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Yet MORE Laissez Faire City info.
Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 10/26/2003 12:34:56 PM

By: informer

Hi Simon,
You really have a way with words...this latest update, wasn't as easy to follow as the other narratives you posted, but it was still informative and amusing. Are you still in Costa Rica? I have never really been certain what Mailvault was...could you elaborate. A finer bunch of associates would be hard to find....but, a wider selection to chose from in Costa Rica, it seems.

Was Roy Taylor any part of this fiasco?....are you still into computers?

Internal Administrator
Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011
Joined: 10/12/2010
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Posted: 10/25/2003 5:01:51 PM

By: Simon Jester

Privacy and security brought to you by the funniest clowns since the Keystone Kops! another LFC "insider" spinoff site
also runs
called Distributed City. They are looking for "High net worth Sovereigns", I wonder why? the joke site set up by Adam Selene to stall founders,
maybe not such a joke because they got all quiverchinned and weak kneed with gratitude over it. the excuse page, used to have a really nice section
telling people NOT to trust the security of Mailvault. Must have dawned on em that it would be hard to sell
when even the putative owners admitted it was a leaky piece of garbage. Took 5 servers to run? And it still failed, often.
Got something you want the whole world to know? Use Mailvault! The very hilarious admission of embezzlement and other
damaging statements.
For security _experts_ these guys are so far beyond bad that the light from bad is gonna take a year to get there.
They hired a IRS revenue agent to help them with security! Perhaps the fed can give them references?
It's not like they can use LFC as an example of good work ethic and skills.

Then there is Wolf DeVoon, a wannabe lawyer and his site, where he places himself alongside
some literary giants is a fascinating study in ego pathology. There has to be name for this disease but I can't stop laughing long enough to look it up. This site just begs for a student
shrink to write a thesis.

The soulful pictures of a luser who has left a trail of unpaid debts and broken promises are just too much!

Oh wait! I have some similarly soulful photos of Houston, before the cocaine stole his boyish looks.
There he sits, staring off into a future just filled with other peoples money. Brings a tear to your eye.
Anyone want to see them?
When compared to the after pics...excuse ME.. er.. wedding pictures taken last year. Well, the
antidrug program missed a sure thing when they passed these up. Talk about scared straight!

Screen shots of all these sites have been saved in case they "somehow" vanish. The Laissez Faire City programmers
just can't seem to keep anything up and running. It's a mystery.

Keep in mind that none of the real estate showed up on the audit and a ton of cash is missing too.
I wonder if the insiders have it buried in a backyard? Tempts me to grab a shovel and head
down to Nosara in Costa Rica, see what I could dig up!
Some of the insiders sure travel a lot, sometimes under false names. Homeland security seems not to be on top
of that. Or the money systems used for anonymous funds transfers, run from the middle east no less.
I bet some journalist could make a big stink over THAT!
I bet some journalist does!

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 10/28/2003 11:40:48 PM

By: Simon Jetser

Well, since the location of James Ray Houston is a total mystery to founders, as is the status of the DMT payout and so many other things, who can say what mistakes may be made?

Howard Huge, however, was correctly identified and has himself claimed to be a member of the semi masked BOG.
He posted WAY tooo much info on Mondumo and I was not gonna post it here but, hey, if it makes you happy, I will go dig it out and post all of the really juicy stuff. I do not have the archive but I know who does.
Other members of the BOG have been identified and all will be mentioned on Googled sites, often.

Too bad the insiders were not more forthcoming, and unfortunate that James Ray Houston has not lived up to his promise to repay the funds he STOLE from the ATM. Perhaps the incompetent virus oozing from the sweat of nervous LFC insiders is catching?

It must be, if you are using some twisted logic to claim that Lonestranger, Hunter, Auto, Ol Hap or any of those pursuing the matter is Houston. And none of us is Grabbe either. Read this one more time, as slow as you need to and move your lips if you must, we are HUNTING Houston. As well as others.

You can run, insider, but you can't do business without one of us
watching and posting, ever.
You COULD do a Taylor.
Or you can trot out Houston, get your sorry ass off the net and slink back to whatever slackjawed, inbred gene pool spat you forth.

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 10/28/2003 2:51:08 PM

By: Sniffer

It looks to me like you are a disinformation stooge.

You are (intentionally?) misidentifying Howard Huge. Using Internet search engines, a completely different Steve pops up (and it's not Randall Randall or any variant of it).

You are using at least as many pseudonyms as James Ray Houston was, and as sloppily and as deceivingly as he was (is?).

