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Criminal Complaint Nicholas Smirnow (Pathway to Prosperity or P-2-P)
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Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011
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Posted: 9/25/2010 8:20:56 AM

By: Hunter

Link to Criminal Complaint of Nicholas Smirnow. This is the Canadian citizen who ran Pathway to Prosperity or P-2-P.

You may need to refresh your browser after loads if first few pages don't show up.

Now before you read the Criminal Complaint. Take a guess as to how long scheme ran, number of investors, and amount taken in. Here are some choices.

1. 13 months, 10,000, $5M
2. 8 months, 15,000, $20M
3. 24 months, 40,000, $70M
4. 18 months, 20,000, $15M

I would never have guessed the correct answer. I cheated and read the Criminal Complaint first. I used to post about these kinds of HYIP programs all the time but figured no one really paid much attention or cared because the programs were small-time with a few seasoned pyramid-type investors. Boy howdy was I wrong about the small-time part and few investors part.

If Forbes put out a list of illegal-richest, you would see the drug lord types, illegal arms dealers, Madoff types, etc. After reading this Criminal Complaint, I wonder if some of these HYIP scammers would make such a list.


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