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James Dale Davidson proud of securities frauds:
Internal Administrator
Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011
Joined: 10/12/2010
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Posted: 3/25/2004 5:23:40 PM

By: tony ryals

Dear Mr. Ryals,

Needless to say, I regret that you lost money in Endovasc or, indeed, in any investment. That said, your fixation on exploring this issue with me is entirely misplaced. By your own admission, you did not invest in Endovasc on my say-so. In the somewhat patchy account of your complaint that emerges between the lines of your demanding and
unpleasant communication, I find no logical nexus between your losses and any action of mine. In pure logic, I cannot see how applying for a patent could have destroyed your investment, or exposed it to any material harm whatever. In the absence of any disclosure on your part, I
owe you none. And none you will get. If you think you have a claim against me, contact my lawyer, whose e-mail address is listed above.
Otherwise, I will treat your further communications as
spam in the same category as a certificate for a $10 savings on any Teddy Bear purchased in April, notice of a
free poetry contest, something about "Ronald
Reagan's greatest laughs," and the inevitable promise to enlarge my penis by "up to five inches guaranteed." Att is sending through a lot of malarkey, including too much from you. You have not behaved as a gentleman in any respect in our correspondence. I won't miss hearing from you.


James Davidson

Tony Ryals wrote:

>Dear James Dale Davidson,
>Is this your way of saying no patent exists ? All I asked was for the patent number, or if it is still pending,the date it was applied for.I would presume this patent is part of the pink sheet 'evsc' branch as that is the entity I presume is related to the $1.5 million something or other.Sure I would like to know how many shares were
given to you for the patent as well.
>Also I am glad for you that Stanford did not challenge it as it appears it may be covered in their own patents.Stanford angiogenesis patent by the way can be located on internet.As I lost 99% of my 'share value' due to supposed 'naked shorts'I would at least like
to have full disclosure re this patent.
>You and the doctor must have a copy describing the patent. May I see it ?
>Tony Ryals


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