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Richard Mack - Interesting seminar to kick off Governor campaign
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Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011
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Posted: 12/22/2003 10:59:21 AM

By: Hunter
From the January 2003 Idaho Observer:

Sheriff Mack considers bid for Utah governor's office
by Colleen Lloyd
At a seminar held by Global Debt Solution (GDS) in Salt Lake City on January 8, Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack announced boldly to the packed and sold out room, “Because I get so many requests, I am considering a run for governor right here in Utah.” After an enthusiastic response, he met with the organization and discussed selecting a campaign chairman.
Mack, a graduate of BYU and Public Affairs Director for Gun Owners of America, is the author of From My Cold Dead Fingers. He successfully defeated the Brady Bill before the Supreme Court and is a popular and respected speaker on 2nd Amendment issues.
Named Elected Official of the Year by the Arizona-New Mexico Coalition of Counties in 1994, he possesses a rare credibility with both patriotic groups and government, as well as an assertive sincerity appealing to voters in the conservative, family-oriented state.
Closing with a “bang” a four-hour educational workshop that included former IRS revenue officer John Turner, Gran Teasley of IRSCodeBusters, Michael Bovee of Dynamic Solutions International and Jhon Leigh of Arcadia Resource Company, the Provo native fired off, “I trust criminals more than I trust the government. Sometimes criminals will give you a fighting chance and play fair. Sometimes they have consciences.”
Utah State Coordinator of the We The People Foundation and host and presenter of the GDS seminar Christian Oesch was thrilled with the turnout of over 200, who were introduced to GDS's successful creative approaches and cutting-edge concepts involving privacy structuring, asset protection, lawful income tax reduction/debt discharge and elimination, amongst other topics.
Jhon Leigh, who flew in from Michigan , discussed Arc-Matrix's latest developments which enable them to offer clients services such as PGP Encryption, Arc-Mail, GMX currency management, private banking W-8 accounts, replacement of their current IDs and credit cards with alternative options like international secured cards and driver's licenses, and user names and passwords that protect computer files, information, and identity.
John Turner related the story of how he quit his job at the IRS after being challenged to show that the tax codes he enforced contained any lawful provision for his actions. Determined to prove he was in the right, Turner embarked on an investigation, after which he concluded that there was no such legal authority, and resigned. Asked if he filed a 1040 return, he quipped, “I file the required returns. I just don't think that one's required,” much to the delight of the audience. He now lives in northern California and works as a tax consultant.
“I'm into freedom, so I hate the IRS,” Mack was surprisingly candid. He expressed a stronger commitment and involvement regarding the program, ideals, and goals furthered by GDS, more encouraged “the more I learn.” He supported Oesch in decrying the current administration's policy of labeling American citizens as “terrorists” for speaking out and associating with groups who question government policy -- rights now threatened by post-911 legislation.
Oesch, who maintains both Swiss and American citizenship, opened the evening voicing his deep concerns over the liberties being signed away by the Patriot Act. “We are all considered terrorists just for meeting here.”
He then launched into his introduction with firm resolve, “The theme tonight is personal finance and privacy. The focus is on debt. It causes the anxiety. 90 percent of bankruptcy is caused by credit card debt. It is World War World III. It is eating all of us alive. I want you to know I am not coming over trying to change the world from here.” He admitted suffering an anxiety attack years ago, then reaffirmed, “With confidence you lose the fear.”
Oesch noted that after the seminar, a police car followed him and parked outside his home for some time. He slept soundly with the 2nd Amendment beside him. Next time maybe he'll just call the Sheriff...or Governor.
As Mack reminded the crowd, “If we don't have freedom, none of this matters.”
For more info:

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 12/26/2003 1:24:27 PM

By: Possibly Pinnacle Quest folks

Maybe the information below will answer your question.
Also believe there are previous posts on Tony Larson and this 7 - 24 group at this board, or Quatloos ( or Diligizer ( Sorry for the rather long post but hopefully you find it helpful.


