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David Rose & Oil and Gas Exploration Investments
Internal Administrator
Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011
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Posted: 5/25/2004 2:26:29 PM

By: fininv

Check out the latest from David Rose:

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 6/23/2004 8:37:50 PM

By: John Whitworth

Any ideas about how to stop this guy, (David Rose that is). I got taken to the cleaners by this con man but , because I did not have access to other victim names I never procedded with any civil action. I beleive this guy is very slick. He runs a cost benefit action in his head that keeps him one step ahead of the authorities. In my case he took money out of escrow when his company Robo filed for bankruptcy. Sunclear, the follow on company, that took over administration of the well I was partial owner in, said they could not help since David Rose ran off with most of th3 money. The well was never completed even thouh I paid for completion costs. Horrible mistake ever getting involved with this guy. Slick as they come though.


Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 6/7/2004 1:39:18 PM

By: Terry Garvey

I just got a call from a Richard Martin claiming he represents David Rose and his "company", Interior Energy. He wants me to invest in oil drilling rights in OK. Sounds like a classic scam to me but I thought I'd check this out/alert others to it.


Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 6/2/2004 2:45:58 PM

By: John


Truly amazing this guy has not been brought to the justice he deserves. Biggest Fraud one could ever have the displeasure of doing business with. Yes ... I lost 1000's and yes ... I fell for the slick scam too. With all the money literally hundreds of investors have lost and the incredible amount of grief this moral midget has caused I am amazed he is still going at it. Lets be honest though ... if you run the numbers .. one could never make money. .07 percent ownership or whatever it was, Miniscule. Of course he and his salessamn cronies back it up with a chart that they claim can make you thousands and thousands. They never tell you till too that it is a complete fabrication. Thats if you are ever lucky enought o get ANY money from this con man. I could go on and on...your stories are similar Im sure.

Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 5/26/2004 1:47:24 PM

By: mike


If ever there was another "crook" to go after, this David Rose is it. I'm embarassed to tell you that I attended one of the IGP seminars and heard him present. You will never hear a more sincere, genuine salesman in your life. I know DOZENS of people who invested into his projects and made NOTHING and lost millions (collectively). You know better than I that the bigger the scam artist, the bigger his delusions are. David Rose fits the bill to a tee. Of interesting note, if you go to his personal website: and view his "personal bio" section, you will note the charities he's involved in. One of them is Global Village Market - our buddy Yank Berry. Thank IGP for that great connection. I am amazed that this guy keeps going. He needs to be stopped and I hope you can help in that effort. Thank you!


Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011

Posted: 5/25/2004 3:47:41 PM

By: David Marchant

Thanks for that.

I'll write something about this in the next edition of OffshoreAlert.

I'm surprised he has not been criminally charged yet since he commits one fraud after another, peddling the same old garbage just under different names.

David Marchant


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