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Sam and Charles Wyly - gee, wonder who did their tax planning???
Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011

Posted: 7/31/2010 10:46:43 AM

By: knightmare3000

because of these guys, I think it shall becomes increasingly difficult for anyone to go offshore for anything. also since the the Wyly's are Republicans, the Democrats are going to have a field day. fall out is that there shall be very very tough new regulations for any 'structured entity" offshore. in my own little corner of the world, I see the mounds and mounds of paper work, with W-9's filed for every step of the way, needed for just a simple discretionary account ( i.e. similar to a managed account or an account in which the bank does all the trades for you without your control; you sign over a power of attorney for them to act as your agent on all transactions,etc) in a tax neutral country like Denmark. 'tis a pity. going offshore used to be something good. now its like an albitross.c'est la vie

Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011

Posted: 7/31/2010 8:37:24 AM

By: David Marchant

One of the remarkable aspects of this case is that, even though they are billionaires, the Wylys' initial offshore structures were set up by, essentially, the used-car dealers of the offshore world, namely David Tedder and Keith King, both of whom have been charged with criminal offenses in the past.

Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011

Posted: 7/31/2010 7:52:54 AM

By: Maybe govn't reviewed Chatzky CDs

Maybe government was able to view all of information on CDs allegedly stolen from the office of Michael G. Chatzky.

Internal Administrator
Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011
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Posted: 7/31/2010 7:40:43 AM

By: Hunter

This is one I'm really glad to see!!! Spent many a year wondering if authorities would let this one get away.

Billionaire Brothers Long Suspected of Fraud

Link to NY times article

Link to SEC Litigation Release

Link to Complaint


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