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An improved scam...dont be fooled :):)
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Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011
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Posted: 11/14/2002 10:17:17 AM

By: Cyrille Emery

me to introduce that I am senator Bola Cokers, a member of senatorial council in Ogun State constituency of National Assembly and as well the Chairman of the Contract Advisory Committee of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I write to solicit your interest in the business transaction that will be beneficial to you and I. And I must inform you that this transaction is not one of those numerous scams that would require you to make ANY UPFRONT PAYMENTS; NOTE, that we do not require any financial contribution from you to actualise this transaction,all we need is your partnership. Infact, I must notify you that the Federal Government of Nigeria is well posted about the menace of scams in the world at large in which some unscrupulous organisations are disseminating informations from one transaction to the other through their email propositions, of which aim is to satisfy their selfish interests.These scam organisations however,have now discredited Nigeria abroad by violating the established trust between Nigeria and the foreign contractors/investors like you and thereby deprive Nigeria of their much expertises in the current economic development taking place in Nigeria. Due to this illicit transactions being perpetrated by these scam organisations, in our efforts to restore the credibility of Nigeria abroad once again,the Federal Government of Nigeria has now alerted the various disciplinary authority both at home and abroad on this issue,to ensure that they to put to justice any organisation tracked and found engaging into such fraudulent practises. However,in connection to our scam control efforts,the Central Bank of Nigeria has now stipulated some safety precautions to be taken by all foreign investors/contractors abroad so as to help us dismantle these scam networks at all level.The following are the tips to guide you:

- Do not give out your bank account for any illicit transaction.

- Do not issue any blank cheque in favour of any organisation.

- Do not participate in any kind of money transfer that is not legitimate

Actually, concerning the proposed transaction to you, I must inform you that this transaction is innitiated by UNITED NATIONS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME in their efforts to help developing countries like Nigeria to embark on many capital projects,so as to foster her economic developments and thereby reduce the level of poverty in Nigeria. The rate of poverty in Nigeria is very high and in an attempt to reduce this level of poverty, that is the utmost reason why this transaction is being carried out. And in connection to this transaction however, as an elected Chairman of the Contract Advisory Committee of Nigeria, base on the power conferred on me by the Federal Government of Nigeria to actualise this transaction on their behalf, all the necessary and confidential documentations supporting the legitimacy of this transaction will be shown to you in due course during the process of this transaction. As a result of urgent attention this transaction demands, in term of the urgent contributions of Foreign expertise like you towards the actualisation of this transaction however,that is the thrust why this proposition is being extended to you to seek your interest.

Concerning the above transaction,several Committees have been created and the Federal Government of Nigeria has now categorised the projects/contracts under the following sectors: Agriculture, Transportation, Communication, Education,Information and Technology, Aviation,Housing,Health and Development and others. In connection to these projects however, the Federal Government of Nigeria has received the credits of USD$ 2.6 billion dollars in various currencies from International Development Association (IDA) towards funding of the above projects and to actualise the above projects the sum USD$50million Dollars have been tagged for Foreign Contractors only who will invited to bid from any of the above projects by open tender.To participate in the bid however,we shall need to present your company to the National Contract Approval Board of Nigeria (being the only body that approves any major capital project/contract in Nigeria) and you shall then put forward an application to bid for any of the pending projects through us and we shall then present your company as our foreign partner with the local subsidiary in Nigeria. Once an application is forwarded to the Board by your company to bid for any of the projects,my duty will then be that of the lobbyist. I shall guide the process of the contract bid to ensure that the contract is awarded to your company and all the necessary documentation concerning the contract bid shall be done at my ends so as to meet the STIPULATED requirements of the Board. WHAT WE STAND TO GAIN ONCE THE CONTRACT IS AWARDED TO YOUR COMPANY?

It is imperative to know that in Nigeria,most foreign contracts now attract %30 profit margin and the contract we intend to bid for with your support is valued at $USD50 million dollars and together as partners we are prepared to make the sum of $USD15MILLION dollars as profit upon completion of the projects and the period of bidding and processing for any of the projects is only allowed for within 8 weeks.

However, your company's efforts to bid for this projects, by actualising this transaction together as partners,will attract to your company a further accreditation by the Federal Government of Nigeria in the area of being listed as one of the foreign contractors in Nigeria that must be invited yearly to participate in bidding and as well in implementation of any future projects. In as much we would like you to ponder on our proposal to you, it is imperative that I inform you that time is of essence since the Federal Government of Nigeria has directed the National Contract Approval Board of Nigeria to start the bidding of those projects as from October 30, 2002. I would require you to show your interest via a return email soonest so that I can be comfortable enough to furnish you with further information on the proposed and pending projects.

The issue of confidentiality forms the bedrock of this transaction, please endearvour to keep this transaction to your good self alone since we shall not welcome any form of intrusion. While expecting your immediate response. Thanks.

Yours senator Cokers (ofr)


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