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Spongetech - Clearview International and Double-U Trading shares
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Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011
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Posted: 11/10/2010 5:15:39 PM

By: Hunter

Link to Declaration of Charles C. Davis, Jr.

This is from SEC v. Spongetech Delivery Systems Inc, RM Enterprises International Inc., Steven Y. Moskowitz, others

Beginning in approximately April 2007, Spongetech and its principals began to make public statements that the fledgling company was finally taking off, pointing to millions of dollars in orders it claimed to have received from an entity
that would distribute its product in South America called, variously, "SA Trading Group Corp.," "SA Trading," or "SA Trading Company" (hereinafter "SA Trading"). (See Exhibit C annexed).

Using contact information, provided to the investigative staff by Spongetech's principals and its then counsel, the staff was unable to verify the existence of the five alleged foreign customer companies.

The investigative subpoenas sent to those companies were delivered to what turned out to be virtual offices that had
recently been set up by a Spongetech consultant, George Speranza ("Speranza"), a defendant in this action.

As of October 13,2009, based on transfer agent records I have reviewed, there were 2,999,984,950 authorized and outstanding shares of Spongetech. (See Exhibit P annexed).

Through RM Enterprises and other related entities who share a business address with RM Enterprises, Spongetech distributed approximately 2.5 billion of its shares into the public market in unregistered transactions. (See Exhibits S & T

Restricted shares of Spongetech, distributed to RM Enterprises and other affiliates, were further distributed without restrictive legends pursuant to attorney opinion letters, many from Joel Pensley ("Pensley") and Jack Halperin ("Halperin").

For example, during July and August 2009, RM Enterprises received $8,207,750 from an entity named Acacia Investors LLC in twenty-six separate wire transfers. Brokerage records and transfer agent records I have reviewed show that Acacia
was one of the largest beneficiaries of Spongetech' s distribution of shares. Acacia received Spongetech shares through RM Enterprises, and its affiliates,
AIT Capital, Asset Management and Wesley Equities. (See Exhibits S & T annexed).

For another example, on June 25,2009, Spongetech issued 21,000,000 restricted shares to Wesley Equities. (See Exhibit MM annexed). Four days later, using an attorney opinion letter from Halperin, those shares were re-issued by the transfer
agent as unrestricted shares to Clearview International Investments, an Israeli nominee company that I learned, from a 2007 Department of Justice press release, was implicated in an international money laundering scheme. (See Exhibit NN &
00 annexed). Clearview International Investments sold those shares for approximately $2,310,000 ($0.11 per share) and wired $1,679,985 ($.08 per share) from a Canadian bank account back to Wesley Equities. (See Exhibit PP annexed). Upon receipt of the wire, Wesley Equities immediately transferred
$1,654,985 to RM Enterprises via intra-bank debit memo. (See Exhibit PP annexed).

For another example, on June 25,2009, Spongetech issued 21,500,000 shares to AIT Capital. (See Exhibit QQ annexed). Within one week, on June 29,2009, using an attorney opinion letters from Halperin, those shares were re-issued by the
transfer agent as unrestricted shares to Double U Trading, an entity in the Virgin Islands. (See Exhibit RR annexed). Double U Trading sold those shares for approximately $2,365,000 ($0.11 per share) and then wired a total of$I,719,985
($0.08 per share) back to AIT Capital on July 2,2009. (See Exhibit SS annexed).
The wire from Double U Trading originated from the same Canadian bank account as that of Clearview International Investments. (See Exhibit PP annexed). Upon receipt ofthe wire, AIT Capital immediately transferred $1,675,000 to RM Enterprises via intra-bank debit memo. (See Exhibit SS annexed).


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