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Jack Kronis a.k.a. Jack Lewis now hawking phony diamonds
I. FoundKronis
Posted: Thursday, November 22, 2012
Joined: 11/22/2012
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Previous posts here have had victims of stock swindler Jack Kronis desperately seeking his whereabouts. Kronis however is usually 1 step ahead of them. Not this time. About 1 month ago (October 2012) I was fired from a company called Devonshire Diamonds because I couldn’t work with the very same convicted boiler room, recovery room, stock scammer. I couldn’t help ribbing him about being too hot for the stock biz and had to find a new scam. I suppose my attitude in general to the whole operation was not so great. The owner of Devonshire – Cheryl Bidner (or Cheryle Binder or Cheryl Resnick…not sure what her actual real name legaly is) claimed to me the companys on the up and up but what I saw there gave no indication of that. Mark ups on $500 “colored diamonds” past the $6000 point and the “LOADER” Kronis selling stones the company paid about $5000 for for almost $100,000 – NAUZEATING!   

But this is about Kronis, who like most of the salespeople there work under an alias. Jack was last using “Jack Kay”…like Jack K. – get it? Like a fish to water he’s ripping off unsuspecting seniors and naïve North Americans (Canada & USA) with this overpriced crap that god only knows if there even diamonds. He also sells customers (for tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars) on the idea of buying jewelry to sell in “auctions” which are actually trade shows where nothing ever sells AND in completely bogus auctions that don’t exist, never take place and even if they did – who would buy a $50,000 diamond ring you can buy at Costco or Birks for $4500??????? 

So where is he? In his office everyday at 120 Eglinton Avenue East, Suite #600, Toronto, Ontario M4P 1E2. To keep things confusing the owner (Cheryl / Cheryle??) operates this business under many names and websites all with the same bogus info & Eglinton address except different suite numbers??? Click links to check contact pages – COMPANY NAME #1 Devonshire Diamonds - COMPANY NAME #2 Devonshire International - COMPANY NAME #3 Capital Colored Diamonds -  

Suite 201...Suite 600...Suite 600A???? Something is fishy as I can tell you they don’t had an office in Suite 201 – I went and checked???? How long till Kronis is secretly calling his “suckers / clients” as Jack Lewis again with offers for the crappy gems/diamonds with foreign buyers in Belgium, Taiwan or wherever...needing huge security deposits? Hmmm I wonder??? Can't say no one told u now



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