Now, WitchDoc/SimonJester/LoneStranger/auto22772/CitizenTed/boromir/...
who are you, really? Could you be... the man himself... nah...

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 10/27/2003 12:19:14 PM

By: Simon Jester

Shucky Darn!
I had hoped YOU knew of a connection between LFC and Taylor, because I suspect one.
Maybe too many cons ruin the scam?
I know that the email list of founders and other info on these low risk victims was passed around freely, some of them had fallen for several of the offshore/anonymous/privacy/libertarian scams and were reliable wallets.
Sealand wanted to take a try at finding any funds the founders might still have left.
Quite a few of the former LFC programmers (often called secret squirrels) are into that kind of thing. Once the felonies start to add up, the whole make your own country thing must look pretty attractive, eh?

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 10/27/2003 8:37:09 AM

By: informer

What do you mean "where did I hear the name Roy Taylor?" He is the scammer that shot himself in the bathroom of his offices in downtown SJ just recently. He was running quite a few scams in Costa Rica...none the least of which was the Vault. He was infamous, not a secret...just wondering if he was involved in the way, who is the "auditor?"

It is a common thread amongst con men to use the con past the initial introduction, to keep the faith...what else is there, certainly not your money!

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 10/27/2003 1:05:54 AM

By: Simon Jester

The REAL question is just WHOSE capital is the auditor using?

An auditor who "somehow" missed a lot of assets, or did he?

Having the auditor as the liquidator was another real smart business move, don't you think?

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 10/26/2003 7:58:14 PM

By: Simon Jester

My above post was just a continuation of the list of sites springing to life from the Laissez Faire City gang. , a forum set up _for_ founders to discuss these issues, has developed a bad case of censorship.
If one had a nasty suspicious mind, one MIGHT assume that exists only to keep founders silent, docile and passive with promises(unkept so far) of a distribution of DMT shares.

Much like the site, it has achieved that purpose.

The party line seems to be, no it was not a scam, just an unfortunate business plan, and even if it WAS a scam it is all the founders fault for not doing due diligence.
There was country and western song that sums it up.
"How could you believe me when I told you that I loved you, when you know I've been a liar all my life?"

Mailvault is a supposedly secure email system-
built by the Laissez Faire City programmers, see the previous posts. There was an IRS revenue agent on the staff of Laissez Faire City during the time this was built. This agent helped troubleshoot systems that the LFC security "experts" just could not figure out. And a bang up job he did too!
Surely no federal tax agent would stoop to a backdoor in a system used to move funds by a large group of tax evaders? By Saint Ayn of the holy Rand, that just would not be possible!, right?

Where did YOU hear the name Roy Taylor?

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 10/29/2003 4:49:43 PM

By: No BOG is right

Johann Gevers asks a trust lawyer in Costa Rica how to terminate the trustee and receiver, who were obstructing the audit; and the lawyer replies the dissolved board can. So he send an email to each previous board member, they reply affirmative; Mikhail Larguine and Lic Jose Gerardo Pacheco Guerrero are terminated.

There is the total, insider, behind the scenes account of the grand conspiracy by the masked BOG.

The *only* person involved in the LFCity dissolution is Johann Gevers, so why don't you contact him. He's never made a secret of his address, phone numbers, email address, credentials, or anything else.

I suspect most people don't know where old Jimmy Ray is because they don't want to talk to the asshole, so why don't you get off your fat sorry ass and go find him yourself. I'm sure he'll give you a half dozen more conspiracy theories about what really happened.

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 10/29/2003 12:17:45 PM

By: Sniffer , who is forcing you to look?

How could you mistake my concern for the welfare of Jamie Ray as anything sinister? The sick and friendless man who vanished , claiming to be pursued by phantom SEC officials in Costa Rica?
All of the LFC insiders denied any knowlegde, publicly, of where to find him. Several of Houston's formerly well paid friends claimed he married to get at the brides nubile daughter, that sort of thing often leads to domestic disturbances, if not worse.

I have stated often that I hope he lives a loooong time.
Did you miss the wedding pics on Grabbe servers? He did not look well at all. And Wolf DeVoon posted often that marrying a CR citizen or having a child born there (unlikely given Houston's health and the apparent age of the bride)makes one harder to extradite. Ah, true love, aint it grand?

Since you seem so.... suspiciously well informed and appear to have done so much thinking on the matter of how to find JRH, perhaps you could post a real email for founders and interested parties to explore your vast wisdom further?

