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Yahoo NFI board re connections of posters to James Dale Davidson
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Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011
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Posted: 4/15/2005 1:48:36 AM

By: is 'dirtydirtydeeds O'Brien' Davidson ?

Note: yahoo's NFI board poster 'dirtydirtydeeds' IS 'O'Brien',pal of's Patrick Byrne,who placed $100,000 + letter-ad to President Bush in Washington Post in early February 'connecting' Social Security investments in stock market to 'naked shorting'.I first noted similarities to his new website to James Dale Davidson's old 'naanss'fraud website on shortly there after when Mark Cuban inspired by the Post letter no doubt,began several threads on his site around this subject.

I noted recently a poster on Chris Mathews blog stated his belief that 'O'Brien' was James Dale Davidson as well.Now this from yahoo's NFI message board :

YAHOO NFI board posts April 14,2005:
Howard Hill, James Davidson and
by: edwardfoolari (23/M/Tulsa, OK) 04/14/05 12:56 pm
Msg: 292160 of 292255

Geoff Johnston all used to hang out on the same chat board

Probably all just a big coincidence

Subj: Re: edwardfoolari RE Geoff and Saunders
By: edwardfoolari
Date: 04/14/05 01:02 pm

What's disturbing about my posts?

I'm merely exploring the relationships between the people who worked on the FTD document posted on the NCANS site.

That would be Geoff Johnston and P Saunders.

Geoff Johnston, Howard Hill and notorious penny stock promoter James Dale Davidson used to hang out on the same message board.

So is P Saunders really a young chick who works on the NCANS web pages for dirtydirtydeeds? I have my doubts as I can't imagine dirtydirtydeeds giving the job of editing the FTD document to some young webpage designer.

Subj: Re: Howard Hill, James Davidson and
By: biodog0
Date: 04/14/05 01:02 pm

interesting,i've considered some of the dailyreckoning groupies might be involved here,i can certainly give give connections between ragingbull aliases and jagh media and genemax and 'investigatethesec' that appeared when davidson closed the naanss fraud website in blaine,washington where genemax skkkam was located out of.
what was the chat board these mafiosi hung out on ?

Subj: Re: Howard Hill, James Davidson and
By: edwardfoolari
Date: 04/14/05 01:09 pm

Howard Hill, James Davidson and Geoff Johnston hung out on the same board for years, they used their real names when posting, it wasn't any of the ones you mentioned.

Don't you think that is an interesting long term relationship particular given that Geoff Johnston had a hand in the creation of the FTD document recently posted to the NCANS website?

Subj: A ???? for Howard Hill
By: edwardfoolari
Date: 04/14/05 01:13 pm

I used to think that biodog was a bit loony with his constant rambling about a James Dale Davidson.

Then I found out that you've known James Dale Davidson for many, many years.

I guess it's a small world after all.
yahoo nfi board

a tip of the hat to edwardfolari,(on yahoo nfi board),
this will be added to spitzer2006 discussion 'ss funds invested in manipulated markets'that has been receivng a fair amount of hits since it was started by the 'naked short pranksters' but taken over by Tony Ryals for information gathering and educational purposes.
Again much thanx and credit to edwardfolari.
(NOTE:dirtydirtydeeds on yahoo NFI board is James Dale Davidson)

Geoff/Saunders/dirty FTD timeline
by: edwardfoolari (23/M/Tulsa, OK) 04/14/05 03:40 pm
Msg: 292282 of 292341
We know that the FTD file was created at 2:15pm on 4/13 and uploaded to a Yahoo group by peacefulposter who then posted a message to dirtydirtydeeds saying the file had been uploaded. The file says it was created by Geoff Johnston. peacefulposter came unglued about having the name Geoff Johnston posted publicly and threatened me.
I think it's clear that peacefulposter's real name is Geoff Johnston and he was the original created of the FTD document.
It appears from dirtydirtydeed's posts that he downloaded the FTD document and "added verbiage". The file shows that the person who edited the file did so under a Windows account with the name "P Saunders". The file indicates that there were a total of 4 revisions to the file and total editing time was 19 minutes.
At 8:16pm EST dirtydirtydeeds posted that he had uploaded the modified file to the NCANS website.
I downloaded the file this morning and it showed that there had been 4 revisions made and the last one was at 9:01pm 4/13 (the time would be local to the computer it was edited on).
It's quite clear that the P Saunders that popped up here and claimed to be P Saunders didn't do the editing, that is something that dirtydirtydeeds did himself.
Despite the claims of a poster that she was P Saunders and P Saunders is a 24 year old webpage maintainer working for NCANS, I just don't think a webpage maintainer who never posts here just happened to stop by and read my message.
I think it's far more likely that dirtydirtydeeds actually is P Saunders or at the very least was using the computer of someone named P Saunders last night to edit the FTD document.
Subj: Re: Geoff/Saunders/dirty FTD timeline
By: azteca_ace
Date: 04/14/05 04:03 pm
I guess DDD will have to come out the closet, so to speak, earlier then he wishes. That's a good thing for someone running an alleged "grass roots" org anyhow.
Nice work, Edward. People should know that Microsoft's Doc format indeed holds a whole lotta user info.

