told Marcello in a meeting a few days ago that it looks like very soon but the commitment I have is the same commitment I had before.

You need to understand that the Pool is going forward and you have asked to leave early. There is no and was no forcible act put in to withdraw early. We all agreed that if anyone left funds in the Pool, that those funds were not to be called upon for a period of three years. I myself expected to see profits within the first year but as you know this did not happen. I have relayed a number of Pool payment dates that did not happen plus a number of Pool replacement payment dates that failed to take place as well. These failed proposals are disturbing to me as well as you. Nevertheless they are true communications that were shared and relied upon. That is apparently where the nervousness and mistrust started to appear. Whatever the reason I understand but understanding does not solve this dilemma.

It seems Marcello and Jeff who have been working tirelessly to date, have exhausted their efforts. They do not know what to say anymore as I am being filtered communications sent to them that I would not normally receive. I do not blame them. They get no more information than you. The only difference is they get it first and have to pass it on and hear the reactions. Quite frankly, that was the agreement but I guess everything has its limitations. I will now take over in the direct communication department through email.

So to wrap up these thoughts and where we go from here. The Pool is continuing and it is my opinion that those being bought out are making a mistake. You are going to leave meat on the table but it is your choice. Please do not entertain the thought of interest at this point. You are leaving early. What happens when you leave early on a GIC or RRSP? You lose money. You will be bought as soon as I arrange replacement funds for you. It could be in two weeks or it could be in two months. I have no obligation to do so but if you want out I will assist as buying you out now will be a terrific investment.

I will communicate every two weeks for as long as it continues. I will email Marcello and he can forward to you. My email is but I will not be reading any incoming mail. It is counter productive. You see I am on your side. I am not sure you realize this. No one has more to gain than me. I also have family involved who want out just as bad as you but I am not letting them out. They made a commitment and I am holding them to it. They will thank me when the profits start to roll.

The Pool has an obligation to perform within three years or repay the funds that were invested. The three years is up in April 2004. Your downside will be the funds invested will be returned no later than April 2004. It is my position to take you out of the Pool ASAP. Let me work without interruption and it will happen sooner than you think.

These are the facts. They will be followed. I hope to have your funds reacquainted with you in a matter of a few weeks. Thank you for your time. Next update, April 18, 2003.

Jordan Bionda


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