Several LFC entities are known to be in the Santa Monica area.
See the posts by Auto concerning the LFC auditor/liguidator. Hank Walther is on the list of contacts and I imagine one or more of the interested parties will get around to contacting him. Would he accept service for Houston?

Yet another mystery is why, if it is so easy to find Houston, none of the insiders appear able to do so, concerned as they SAY they are for the founders and how ole Jamie Ray( the only bad boy involved) stole the money, they just could not stop him! Having a potential employer or client find that in a google on the former LFC gang has got to sting.

As for communicating with Houston, well, my view is he ,or his attorney, can get off their butts and start making payments and apologies and until then the issue stays public. No one is forcing you to follow this, Sniffer.

Having all the info posted, publicly, by you, is helpful and please do continue.
I am sure I do have some of it wrong, too bad none of the secret squirrels were forthcoming with the truth, or Houston with repaying the funds he stole. So I guess my muddled dense version is all that most people will ever know of Laissez Faire City.

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 10/29/2003 9:40:31 AM

By: Sniffer

WitchDoc (Jester),

I do find it difficult to actually believe that someone could be as dense as you try to appear to be, but maybe you are. It is far more likely that you have a hidden agenda. I've read the 'Editor's Note' on this site.

If you really want to find JRH, or just communicate with him, all the links are easy to find on the Internet. I pity those who fall for your smoke-screens. You point your finger at LFC, but it seems your problems are more directly connected to the personal actions of JRH. In one way or another...

It took me less than one hour to find out a lot more about the 'inner circle':

'Howard Huge' (Steve):

The whois information on identifies a family name.
With daring imagination, search Google, using 'Steve' as the first name. You will find a fairly likely match for who Howard Huge really is, although I'm admittedly not 100% sure. But, I have not found any other Steve with a lfcity email.

Anyway, Howard/Steve says he now lives in Nosara, Costa Rica.

So, check with Howard's neighbor, Wolf deVoon, also living in Nosara. "".

Since both 'Howard' and 'Wolf' stuck with JRH (at least) until the end, and with 'Howard' making at least $300,000 (doing what?) from JRH (as he said in his love letter to you,) both of them are fairly likely to know where JRH is now.

They do have telephones in Costa Rica, you know, and email...

Another track: you could ask the _real_ law man used by JRH.
"" gives the name "'Hank' W. Walther, attorney". Using '' a quite likely 'hit' is:

Walther Henry W Attorney At Law
2530 Wilshire Blvd


You _do_ know how to use a telephone, Witch?

You could also get in touch with Kansas City authorities to get
information about marriage licenses. JRH said he was married there, so the full name of his bride should be easy to get. Since she was Costa Rican, finding her in Costa Rica should not be that hard.

Then the real names of the old 'trustee' and the old 'receiver'
have also been published. The telephone is your friend, especially if you can speak Spanish... And they do have a kind of phone directory, I've been told...

So, come clean now. You have been exposed as a disinformation agent. If you had really wanted to find JRH, you would have done so by now.

Quote from you:
"Jimmie Ray is in CR? Not a shallow grave?
The you had best get him to paying bills and right quick about it too!"

Since you so easily issue barely veiled death threats, maybe David Marchant should start thinking about protecting himself. I'm think David can track you via the web logs.

Or are you just trying to cover the tracks?

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 10/29/2003 1:40:42 AM

By: No BOG has it wrong, again.

A direct cut and paste from the Laissez Faire City Founders Association-this page-
note the date!

11 March 2003

After the release of the provisional audit report, the Board of Oversight Governors (BOG) of the Laissez Faire City International Trust (LFCIT) on 20 December 2002 voted unanimously to terminate the incumbent Trustee, Mikhail Larguine, and the incumbent Receiver, Lic Jose Gerardo Pacheco Guerrero.

On 21 January 2003 the BOG voted unanimously to appoint Gray Wing as the Trustee for the remainder of the Liquidation, and Johann Gevers as the Liquidator of the LFCIT.

The contact email addresses for all matters pertaining to the LFCIT and its dissolution, including the distribution of DMT shares, are now as follows: Gray Wing, Trustee, LFCIT Johann Gevers, Liquidator, LFCIT

The PGP keys for these addresses are at the PGP Keys link. The address is no longer active.

In the process of dissolution of the LFCIT, the following matters remain:

1. The sale or abandonment of Mailvault

An announcement regarding the future of Mailvault will be posted on this site in the next few days. Parties interested in bidding for Mailvault should contact the Liquidator and Trustee immediately.

2. The completion of the ATM audit

The programmer responsible for the ATM audit will be completing his work very soon.

