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'Naked Shorts'Gary Weiss whispers sweet nothings to Rupert Murdoch's Boy..
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Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011
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Posted: 5/15/2007 9:22:28 PM

By: Roddy Boyd,again and again and...

Below is my communication to Gary Weiss' blogspot today in reponse to his article 'Judd Bagely Hears his Master's Voice'.
You can go to his blogspot, , to see the usual twisted rant he maintains.Yeah yeah yeah,someone whose writing on naked shorting that no one has ever seen named Phil Saunders is behind the naked short selling pump and dump fraud.He just coincidentally writes the same garbage James Dale Davidson was writing before he quietly disappeared,
(including touting Circle Group Holdings as a victim of naked shorting just as Davidson did before he laid low).And Davidson's associate David Patch quietly and coincidentally left Davidson's side to join 'Phil Saunders' and Patrick Byrne and the Utah SEC attorney Brent Baker who white washed Davidson's fraud and now works for Byrne and NCANS after refusing to prosecute Davidson's old NAANSS.Yeah sure and Gary Weiss isn't bribed to cover up - it a called a 'salary'.

To Gary Weiss :

I'm first to give credit where credit is due and Rupert Murdoch's Roddy Boy don't deserve much.The only thing he ever pointed out that had any validity to the organized criminals who claim their penny stock shares are being 'naked shorted' was his discovery that Houston attorney Wes Christian was dumping penny stocks from his 'trust' while claiming they were being 'naked shorted'.

The saddest part of the fraud is that the dumping of new shares into the float by him,criminal attorney John O'Quinn and the organized criminals they represent would have the same effect naked shorting would have if it were really occuring - i.e.- the share price would collapse as new shares inundated the float.

So the more they dumped and they share price collapsed they could tell defrauded investors it was naked shorting and it had the precise exact effect as if it were really occuring. This is why your defense of naked shorting is also so phoney Gary.If this naked shorting were really occuring it could collapse the share price but it is illegal pump and covered up by the SEC - not naked shorting !

Anyway Gary you and Boyd work for the same employer because to work for Murdoch is to work for Forbes and vice versa.
¿ Capische ? The only person I know of that raves about Roddy Boy's great journalism besides you is's Thomas Ronk,friend to Dave Patch,Patrick Byrne and the insanitycheck gang in general.I wonder why ?

Is Roddy Boy gonna carry on Chrisopher Byron's effort to get the SEC to change offshore manipulation of U.S. penny stocks as Byron has so eloquently called for in the past ? I doubt it,after all Rupert Murdoch or his well heeled associates need such corrupt instruments to maintain their corrupt and perverse international 'business' transactions,in my opinion.
Or at least colleagues of theirs do. ¿Si or no ?

Anyway you and Boyd are both paid by two people who support both James Dale Davidson and his newsmax and you continue to cover up Davidson's involvement in this scam and are actually afraid to interview Agora Inc employees such as Porter Stansberry who actually offered to give me a tour of Agora Inc in Baltimore.Well they robbed me blind so I can't even go to Washington D.C. AND GET ARRESTED ASSERTING MY RIGHT AS AN AMERICAN TO 'FREE SPEECH'. Ha.

But you or Roddy could make a local phone call to Stansberry or Davidson or Bill Bonner but don't ! Why ? Hey he's(Bonner)your employer's pal and so should be pleased to answer any questions you might have about 'naked short selling' that has been written by James Dale Davidson in Agora's Vantage Point.You afraid of Bill Bonner and James Dale Davidson or just their friend who happens to be your boss ?

If you two do nothing but cover up for those who have done the most to create this fraud on investors then don't expect any thanks or praise from those like me who were defrauded by those you and Roddy Murdoch's Boy cover up for.Don't think it isn't obvious this scam is greatly located in the Beltway and Wall Street or your pretense not to notice Davidson's Genemax pump and dump was in the same Blaine,Washington NAANSS and ICI office you called in 2003.

I'm sorry you business journalists have been reduced to clowns by the likes of Murdoch,Forbes,Bloomberg and it's as rotten as being ripped off in a penny stock fraud as I and so many others who remain silent were.Only I and other victims were ripped off whereas you and Roddy Boy know the corrupt scumbags who employ you.No better than being employed by Judd Bagley's boss.

Fox 'business news' and Steve Forbes,Brenda Butler and other sleezy political and stock touts should be removed from cable
forever but not before paying back some of what they owe for fraudulent 'securities' and political lies.


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