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Yet another British whitewash
Internal Administrator
Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011
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Posted: 2/13/2009 8:21:58 AM

By: David Marchant

An innocent man is killed in broad daylight in a public place and no-one is being prosecuted. It's an absolute disgrace.

See story below.

Family anger over Menezes review

No police officers will be prosecuted over the death of Jean Charles de Menezes, the Crown Prosecution Service has said.

Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011

Posted: 2/13/2009 3:18:13 PM

By: David Marchant

I stand to be corrected but I can't recall - off the top of my head - a single instance of any British inquiry finding any wrongdoing by anybody.

The standard practice seems to be to appoint adjudicators whom you know in advance will rule in favor of the establishment, which, essentially, amounts to corruption, i.e. the adjudicator gets rewarded financially and the establishment is not embarrassed.

If anyone wants to know what really goes on in the UK, I thoroughly recommend a subscription to the satirical magazine Private Eye ( I have been a reader for about 30 years and a subscriber ever since I left the UK in 1990.

David Marchant

Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011

Posted: 2/13/2009 12:11:41 PM

By: justlilolme

With all due respect to the honorable men and women who serve in law enforcement, this was murder. If the decision is made to shoot in the interest of public safety, there is something called shoot to wound, as opposed to shoot to kill. There are ways to stop someone without killing him.

The choice in this case was clearly to kill the man, for no apparent reason other than adrenaline and testosterone overload. That's murder.

Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011

Posted: 2/13/2009 10:08:57 AM

By: David Marchant

With all due respect, this is not an example of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

What was the wrong place? The entire city of London. What was the wrong time? That it should happen when the world is fearful of terrorists.

An example of being in the wrong place at the wrong time would be if the police were chasing a legitimate suspect and an innoncent bystander was caught in the crossfire.

Following someone who has done nothing wrong and is doing nothing that any reasonable person could regard as suspicious, putting a gun to their head and blowing their brains out in full view of the public is gross incomepetence on a grand scale and those who perpetrated this crime should be held accountable, instead of being allowed to walk-away with nothing worse than a guilty conscience, as is the British tradition.

Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011

Posted: 2/13/2009 9:34:29 AM

By: auto489896

this is NOT a "whotewash". I speak under anonymity. I have done forensic research into "Police shootings" or "use of deadly force to control". in this situation the Crown did hold an inquest.the problem ,that the general public and certain reporters as yourself have, is that the police are in an emergency situation . the lighting/visibility may not be all that good. they gave orders to stop. if a person does not do what they say then they have a "spilt second' to decide about the safety of the general public, the safety of other people there, and of course their own safety. in a situation of this magnitude,( i.e. bombings,terrorism,etc.),then they have to lean in the favor of safety. the person should have stopped. it may be he did not speak English all that well and did not fully understand what was going on. but it was still a justified use of deadly force to control. it is not a white wash. you or the family may not like what happened. the victim was at the wrong place at the wrong time. but it was not a white wash. I have researched these types of deaths more extensively than most people and most forensic scientists. your comments bespeak your ignorance of these matters.


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