3. The reconciliation of the results of the ATM audit with those of the LFCIT audit

After the ATM and LFCIT audit results are reconciled, the final financial statements and audit report for the LFCIT will be authorized by the BOG and posted on this site.

4. The distribution of DMT shares

The LFCIT will liquidate its debts by paying its creditors from its holding of DMT shares. The final liquidation and distribution accounts of the LFCIT will be posted on this website.

The remaining balance of DMT shares will be distributed to Founders and warrant holders.

NOTE: Functionality will be added to this website to allow Founders to add, change, and manage their contact email addresses, and to inspect the balances (securities and currency) we have on record for them. This will allow you to update your email addresses yourself, and to notify us of any errors in your balances, so we can correct them ahead of the distribution of DMT shares.

If you are aware of Founders who have not been in touch with the Auditor during the past twelve months, please refer them to this website IMMEDIATELY, or their DMT shares will be apportioned among those for whom we have contact details (current email addresses). If you are reading this, you do NOT need to email me again. Just keep checking this website. Everything you need will be available on this website soon, including full details of how to claim your DMT shares.

Johann Gevers
[end quote]

If this is what the Laissez Faire City "insiders" consider soon,
gawdhelpus, what would later look like?

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 10/29/2003 1:27:03 AM

By: Ping Rose-care to enlighten this jerk?

What the fark is it to ya, insider?
Did I hit a nerve?

Jimmie Ray is in CR? Not a shallow grave?
The you had best get him to paying bills and right quick about it too!

And this calling for a civil suit, that certainly does not sound good for a libertarian OR a randroid. A bottle of Crawfords might settle you down.

Ask all 6 of your remaining brain cells to hold hands and wrap your head around this fact moron, Hunter, who has been on this board a looong time, spotted Adam Selene. Ol Hap, ditto, is keeping an eye on Grabbe. Lonestranger is the one who decided to go after Johann.

How many eyes are on you?

Sweet dreams.

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 10/29/2003 12:54:13 AM

By: No BOG

It's entertaining to watch WitchDoc/Simon/etc rant and rave about the "masked BOG", or the "mystery location" of Jimmy Ray.

This person is truly psychotic. After ranting about LFCity, she got bored and decided to pretend to be Russell Cline's ex-girlfriend, making even more psychotic rants about Orion/Russell. Hello Rose.

There is no "masked BOG", the emergency board formed in December 2001 lasted for all of 8 weeks, long enough to dissolve the trust and hand everything over to an auditor and receiver.

The location of Jimmy Ray is not a mystery. He's inevitably somewhere in Costa Rica, where he's been for the last umpteen years. Why don't you file a civil lawsuit in CR and claim restitution? Oh, because you didn't loose any money. You're just a senile widow with no life who like to "make believe" on Internet forums. How pathetic.

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 10/31/2003 12:14:52 PM

By: Simon Jester

Just an interesting take on things from one of the Sealand connections, and
interesting names are mentioned.
Email addresses removed because I will not aid spammers.
The emails with addresses intact are archived.


Dear Witch Doctor,

I regretably replied without masking that Jim forwarded the

Below is somethings of interest.

I was a founder, and one of the few who took an active contrary,
disruptive-but-balanced approach, which brought me lots of
correspondence with Big Ben and Midas. Also, I had some
correspondence with "Rex Rogers" before, which threw me as their
writing styles were quite different for someone to be the same
personage. Midas drawed upon me, and others, to ask about why Adam
Selene was turning against him ( a short non commital assessment I

I also had deep correspondence with some of the people behind the
scenes, and brought out glimmers of that in my posts. No one

Worst of all was the two first things that happened to me, some year
and half ago. First, I discovered that their bank code was wrong or
old in the 'Swift code' manual banks have. Lartigue eventually
checked it out but the City Clerk initial and post responses were
gastly, from terribly condesending waxing to fawning.

Then, when they did 'the dividend' for shares without a profit, to
the tune of 20%, and came out with the heavy guns in response when I
and another (Harry Gordon, who was soon to be transmorgified by a bad
short & Midas play into a zombie gofer, and I still consider him a
friend -- this info is confidential). Only person who ever wrote, to
my knowledge, in public/private acknowlegement of our discovery's
truth, was Robert Goldsmith.

Later, since my information pipeline was gaining behind the scenes,
Big Ben had a proposal that I submarine "George Gordon" with "Trusty
Tortoise's" help and the self confessed 900 lbs. eager gorrilla right
hand man of Midas. That was it, I couldn't stand it anymore.

