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Alliance Stars
Unwanted Publicity Intelligence
Posted: Wednesday, August 24, 2011
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ALLIANCE STARS USA INC. [ 6000 S.W. 64th Avenue, Miami, Florida, USA ], ALLIANCE STARS GROUP LTD. [ 27 Haazmaut Street, Herzliya / Herzlia, ISRAEL ], ALLIANCE STARS DEUTSCHLAND AG [ Europa Center, 130-G, D-10789, Berlin, GERMANY ], GLOBAL ALLIANCE STARS and GLOBAL A.S. entities believed led by Michael G. Herzog, M.D. / PhD were amidst a myriad of diversified investment opportunities ( offered to prominent international individuals ), curious investor business relationships with former high-ranking military officials ( USA and Greece ), plus a unique relationship with the Central Intelligence Agency ( CIA ) former Director of Central Intelligence ( DCI ) James Richard Woolsey saw ALLIANCE STARS INC. ( Miami, Florida, USA ) mentioned surrounding 'debt instruments' to cover legacy Czech Republic and Czech Republic company debts owed Russia ( CIS ). Excerpt of the aforementioned Czech Republic article translated into English ( below ):

- - - -

Source: RUSKII VOPROS / JOTA PUBLISHERS ( Czech Republic )

Circa: January 2001

Debt Good Turn Deserves Another Russia Promises Retribution Of Czech Debts
Elena Kiseleva 

In early March [ 2001 ] the Audit Chamber of Russia began reconciling external debt of Russia to the USSR debt to former socialist countries, estimated at $14,000,000,000 billion despite, and despite a lack of dramatic statements, negotiations with these former Soviet Union socialist republic countries are no easier than with the Paris Club. Of course, auditors are interested in Russia's debt to the Czech Republic, more than $3,500,000,000 billion from the manner in which the debt is settled issue for the future of Russia - Czech relations.

How should the Czech Republic repay debts with Russia recognizing,"We have no disagreement with the Czech side estimated value of the debt," said the Russia Finance Ministry, which however, declined to specify the total amount of the debt. 

According to Czech Republic sources, the Czech Republic state debt total owed Russia is about $3,240,000,000 billion, plus another $330,000,000 in Czech Republic company debts. 

In comparison, Russia's foreign debt ( during the middle of last year ) was estimated at more than $173,000,000,000 billion that included the former Soviet Union debt account ( almost $98,000,000,000 billion ) and included $14,000,000,000 billion in former Soviet socialist republic ( USSR ) countries debts. 



But beyond all the promises went the American entity ALLIANCE STARS INC. In exchange for state guarantees of the Czech side of $500,000,000 million for the period, it promises the Czech Republic after 14 months to pay $2,000,000,000 billion ( from $2,500,000,000 billion ), i.e. 80% of Russia debt. For this ALLIANCE STARS INC. intends to attract a buyer of debt of Russia, finished frozen in the bank agent $500,000,000 million if 14 months ALLIANCE STARS INC. will not get from the Russia side paid at least the first $500,000,000 million ( say, due to legal defects in 'debt instruments' ), the contract is terminated, and the guarantee and the guarantee of return. 

What disturbs not only the absence of any information about this company [ ALLIANCE STARS INC. ] - except that it is registered in Florida - is the fact that talks with Russia Finance Ministry assumes the buyer of the debt. If it can not sell on the Russia side, it is obliged to pay compensation ALLIANCE STARS INC. in a $400,000,000 million is possible that this explains so generous promises from this company: net aggregate amount of income of the Czech budget of $1,865,880,000,000 trillion or 74.64 % of the Russian debt. 

Which of the proposed projects to eliminate rossyiskogo debt will be implemented, time will tell. In the meantime, the implementation of each of them has its obstacles - the capabilities of the Russia budget to demands from Russia to sign a framework agreement on military-technical cooperation. One thing is clear - to create a normal good-neighborly relations between our countries need to issue debt has been settled. 



- - - -

Information surrounding any and/or all 'debt instruments' either arranged by and/or through the ALLIANCE STARS organization and/or any subsidiaries, affiliates, associates, promoters, brokers, government regulators or individuals is sought.

Thank you.

Unwanted Publicity Intelligence





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