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Zwebner v. JDA saga continues
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Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011
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Posted: 7/5/2003 12:35:19 PM

By: Hunter

PORTLAND, Ore., Jul 3, 2003 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- A company known as "Universal
Communication Systems Inc." (UCSY), which quotes its chairman, Michael Zwebner,
recently issued a statement relating to the lawsuit between Mr. Zwebner, the
Anonymous Internet Foundation (AIF) - fka, John Does Anonymous Foundation
(JDAF), Mr. French, and others. UCSY has no connection or relationship to this
lawsuit, and the apparent effort by UCSY to promote itself on the basis of
misleading information is troubling to the AIF Board. The misleading nature of
UCSY's statement compels the Board to respond.

UCSY fails to point out that Mr. Zwebner requested damages in excess of
$18,000,000 ($18 million). The court denied all economic damages claimed by Mr.
Zwebner as unproven. Mr. Zwebner was denied attorneys' fees and costs, which he
reported to the court to be in excess of $160,000.

Carla Hohenhouse, an outside Director for AIF stated, "It is our belief that the
Foundation was (improperly) subject to a default order and was not permitted to
present evidence disputing Mr. Zwebner's claims. Nevertheless, a $50,000 default
judgment against the Foundation was entered for alleged `emotional distress.'
That judgment is being appealed by AIF attorneys. AIF, based on sound legal
information expects the default judgment to be reversed by the Ninth Circuit."

Prior to the release of this statement, the Foundation has never posted any
comment, publicly or privately, regarding Mr. Zwebner. Mr. Zwebner's lawsuit was
directed at a message post originally published by a third party (the London
based, Mail On Sunday newspaper) which appeared on a public bulletin board on
the Foundation's website. The Foundation is not a "perpetrator." The Foundation
made no "actions" relating to Mr. Zwebner.

UCSY and Mr. Zwebner should be cognizant that, as the Hon. Judge King pointed
out, a portion of the lawsuit which entails the claims asserted against Mr.
Zwebner for Mr. Zwebner's own false and defamatory internet postings, was
settled out of court, resulting in a stipulated injunction which limits Mr.
Zwebner's own speech activities.

Anonymous Internet Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to
anonymous free speech on the Internet. AIF's web site may be accessed at Questions relating to this lawsuit or the Foundation should be
directed by email to or

SOURCE: Anonymous Internet Foundation

CONTACT: For Anonymous Internet Foundation, Portland
Carla Hohenhouse, 912/727-3363

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