I've had enough correspondence with Grabbe to put the reality into
him (a tech, and a player, one who was showing troublesome signs last
August of having a break -or breakdown - with Midas).

The newspaper guy, Dr. Steve, panned my revelation. He said such
incidents were passing, and the good would remain. This was last

And then there was Zeke Wisely, who we worked with together. He lives
in Costa Rica (or did) and did a lot of digging in only a few weeks,
with my and other's help, pronounced it all either a scam or a
religious excercise. I think it was mainly the later. Lots of
complaints of 'being delphied' March/May of 2001. Zeke interestingly
enough had had experience with software startups and was in his 60's
I think.

I warned February 2001 what was happening, and how ponzi schemes, no
matter what Midas had as far as deep pockets or good intentions, have
serious repercussions. No one listened. I did regrettably succumb to
the urge to see what was happening, thus I sent you the email.\\\\

We (Jim and I) have thought about contacting those investor/founders
about Sealand. I find it likely that unless we work through a proxy
the exercise will be counter proctive from a number of angles. Never
get involved with such an brough-ha-ha, especially after the balloon
has burst. Still, one never knows. That was an other aspect of me
wanting to check. Someone big (can't tell you who) told me there are
many groups out there. I don't spend much time on the internet,
especially now for, particularly for fairly bubblegum stuff, but I
thought the time was worth the effort. I think it was. Your
forward was interesting and short.

Only one line of questioning still sticks in my head:

I for one wonder why no one in the freedom groups brought out that
Midas was in reality "The Silver King" of Las Vegas. Midas told me
that he and famous libertarian, original PTer 'Harry Schultz' and he
(Midas) worked together with the factual "Texas dolts" of the Hunt
brother's as advisors in the silver play folly. Is it true that the
silver dealings in the US cost him a 3,000,000 USD fine? Was it in
the grey area? And if it was in the really shady side, why was the
group taken in so much to allow such a monstorous budding problem to
get out of hand? As I wrote a year and half ago, this will set back
the state of being a sovereign individual about 10 years if the ponzi
scheme explodes.

Anyway, if you have hard information, I would be interested in
hearing it.

I am busy as is Jim on the Sealand affair. Sorry if I come accross as
being rude.


Tim Holmes
[end quote]

Following email is from Jim Davidson

Dear Doctor,

I think Tim explains himself fairly well, although he does go on
a bit.

My explanation for copying Tim is simply that he and I are working
in concert on the Sealand Development Team. I can't afford to
leave him out in the cold, especially on things where he has a
unique insight.

As you may know, I chose to watch from the sidelines as the whole
Laissez Faire City thing unfolded. I didn't get involved when the
"business plan" was a copy of Atlas Shrugged with a new cover,
and no royalties to Rand's estate; I didn't get involved when
MailVault was compromising my friend Michael van Notten's private
e-mail; I didn't get involved when founder's shares were $6K;
and I'm not involved now.

People that I know and trust, Tim Holmes and John Kingman, were
involved through these various events. I noticed that it was not
all glowing reports from either of them. John invited me to come
down to Costa Rica many times, but I never felt comfortable with
that idea.

[end quote]

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 10/31/2003 12:27:10 AM

By: Sniffer is a fraud

Emails to sniffer's email bounce. That is sufficient to destroy his (or her) credibility.

Which also says that what SimonJester has been saying is sufficiently damaging to have incited a disinformation campaign.


Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 10/30/2003 1:51:26 PM

By: Simon Jester

Gee whiz sniffer, the .Gov email address you use(which is bogus) led me to believe you are just another asshole insider trying to intimidate the founders. Your crappy attitude seems so...familiar.

Since my hand is not in your pocket to steal your money and I am perfectly happy( delighted!) to have more skilled investigators provide help and info, I am at a loss as to why you ever expected me to be at your beck and call and do the work for you. I never claimed to be an expert, have been at this quite a while with no help from YOU.

If I, or you, were government agents , a REASONABLE person might hope that all this info would have been gathered a long time ago.
You damn near can't GET the fed to do any of this and no wonder. If the scams keep the more foolish of the libertarian, privacy etc. groups poor , unfocused and involved in truly stupid stuff like LFC then hey, they aren't ever going to be much of a problem.

My reasons, like all of MY actions have been what I said they were gonna be. For several years now, which makes me the most consistant factor in the whole mess. I don't like what was done, I am gonna hammer at it until the truth comes out and that is pretty much that. I do not require your approval or your blessing for this or anything else I do , say or think. Nor have I asked for it. In return, take this gift from me, my total indifference to your motives, politics, religion, opinions, appearance and or sexual orientation.