SEARCH RESULTS ON NUMBER - (620) 584-8200, Ext. 52274#
Dynamic Solutions International (DSI)
Business Company
Bottom line
If you have not YET started with us towards the elimination of your credit card, signature loan, and other unsecured debt, then you really have not invested adequate time to investigate debt termination with DSI.
Sorry but anyone who takes the time to understand the advantages, over the disadvantages (there are NO disadvantages), will ultimately move forward with DSI.
It's a FACT.
LEARN HOW and WHY you can terminate your unsecured credit, and get out of debt.
JOIN our LIVE Dynamic Solutions International (DSI) Information Disclosure Call this Wednesday evening at 8pm Eastern by dialing:
1-620-584-8200 code 52274#
The team at DSI will discuss:
** HOW and WHY the modern day banking system has been designed to put the people in debt, keep the people in debt, and confiscate the people s property once that debt becomes unbearable.
** How the financial failures of individuals and business are built in to this grand design, and how and why the banks do NOT actually loan out the money they have on deposit, but rather how the bank transforms your promissory note into a negotiable instrument, without full disclosure, using your signature to create new money to fund your loan.
** How you can be Empowered to legally direct the discharge of credit card debt, student loans, and any other unsecured debt you may carry...not just presently, but indefinitely into the future.
Act Today, To Assure Tomorrow...
Charlie Crown
Financial Educator & Debt Consultant
Toll: 973-731-8630 weekdays
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850-654-7727 Ext 1042 - Eliminate Income Tax Liability

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Fast Track to Success Checklist

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___Step #2: Get familiar with your product. Within a few days after sending payment to your QMC, you will receive an email notification with your password to get into the Online Resource Center. Immediately enter and get familiar with your product. Click on Product/Solutions for a listing of the PQI Q1 Foundational Course Contributors and how to contact them. Be expecting your product within the next few days delivered to your doorstep. Listen to the course over and over. To hear what others are saying about the PQI course, go to

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Debt Termination:

Financial Solutions: and
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___Step #20: All PQI marketers are also a member of Team Spirit. Team Spirit Training Calls are on Monday at 10 pm EST and Friday at 7 pm EST on 1-507-726-3300 ext. 66563#.

See ya on the calls!

Getaway club Marketing Miracle
We invite you to join one of our evening or weekend conference calls.
Tuesday and Thursday
8:00PM Eastern
12:00PM Eastern
Call: 1-620-584-8200
Access Code: 52274 #
EMI Getaway Club
257 Broadway AveOrangeville, OntarioL9W 1K6Canada
Toll Free: 1 866 202 5028
Local: 1 519 941 7099 x 231
Fax: 1 519 941 0484


I look forward to our meeting by phone on Monday, April 07 at 11:00 AM EST.

I understand how hard it is to have credit card debt hanging over your head. You pay the credit card companies each month and the amount owed never seems to go down. That’s because credit card companies are designed to keep you in debt. If you have $10,000.00 or more in credit card debt and make the minimum monthly payment, every month, it will take over 20 years to pay off this debt; and the amount paid to the credit card companies will be over three (3) times the amount of the original purchase; it hardly seems fair. And, 95% of all bankruptcy filings are credit card debt related.

There is a way out. You can eliminate your debt, legally and lawfully. This is NOT bankruptcy, debt consolidation, or negotiation. This is NOT debt management. This is an opportunity to eliminate, that’s right, ELIMINATE your debt and have a new beginning. Just imagine how your life would improve if you could take the money you send to the credit card companies every month and could use it for: a college education fund for your children, home improvements, or investments, just to name a few possibilities.

Visit this website: (click on this link to go to the website).

After reviewing the information found in this website, you can click on Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of the page, which should answer any concerns, or questions you might have about this service. YOU DO NOT NEED TO FILL OUT THE SURVEY QUESTIONAIRE.

