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1 st Amendment Rights! Stop at Slander and Defamation
Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 2/15/2003 12:10:03 AM

By: David S. Lesperance

Dear Sir: Sorry for being obtruse, but you seem very angry about something. However, when I read your post, although I recognize the handle "Hunter", I don't recognize your name or the topic you are discussing. A bit of background may be helpful.

David S. Lesperance

Internal Administrator
Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011
Joined: 10/12/2010
Posts: 5780

Posted: 2/14/2003 8:15:53 PM

By: Manipulation of the Truth/ Hunters M/O

If any one has a legal objection to Hunter61 and the slander and malicious posts her email administrator is below.

It is sad that Hunter and the rest of the trolls under the bridge won't come out and put their information on the net. He who has nothing to fear will show his face and true motives. I tend to agree that although many are not what they seem this board and the Dilizinger Board have become malicious tools of a certain few.

If your going to repost anything Repost this below DNS tracking sequence


Domain Name..........
Creation Date........ 2000-01-30
Registration Date.... 2002-12-18
Expiry Date.......... 2005-01-30
Organisation Name...., Inc. (JOHNDOES-DOM)
Organisation Address. 9790 SW Pembrook Street
Organisation Address. _
Organisation Address. Portland
Organisation Address. 97224
Organisation Address. OR
Organisation Address. UNITED STATES

Admin Name........... Les French
Admin Address........ 9790 SW Pembrook Street
Admin Address........ _
Admin Address........ Portland
Admin Address........ 97224
Admin Address........ OR
Admin Address........ UNITED STATES
Admin Email.......... barter@LESFRENCH.COM
Admin Phone.......... 503-639-4334
Admin Fax............ 503-639-4795

Tech Name............ Domain Administrator
Tech Address......... PO Box 3895
Tech Address......... _
Tech Address......... Englewood
Tech Address......... 80155
Tech Address......... CO
Tech Address......... UNITED STATES
Tech Email...........
Tech Phone........... +180.14370220
Tech Fax............. _
Name Server.......... NS1.SECURE.NET
Name Server.......... NS2.SECURE.NET

(In reference to the DNS above this was given to to repost but conveniently did not due it I wonder why?)
Did it hit a nerve?

This is Hunters61 MO Slant the truth and throw every ones name together and what do you get. The Conspiracy Theory and complete disinformation I'm suprised you never reposted this message as you have the others.

The post below wether it be right or wrong confirms that what you are doing will come back and be your Karma to live with!

Subject: 1st Amedment Rights stop at slander & defamation!
Posted By: Investrman - Registered User
Posted At: (2/8/03 10:00:13 pm)


Whomever you idiots are who relish at manipulating real text documents and reposting altered documents over the Internet have no rights under the 1st Amendment when it comes to purposeful attack and criminal intent on another party as you are doing!!

Your facts and postings ARE NOT real and HAVE BEEN altered from any myself or my company entities may have ever sent I assure you. Give me your fax number and we will gladly fax them or scan them to yourself so you can see with your real eyes the real original documents. You are such a fool!

Your freinds' postings of some supposed "arrest warrant" is the most ridiculous of all, as it is obvious that document is pasted and put together when one looks at it. In fact, when we were notified of this Internet posting, our offices contacted Mr. Michael Warren, Atty. in Colorado Springs, CO. to this event; as he is a well known criminal Attorney in CO who even wrote a lot of "case laws" over the years, and he has been asked to proceed forward in finding out who or what has been allowed to obtain such information and manipulate its text as you have over the Internet. That case number, which does not exist and was cancelled in a lot of past paperwork confusions & misfilings in the Teller County court system (Cripple Creek, CO.) some years back AND was handled by Mr. Michael Warren, so he is the man who will be able to admit whether this is real or a forged document, and attempt to attack myself and my company. Do you wish to start defaming this Attorney and his law firm now that they are frauds and that you have the real documents and truth about someone you do not even know?

Also, who said anything about taping phone conversations? This is more made-up accusations by yourself as we never spoke to each other, though I have offered many times. We do not know who you really are as you use false names and pseudonames and hide, giving no manner to contact. Besides, have you not heard of the expanded allowances now given the authorities to tape ANYONE if there is any concern over terrorism or acts against the USA in any manner or by context of the words in such transmissions to other people? Would it be of interest to you that I even know Tom Ridge and he used to be one of my neighbors when I lived in PA? Many of my clients in a past business enterprise were very close personal friends of Tom too. So, what does that matter to you or anyone else on the Internet? It is NONE of your business!

Perhaps you and your clonies are such terrorists-in-the-making or hate the USA? Well, are you? You surely like to attack people without their knowledge whom you do not know, state blatant lies and accusations to their persons, nor show any truthful facts to what you claim gives you the right to attack honest, hard working people in the disgustingly defaming mannerism which you continue to do.

You are afraid to call and speak to myself or my legal people when offered. You continually post hateful, damaging remarks and never reveal yourselves for the losers you people are.