You can do a better job of finding LFC info? Fine, have at it. No one is stopping you, no need to waste your time acting like an insider here, go get em!!
I will post praise and Huzzah! just as soon as you do something.
Happy digging, good luck, godspeed and all that!

This entire forum, I am sure, is breathlessly awaiting the results of your superior investigatory skills.

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 10/30/2003 12:38:08 PM

By: Sniffer


I have my own reasons to do due diligence research on what resulted from LFC. Checking out your 'information' has been part of that research.

I have now found that I have wasted too much of my time following up on your disinformation, because that is what I have found it to be. I don't like being deceived and I have found you to be strangely deceiving.

I don't know (yet) why you are peddling garbage (I have my suspicions.) I do know now that you are of no use to me as a source for research info.

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 10/30/2003 6:52:29 AM

By: InterestedParty

Johann Gevers
1017 Second St Apt 101
Santa Monica, CA 90403-3620

Domain name: LFCFA.ORG

Administrative Contact:
Gevers, Johann johann at
1017 Second St Apt 101
Santa Monica, CA 90403-3620
(209) 254-9856
Technical Contact:
Gevers, Johann johann at
1017 Second St Apt 101
Santa Monica, CA 90403-3620
(209) 254-9856

Registrar of Record: TUCOWS, INC.
Record last updated on 18-Jun-2003.
Record expires on 31-Jul-2004.
Record Created on 31-Jul-2002.

Domain servers in listed order:

GEVERS.NET seems to have the same data and is registered
through (and is godaddy).

www.LFCFA.ORG redirects to www.LFCFA.COM (same WHOIS,
except for DNS by METROPIPE.NET), which gives an
interesting reading, introducing LFCGATE.COM and HUSH.COM.

METROPIPE.NET is bogus, *.METROPIPE.NET resolves to,
which is hosted at XS4ALL.

LFCGATE.COM bogus in CR, registered through,

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 10/29/2003 7:22:39 PM

By: Simon Jester

How hard would it have been to give this hot "inside" info , oh, say 6 months ago?

So the appointment of Graywing, Magdalena Donea was a smokescreen all along? I believe I have heard that said somewhere before. All this "BOG" stuff that Johann has posted on the update page is just more fluff? Another familiar conclusion. Shouted down rather vociferously on Tigertown as I recall, must have suited someones purpose at the time.

Shall I post, again, the stuff from Johann saying do not email, do not call, don't bother me? He may have more free time to finish up shortly, so few reputable employers want to associate with tainted goods.

As my butt is not for sale at the Del Rey casino/whorehouse you may be excused for being unfamiliar with the near blinding beauty of my lily white rear. When all your... social contacts rent by the hour the inevitable result LFC "insider". When you check out the new girls, they are also checking you out, the really nice thing about that is how happy they are to sit on their assets and chat with someone who does possess some conversational skills, for the usual hourly rate, of course.

Should James Ray Houston surface, cash in hand, you be sure and let us all know.

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 11/2/2003 10:17:59 PM

By: InterestedParty

For the Record:

The first public knowledge of Rex Rogers "real" identity came in early Jan, 2002, via a mailvault email from ?JOG?. Within 6 weeks, ATM and Dodge City were no more.

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 11/2/2003 7:55:01 PM

By: Simon Jester

Thank you Adam, I wondered about that for a long time.
That the identity of Houston was kept a secret, even from you, is very interesting.

Whatever claims I might have or pursue, what my motives are, how I plan to proceed, in short, anything, does not require your blessing, permission or understanding and is not any of your business.
Neither are the motives or claims of any founder, tester or investor who NOW knows more of the truth. They did not get these truths by reading the lies on the LFCFA site, begging on for info or waiting for some insider to grow enough of a set to do the right thing.

I believe that I have proved the point I wished to make and that you do not understand the point or what has happened here is no great suprise.

Mr. Marchant has been more than gracious in allowing this discussion to take place here. I want to thank Mr. Marchant and assure him that his chosen career inspires no envy or ambition on my part. I hope that any further discussion of this "small scam" can be taken elsewhere now, and will see what I can do about that.

The entire matter could have been settled in private, at ANY time, by Adam or SOMEONE simply telling these things to founders, testers and those who lost funds when the ATM was looted, instead of lying and stalling on The simple, direct and honest way "somehow" did not happen and it was the choice of the secret squirrels to do it this way. They have no grounds now to gripe about what they reap.