LIVE CALL: THIS CALL IS A MUST! Call the following number, (620) 584-8200, Ext. 52274# (*6 to mute and un-mute the phone); Monday through Thursday at 10:00 PM EST (call in 3-4 minutes before 10:00 PM) or M-W-F at 3:00 PM EST. ASK PERRY LEWIS: HE IS NOT AN EXPERT --- HE HAS SUCCESSFULLY ELIMINATED HIS CREDIT CARD DEBT AND WILL SHARE HIS EXPERIENCE AND THIS POWERFUL PROGRAM WITH YOU; and answer your questions. He hosts most, but not all of the calls. All call hosts are people who have eliminated their debt and are very knowledgeable about the process (your usual long distance rates will apply). If you would like, you can make arrangements with me to escort (3-way) you to the call.

Click the following link to download and print the Quest Foundational Educational Product Document.

Product Documentation (print to order your Quest 1 Seminar) (when you click on this link a box will “pop-up” in the upper left hand corner of the screen asking for; User Name and Password.
Click on CANCEL and the document will come up.)

After reviewing this information I am sure you will want to transform your life, ELIMINATE YOUR DEBT and have a NEW BEGINNING.


1) You can decide to stop paying the credit card companies and put that money in your pocket; you just gave yourself a pay raise. CONGRATULATIONS!

2) Become a consultant. Tell your friends, family and neighbors who are also "slaves" to the credit card companies about how to break their bondage and "remove the chains" of debt. For sharing this information you will be paid; you will get paid for helping the people you care about. There is no greater reward than bettering the lives of people around you.

Remember knowledge is power, and if you don't know your rights you don't have any.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Kind Regards

Tony Larson

7 - 24 Group
1918 Hwy 7
Oroville, Wa 98844

(509) 476-3700 voice
(509) 463-0540 facsimile


Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 12/24/2003 10:33:00 AM

By: guest

i read the article-anybody know what[dynamic solutions int] is?? thank you.

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 12/22/2003 11:04:51 AM

By: Products from Global Debt Solution (hmmm, Pure Trusts)

In America, The Majority of People Spend More Time Thinking About The “Purchase” of Their Assets Rather Than The “Protection” of Their Assets......Don't Wait For Tomorrow...Privacy, Prosperity & Protection Await You Today With Us!
· Jurisdictions
· Foundations
· International Business Corporation
· Pure Trusts
· Corporation Sole
· Currency Management
· W-8 Banking
· Int'l Credit Cards
· Int'l Drivers Permits
· Int'l Id Cards
· Secured Email
· The Privacy-Matrix
· The Money-Matrix
· The Arc-Matrix
· Asset Management
· And more.....
GDS is working with the IRSCodebusters as a team of researchers including a federal lawyer (not an attorney) and a certified paralegal. This team specializes in utilizing the Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act to provide a detailed decoding and examination of the Individual Master File and other secretly coded files the IRS keeps on you.
IRSCodebusters has found that most, if not all, American citizens have excise taxable activity codes fraudulently posted in their files which puts them in a regulated industry (coal mines, pistol manufacturer, foreign insurance, diesel fuels, etc.) This regulated industry tax is not voluntary but mandatory. The IRS uses these coded files in tax court for prosecution and collection and has been very successful with its plunder. Once your file is decoded we can reconcile and correct your account using existing tax laws to rebut any "Prima Facie" evidence against you. This basic administrative procedure has been used successfully to keep clients out of court for over 16 years.
We are committed to educate and empower our clients with an understanding of existing laws and code. We can document that the existing tax laws allow most American citizens to keep 100% of their labor(property) and we can assist you in doing so. With this ongoing support and service you will gain knowledge that will dispel fears and myths and allow you to be free from the abuse of the IRS.


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We hunt for red flags in high-value, cross-border finance by monitoring offshore and onshore courts, regulatory actions, offering documents, and other sources - and email you the results.

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