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Kevin Daniel Moore £ 300-K Donations For?
Unwanted Publicity Intelligence
Posted: Monday, February 4, 2019
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GoFundMe of The Kevin Moore Show ( UK ) host ( Kevin Daniel Moore ) seeking £ 300-K in Donations for recent 'prank' production activities in America begs a few questions, such as: "When do multiple international case instances of blatant self-admitted public slandering and stalking demand 'donations'?"
Recent personal admissions from Kevin D. Moore proves he purposely moved to Amsterdam to avoid being prosecuted by a United Kingdom criminal court prosecution for operating two ( 2 ) foreign businesses; one, experimenting with underage child pornography whilst the other distributed hard to obtain high-tech computer software avoiding certain Internet restrictions surrounding motion picture film televised broadcast production relatives of sex and sex toys along with males and females having just barely reaching statutory age 18 ( adulthood ).
YouTube appears to be televised broadcast platforms for numerous curious activities of Kevin Moore who initially disavowed previous involvement with, both:
- Central Banking; and,
- Financial Services.


Companies House archived records, however, proved otherwise as the 'same' Kevin Daniel Moore actually held a board member vested position as Director, earlier claiming its intended line of business focus reflected an officially listed SIC pertaining to matters of indeed 'Financial Services' together with 'Central Banking'.


Besides an addotional thirty-two ( 32 ) Companies House officially registered businesses, Kevin Moore admitted having indeed signed as the listed Director for his company named JUST 18 LIMITED and went on YouTube publicly explaining  it as pornographic as well as detailing he moved from his residence in the UK in-to a home near Amsterdam because unlike the United Kingdom, "Amsterdam provided a legitimate venue" for his high technology software spectrum of enterprising pornographic tools.

There is more going on with Kevin Moore who recently begain claiming already "spent" funds for "two" ( 2 ) filmed "Documentaries" for which he seeks to "recover" for himself by publicly seeking donations of 300,000 British Pounds Sterling.

I know U.S. Secret Service Foreign Branch is and has been too overwhelmed with more important 'fraud fish to fry-up' in-to prison punishment so, what ( if anything ) can be done - if not in America ( where he recently escaped California in December 2018 ) - then 'where' and by 'whom'?


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