I have no interest at all in any offshore deal, scam or not, that is not related to LFC or run by one of the insiders. I just do not take well to being mistaken for a doormat.

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 11/2/2003 3:49:36 PM

By: Adam Selene

"Yet Adam could not bring himself, having been to CR, to tell the truth, that Midas was James Ray Houston."

You mean that Midas was Rex; Rex Rogers. The man hasn't been James Ray Houston for probably the last twenty years, he changed his name. Even his closest associates and family call him Rex. Only a handful of people knew his former identity, until an anonymous email was sent out; shortly after which everyone knew.

Why you think the worst (legitimate) critic of LFCity and Rex/Midas would have been told this secret is beyond me. However, it is indicative of your motivation simply to smeer everything and everyone, including victims and individuals only aware of the project; not because you yourself lost money, but so you can be pretend David Marchant in your pathetic anti-libertarian anti-offshore smeer campaign.

Someone already posted the name/address of Rex's lawyer, take your complaints up with him and stop pretending anyone else cares.

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 11/2/2003 2:48:33 PM

By: Simon Jester

Yet Adam could not bring himself, having been to CR, to tell the truth, that Midas was James Ray Houston. Houston has left a trail of victims a mile wide and more than twenty years long, few investors would have parted with a dime if his name was known.
And fewer would have wanted ANY taint of association, however tenuous, with Houston and paid friends.

Until the checks bounced, not a single one of the Laissez Faire City residents felt compelled to tell founders, beta testers, ATM depositors or anyone else the truth.
They are not telling it yet.

The Laissez Faire City Founders Association has been exposed as nothing more than a smokescreen
for more "insider" deals.

The number of new privacy/security/offshore sites run by Laissez Faire City insiders is not
the best thing that could happen.
None of these self professed experts are ethical, competent or capable.

James Ray Houston did not construct this disaster in a vacuum, all by himself.
He had lots of well paid help.
The training these..uh.."freedom fighters" received in how to remove money from low risk victims
may not pay off as they might hope.

The time spent here by insiders trying to patch a crumbling cover up could be far better spent by proving all the critics wrong.

Get the DMT so long promised to founders distributed.
Worthless as I feel DMT is, founders were told they would get it and the stall has gone on long enough. Too long for any morally defensible excuse.
Reveal the civil suit servable location of Houston (or attorney who will accept service) for those people, founders or not, whose funds were stolen by Houston.
Summon the grace to apologise to those who were misled and lied to and there will be no arguing with those ethical actions, no doubt of your (however belated) actions.

Any further claims to be experts or schemes that involve using the internet to steal or mislead investors, or take money in any way from others by former LFC "insiders" is , however, a seperate thing altogether and plans are being made to deal with that.

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 11/2/2003 8:51:14 AM

By: InterestedParty

For the record:

From the first issue of DC Times

"MC Year End Report"

The much expected report has raised dark eyebrows among the Bot community. It's a sham said the Whiz Kid. Spin-offs of profitable ventures will weaken the stock no matter what it's profit base is intone others.

Of course, in this Caveat Emptor society, current information is critical, but noBot is talking. The BOS is mum regarding dates for various product releases. MailVault is stuck in Alpha, and who knows when the much exalted DMT will ever be released.

Bots reacted in mass, sending MC shares down, from a high of near $10 a week or two ago to around $3 at he time of this report. Even that seems a little high, given the $1.30 warrant arbitrage rates.

While most Bots have high hopes and grand expectations for the vision behind then MC stock, the market place is filled with grand ideas and even grander failures. Only time will tell.We all hope for the best!


"Big Ben Steps in Cuspidor"

In a fit of drunken stupor, leader Cybot Big Ben recently went on a tirade regarding the newly formed FCC. Warning that "reputations were on the line" Big Ben extorted other Bots to contribute "or else". The free market community reacted in outrage, forcing a contrite Ben to offer an abject apology to the entire community.

I promise never to PUI (publish under the influence) said the veritable master of the system. "It was silly of me to hit that post button, but I just couldn't help myself. Even though I still agree with what I said, I should never have said it in the way I did.I still think I am right, however and any bot who disagrees can go away."

Many Bots came to his defense, recognizing that they too had PUI'ed. Ben was sent with the lovely Nova to the beach to reflect on his behavior. Upon his return, he has been noticeably absent as a poster, probably because his keyboard has been impounded and his mouse in restraints.


from the 10th issue

"Money Game$"

Arguing that MUNI has no business showing a profit and no business paying a dividend until it is offering products and services to the public, Adam Selene (who has been to CR and has met with many of the CR people) blasted the PTB for the planned IPO spinoffs. "This is a shortsighted motivation, for a short-term goal, with the blunt intention of misleading investors with respect to the true profitability of MUNI (or lack thereof)." Calling the IPO Spin-offs a "Money Game", Selene claimed no value was being created, and in fact, that investors were being duped.

