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'Subex acquires Mantas for $2M'
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Posted: Friday, August 12, 2011
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Posted: 3/9/2006 9:44:49 PM

By: But where's the AML ?

'Subex acquires Mantas for $2M'

Dear Siliconindia,
I'm a bit confused.Your article,'Subex acquires Mantas for $2M', mentions something about fraud detection and telecoms.What happened to Mantas Inc.'s touted 'AML' or 'anti-money laundering' software that,as I pointed out some while ago on various indymedias,didn't work ?

I mentioned how up to 30 million shares of Endovasc,a penny stock pump and dump deposited into a Charles Schwab 'select clents' account in May 2002 ,followed by a James Dale Davidson's tout or fraudulent promotion of those shares through Agora Inc. Baltimore's 'Vantage Point' pump and dump publicatiion,(one of many they have),later that year,was either never detected by Mantas' supposed anti-money laundering,or AML software,or it was fraudulently covered up by either Mantas' or Schwab's employees.

So could siliconindia please inform me what has become of the AML scam software created by SRA International that was spunoff as Mantas Inc to SafeGuard Scientifics ? Is the failed AML scam software now part of Subex or is SafeGuard Scientifics and SRA International still in control of that fraudulent 'technology' ?

Strange,it appears that while a short while ago, before my expose appeared on the world wide web,(titled 'Mantas,Herndon,
Va. Pro Money laundering Arm of bankers brokers, etc.'),Mantas AML,or anti-money laundering software,seemed to be Mantas' main or only 'business'.Now I only see vague reference to
'fraud detection' using 'behaviors' and no mention of 'AML' by them or Subex.What's up ?

Also I note it appears SafeGuard Scientifics has either sold part of Mantas to Subex at either a substantial discount relative to what they paid SRA International for it a few years ago or at a substantial loss.


Tony Ryals


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