Why do you do such negative attacks on good people? What you call "rights" and what your "actions" show, are two diametrically opposite things. You act insane and definitely have mental troubles and I have warned you and the Board Administrators before about allowing persons to post unsubstantiated materials without any 100% factual basis as is the situation with this board.

Perhaps some of "Big Brothers Eyes" ought to start giving you and your friends a closer look on these boards, monitor your transmissions, as this has been going on for many months, and I am sick & tired of your attacks on my person, family, and business when we do not even know who the hell you are! This is ILLEGAL Sir, and you can pay a good Attorney to tell you, what you have been orchestrating and trying to do, not only to my company but others out there too, goes out of bounds as far as 1st Amendment Rights! And remember, my 2nd Amendment Rights ALLOW me a reason to defend my 1st Amendment rights whenever it involves any act of violence geared or portrayed against my person, property or my family members if we feel threatened by those actions!

This is your LAST WARNING to cease & desist these attacks!

Steve Lackovic, President
Venture Consulting, Inc.
828-687-2927 office
828-650-9733 fax

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 2/15/2003 8:19:51 AM

By: Probably Michael Atwood Warren

Repost from Diligizer which about Lackovic's attorney.


I think Lackovic's attorney's name is Michael Atwood Warren. He is probably not Tedder's buddy, who has a different middle initial. This attorney represented a Steven Lackovic in a number of legal proceedings in Teller and El Paso Counties, Colorado.

Lackovic's nonsense about his right under the 2nd Amendment (probably the "right to bear arms" rather than the "right to form a militia") to defend himself against your alleged overstepping of first amendment rights appears to be a threat of physical violence. I have followed the boards for some time, and this is the first I've seen of that element. Take care!

Happy Hunting,


Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 2/15/2003 2:31:13 AM

By: Coming out of the woodwork

I haven't paid too much attention to the threads like the following one at the Diligizer board but I think this person sends posters email messages and when they are posted he claims they have been modified.
Link to thread at Diligizer:

Maybe there is something in the water that some posters at this board are drinking or they are just playing tag team but they do seem to be coming out of the woodwork. Last week I was put on the Patriot Watch List. Then there was this comment in a post to me at the OBNR board:

"Your emails were tracked and your not as invisble as you think you are. History will catch up with those making waves and it is not always the outcome you would want or imagine"

That was topped off with the Karma post and now this. If the attorney mentioned in the post by Lackovic is the real estate guru Michael T. Warren then the last letter I saw threatening legal action from Michael T. Warren was written by David Hampton Tedder. In my opinion that would be a good pick from someone like Lackovic.

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 2/15/2003 12:24:47 AM

By: Sooltauq

That's "Investrman"

Or this little gem:

Or this one involving gems:

Or this one:

"FOREX is dealing with currency trnasactions only, and many new "programs" have started up as FED limits were reduced to eneable lower income participants at USD$ 5,000.00 minimum intervals to participate in some fashion."


But, before we go much further, tell us:

(1) Whether you are in North Carolina, per your indication of the 858 area code?

(2) Whether you are engaged in the securities or financial services business? and if so,

(3) Whether you are registered with the NASD and your state's securities department, or what other licenses do you or your company hold?

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 2/15/2003 12:11:01 AM

By: Sooltauq

Is this you soliciting investments in HYIPs?

From with the name "Investerman":

There seems to be some misunderstanding and/or mis communication here from these first few Posters. First, I do not know Yeti Man, but he has sent myself and posted numerous times it seems against others or almost defaming them in some manner which leads me to believe he is some broker at best.

Now, HYIP is a misused word which is broad: Anything which gives back higher yields is a HYIP in general terms. Savings accounts, purchasing CD's, trading securities, bonds, etc. etc. etc. It is how people imply these letters that is the scam. There are many higher level private and/or inner bank transactional processes that can and do occur, however, strict compliance is required and there is "structuring" which the Investor must have in place once accepted privately meeting with the Trader/Officer thereafter. This is NOT meant publicly nor ever intended for just anyone and why compliance & bank acceptance is required, or else you are pissing in the wind in all honesty.

Out of the ongoing business operations, for instance, my company performs for global project funding & consulting services, I personally have secured direct relationships which can help real private Investors or Corps. privately seeking the same goals, which I referr or guide them to, but it is a Principal to Principal endeavor once required documentation is in order. NO EXCEPTIONS. NO middleman for me to mess with in any case. Everything depends on the particular Investor, what they desire, and proceeding forward from there.

Nobody can please the masses or everyone at anytime. But those who are serious, cooperative, and sophisticated enough to learn & understand always successd in the long run. Many fail because this is human nature at its best.

Contact me personally if you seek such matters, but I will not tolerate broker abuses which are at an all time high right now and being cracked down upon by authorities world wide. Don't waste my time, unless you are serious please.

Steve Lackovic, President
Venture Consulting, Inc.
(82 687-2927 ofifce
(82 650-9733 fax
(509) 562-7593 eFax
Investrman E-MAil


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