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Richard Arthur Pundt – Indictment dismissed
Posted: Wednesday, October 26, 2011
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 Back in 2007, Richard Pundt was indicted for his alleged involvement in a HYIP program (or prime bank program).  The indictment alleged Richard Pundt was a broker or intermediary.  Ronald Nolte was the alleged Fed Trader.  

 Others indicted were:    

John Brent Leiske  

Paul R. Martin  

Alex Chelak,  

William Joseph Ferry  

Ronald J. Nolte  

Dennis J. Clinton   

Brad Keith Lee  

Link to Indictment  

 Link to Order Dismissing Indictment against Richard Arthur Pundt 

Comment from article about case:  

Link to article that appeared Sept. 29, 2011 in OCWEEKLY     

According to multiple sources with knowledge of the case, top-level DOJ officials met in a closed-door Washington, D.C., session and decided to release Pundt. He held a press conference in Iowa, declared himself "completely exonerated" and thanked U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder for intervening. At the event, he said nothing more about the existence of a government-sanctioned, hidden economy.  

(Pundt declined the Weekly's request to explain his beliefs on the topic.)  

 DOJ officials claim the "new circumstances" that came to their attention are state secrets. That part of the Tarpinski file has been sealed. Not even the lawyers for the remaining defendants know what information it contains.  








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