Subj: Re: Geoff/Saunders/dirty FTD timeline
By: cinemo2001
Date: 04/14/05 04:11 pm
DDD is a lot smarter than you couple of idiots.
I routinely run computers computers without any trace of my name on them. Others do also. It's easy to put a phony name in MS apps programs, as well as XP. I do it all the time.
Subj: Re: Geoff/Saunders/dirty FTD timeline
By: edwardfoolari
Date: 04/14/05 04:26 pm
So you are saying that the poster who claimed to be P Saunders and worked on the NCANS website was lying?
Do you wear a tinfoil beanie while you routinely run computers computers?
Make sure you send a tinfoil beanie to Geoff Johnston (aka peacefulposter, can you be a peaceful poster and threaten other people?). He needs one.

Subj: Re: Geoff/Saunders/dirty FTD timeline
By: azteca_ace
Date: 04/14/05 04:45 pm
"DDD is a lot smarter than you couple of idiots."
Well now that's not nice! hehe
"I routinely run computers computers without any trace of my name on them..."
That's besides the point, someone of THAT name logged into a Windows PC with those credentials, at those times, since that is how the Word docs got embedded with it. You can't change the original ownership of a Word doc.
The center never holds, people make mistakes.
No one is totally anonymous.
I recently started received porn spam with my full name in the subject header, i was shocked!
This was in a free e-mail account i had set up years ago to use when i purchased items on the internet for when retailers asked for my e-mail address for checkouts. I never used my real name when creating that free e-mail account. Using some deductive reasoning i discovered that one (or many) retailers sold my purchase order name (my real name on my credit card) along with that spam interceptor free account e-mail address i had created.
I am now directly connected to that e-mail account without EVER giving out my real name
to the e-mail service. NICE, huh! lol!
You don't have to make mistakes, you just have to be in the loop, and the internet is the biggest loop of them all.

Subj: Re: Geoff/Saunders/dirty FTD timeline
By: edwardfoolari
Date: 04/14/05 04:29 pm
Is it also a coincidence that a P Saunders was an analyst who published comments about a cyber casino penny stock that morphed into Global Links?
Why the name P Saunders? Why not Nobody or Haha? Or John Doe?
Subj: Re: Geoff/Saunders/dirty FTD timeline
By: azteca_ace
Date: 04/14/05 05:04 pm
"Ed, thanks for the entertainment today. "
Just fess up, he outed you, smartass.
Your center didn't hold.
Subj: Re: Geoff/Saunders/dirty FTD timeline
By: dirtydirtydeeds
Date: 04/14/05 06:15 pm
so some excitement today. I missed most of it - travel and meetings. I see we are taking a bit of a hit - invariably happens when they go looking for shares. Nothing I know of changed in the company's business, did it?
I also see that one of the local bashers did a search on all the docs ar ncans and found some names. You'd think they'd have figured out that with around 600 members now I might have some help, especially with things like web stuff and docs I don't have fluency with (on that one I couldn't figure out how to do the graphic stuff, hence the mysterious Geoff and P.....Saunders) - neither one of whom I've ever met. There's now 3 folks that have volunteered and help with the site... maybe they are all me!!!
Maybe the bashers should scan the NFI-INFO site and see if they can find 3 or 4 other names..I'm so many people....
Wish I could help - maybe we can have a pool to see who guesses what her P stands for? porsche? Paullette? Prunella? I actually don't know, any more than I know some of the folks that coded the calculator whose names are probably in the code somewhere. Then again, Dr Byrne doesn't know my name, so I guess you could say it's an odd world....
I'm busy tonight and tomorrow, so don't mistake my absence as not caring. Just keeping busy...


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