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Colleen Thomas Alien Fraud Anti-Tax Leader
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Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011
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Posted: 4/4/2011 11:38:42 AM

By: Unwanted Publicity Intelligence

Something about a woman.

Sexpot or not, outerspace alien 'contactee movement' leader Colleen Thomas - seen ( with her clothes 'on' ) interviewed by several news broadcasts - pitches a new 21st century fraud to her 60,000 followers of 'anti-tax', 'anti-government' and now 'anti-Homeland Security' too.

Trending her own broadcasts now from an upper middle class home in the suburbs of northern California ( where else, but! ), Colleen Thomas delivers a host of the old 'anti-tax' rhetoric and anti-government Big Brother theory sloganeering, but with a new twist; adding her own sexy new flairs.

Amongst a host of claims, Colleen Thomas claims that big tall handsome men and women - adorned in flowing Grecian-like robes, blonde hair, and more than just anatomicaly correct ( in every way imaginable ) are here from outerspace to take everyone away-from planet Earth. Sound cool?

Well, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security isn't buying the diatribe of Colleen Thomas when she warns her followers away-from national emergency preparedness agencies like FEMA, DHS and others of the U.S. government providing health and safety tips to all Americans young and old.

Colleen Thomas videos advise her followers to track only with her instructions claiming a 'higher authority' ( space people ) and not the U.S. government, adding that 'they' ( U.S. government official authorities ) are only out to lock everyone up in cages underground during a national emergency.

But, 'when'? Well that's the catch, because while Colleen Thomas predictions come and go - with every major breaking news broadcast - other people's money ( OPM ) keep flooding in-to her numerous bank accounts filling from her fraudulently based promises she claims are designed to 'benefit everyone'.

So, what's the problem?

While Colleen Thomas continues using 'her personal charms' to ply an older audience of predominantly 'old geezers', men of whom draw only 'social security' as their sole source of income and means of basic living, she openly admits 'flaunting sex' for just that purpose, cultivating a growing audience of followers whom "want to believe" the "Truth Is Out There," but can't see the forest for the trees of fraud Colleen Thomas keeps sticking in their face, and unfortunately ( for the old geezers ) Colleen Thomas is 'not the truth' nor the 'light' for 'everyone' as she claims.

So, what hasgovernment got to say about the alien 'contactee movement'?

A recent report names a few previous 'contactee movement' leaders, members, 'financial losses', 'deaths', plus a real up-close and personal view at Colleen Thomas shocking her audiences as only she knows how infamously to do ( below ):

Homeland Security Trends Sexy Alien Contactee Movement

Submitted for review and commentary by,

Unwanted Publicity Intelligence




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