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 11/2/2003 12:23:57 AM

By: Simon Jester

I had a tough time myself with it the first 12 times I read it, guy just has no writing talent.
But look close.
Interesting stuff.

One, Fake dividend distribution.
Second, confirmation that Houston's identity was known and kept from founders by the insiders.
Three, the email list of founders was available to this guy.
Four, Sealand connection. Holmes and Davidson info is on this page

Five, ATM and stock was manipulated by Houston and Huge , along with Trustee to "submarine" Harry Gordon.
Six, strong hint that Dr. Steve was a Houston stooge all along.
Seven, Houston claimed connection with "Schultz" and Hunt. I guess he has some fixation on silver.
Seven, in the second email, confirmation of the book, Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand being used illegally and that this was the sole "business plan".
Eight, the info, very specific, about Mailvault being insecure.

I liked the quote about how the LFC follies was gonna set back the sovereign movement 10 years.
I loved the part about some thinking LFC was a cult and thought it was funny.
If you think THIS is hard to wade through you must have forgotten
some of the other stuff, like

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 11/1/2003 9:44:27 PM

By: That one'll need an explanation...

Sorry, but I found the writing style of the main poster here so obscure I couldn't follow the implications of what he was saying. If Jim Davidson thinks the writer (Tim) "explains himself fairly well", then I must be stupid.

Would you mind spelling out for me what the implication of this post is?


Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 1/14/2004 3:30:18 AM

By: Hero in his own mind if nowhere else

Explain if you would, how, exactly, someone posting under the name of anonymous coward can BE libeled?

Do you actually plan to admit to holding funds in DMT? In an open court room?
Pennies on the dollar exchange for funds looted from an offshore account.
You slick money maker, you!
Congratulations on your investment. As part of the "due diligence"
process you did, of course, verify that the investment has assets of some nature, somehwere,
under the control of someone with a really good nym and a working email?
That's OK, then.

Going to step up and admit to what you know, if anything, about the inner workings of LFC?
I do not think the secret squirrels are gonna like that.
Which ones are you going to call in as your character witnesses?
The embezzling Trustee? The embezzling City Clerk? The embezzling
James Ray Houston?

I want a piece of the DEPENDS concession at that courthouse because massive bladder failure from the laughter
is a known problem for those hearing about LFC for the first time!

If any person involved in LFC as an "insider" ever sets foot in a courtroom it will not be as a plaintiff.

The secrecy and lies aggressively maintained throughout the trainwreck known as Laissez Faire City
means that ANYONE can say anything, absolutely anything, or publish whatever they like and there is not one damned thing you
can do about it. And nobody cares if you like it.

7 April 2003

LAISSEZ FAIRE CITY Intellectual Property in Public Domain

In response to questions regarding the proprietary status of the "Laissez Faire City" name and related intellectual property: These are in the public domain.

Johann Gevers

Thanks Johann!

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 12/13/2003 9:49:39 PM

By: Anonymous Coward

First, read this post here at KYC News/Offshore Business:

Note these resources mentioned there that identify the techniques of a disinformation/smear artist:

[1] Twenty-Five Ways To Suppress Truth:
The Rules of Disinformation
(Includes The 8 Traits of A Disinformationalist)
by H. Michael Sweeney

[2] How to Recognize a Skunk
Why Most Americans Can't Think -- But You Can
By Aaron Zelman and Claire Wolfe

Second, note that over the past week the distribution of the DMT shares to their rightful owners has now taken place. I suppose actions speak louder than words, as the old adage goes.

"Simon Jester" AKA various other posting names, has been passing her self off as various other people.

Such passing-off as other people with their name and email address as done recently here by her steps over the line of acceptable-use on free speech/satirical fair use grounds.

She (and others) should really be prevented from those kinds of passing-off posts by the addition of a simple registration that requires a password and email confirmation to be sent out to the email address.

David M, please could you look into this.

By all means everybody should be able to post here freely, but only if the fact that either they are unregistered, or registered and verified is indicated on the posts.

There are plenty of free email services available such as Hotmail and MailVault for those who wish to protect their privacy.

This lady is libelling and defaming various people with her passing off posts, a fact that may in the future come to bite you and KYC News.


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