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united trust of switzerland - millenium bank
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Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011
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Posted: 3/27/2009 2:23:41 AM

By: oops

Seems like the authorities have finally decided to tackle the issue...According to Swiss newspaper Le Temps, the companies have been shut down by SEC.

Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011

Posted: 5/13/2009 5:32:56 PM

By: Just how much money goes to United Trust

Some of these folks could help the local economy and use a flower shop in the good ole USA!!

Transactions with United Trust of Switzerland
As described above, on October 25, 2006, FXLQ wire transferred $1,000,000 to United Trust of Switzerland (UTS). UTS has an account at Commerzbank in Frankfurt, Germany. Subsequently, UTS wire transferred $500,000 to TMA on November 10, 2006. FXLQ recorded the $1,000,000 payment to UTS as "Funds at Prime Brokerage, Commerez."

Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011

Posted: 3/27/2009 6:46:17 AM

By: SEC is fast!!!!

To see how fast just do a search of this board on United Trust.


Re: Millennium Bank and Trust
By John Colvin - Swiss MoneyGoRound on 5/28/2003 12:19:30 AM

The entities associated with Arno Arndt in Switzerland reveal a corporate structure only a puzzlemaker could love or figure out. For your amusement, here are some of the companies - their members and auditors:

United Trust of Switzerland
M Werner Stoffel
A Swiss Management Trust

Swiss Management Trust
M Stoffel
A Swiss Guaranty Trust

Swiss Guaranty Trust
M Max Noser
A M&S Finance & Trust

M&S Finance & Trust
M Joann Charbonnier
A OIC Octomar

OIC Octomar
M Stoffel, Erich Schworer
A First Swiss Int'l Trust

First Swiss Int'l Trust
M Max Noser
A First Securities & Trust

Swiss Royal Trust (who I think may be the successor of First Securities and Trust)
M Stoffel
A M&S Finance

United Securities of Switzerland (Arndt's former employer according to Millennium website)
M Stoffel
A M&S Finance

United Securities 1980 (Yes Hunter a different company)
M Fritz Kern
A Ibusco

M Erich Schwander
A PGA & Partner

PGA & Partner
M Pius Glanzmann
A Ibusco

KS Management (c/o in the address for United Securities 1980)
M Fritz Kern
A Eurotest AG

The cycling cast of players, as well as the conflicts apparent in accountant/audit relationships, are nothing short of amazing.


Re: Wesley Snipes, M&S Finance & Trust, SST Swiss Sterling Trust
By M&S Finance - Lugano Synergy, Flower Shop, etc. on 4/17/2008 6:35:31 AM

M&S Finance has an interesting history. Possibly connected to Lugano Synergy and that nice flower shop in Switzerland to name a few.

From old post at Diligizer by jcolvin2
Subject: BTCB Connection with Arndt Entities
Posted By: jcolvin2 - Registered User
Posted At: (9/26/04 12:48 am)

As you (Tripledeuce) have shown interest in Arndt in other threades, here is an old post from the KYC Alert Message Board:

Re: Extradition
By jc - running slow - Arndt connection on 9/1/2003 7:44:49 PM

I feeling a little slow today. David Marchant had already made many of the connections I made in this thread in an April 30, 2003 story in the Story Library. (Search for Betts, Varra or British Trade)

Interestingly, at least for a period of time, there was some connection between BTCB and the Noser/Arndt entities, Lugano Synergy and M&S Finance.

From a Google archive version of the Lugano Synergy Investment Group website:

"Real-time FOREX market trading system allows LSIG Ltd.'s clients to trade major currencies over the Internet or direct-dial up connection from the convenience of their home or office. This program is provided in cooperation British Trade & Commerce Bank of Dominica and with M & S Finance Trust, SA of Switzerland."

Also associated with Lugano Synergy – Dr. Arno E. Arndt of United Trust, S.A.

From old post at Diligizer


Subject: Got a little more time so will try to do better ....
Posted By: HuntersHelper - Registered User
Posted At: (9/24/04 10:04 pm)
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Sorry about previous post was running out the door. That post was a little too vague for my taste.

1. Might ask around for anyone that had experience with Lsynergy.

Business Associates ->
Business Associates
United Trust, S.A.
Dr. Arno E. Arndt
Case postal 57
Rue de la Servette 67
1211 Geneva 7 Switzerland
Phone 41-022-700-7400
Fax 41-022-700-7402
United Trust Company is a licensed and regulated by the Swiss Government as a general trust company. The company provides an extensive range of trust and estate administration services, a reregistered office, a registered agent and management services to companies formed in Switzerland.

Might find some information if you check on Merrill, Scott & Associates since they were mentioned under law associates at the Lsyengry site.

Managing Director of Lugano Synergy was
Mr. G. Godfrey Thompson
Lugano Synergy Investment Group, Ltd
Marble Hill Road
PO Box W460
St. Johns, Antigua & Barbuda, West Indies Phone:268.481.1730 Fax 268.481.1735


Subject: Call Central Casting in Zurich
Posted By: jcolvin2 - Registered User
Posted At: (8/23/03 7:01 pm)
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So, postings on message boards have caused concern for Millennium Bank and United Trust. To allay those concerns Arndt, Schwörer, and Stoffel will resign. I am curious as to who will Central Casting in Zurich send in to take their place? Here are some possibilities - people that have been involved in companies related to Arndt Stoffel and Schwörer:

Max Noser (First Swiss Int'l Trust and others)
Joanna Charbonnier (M&S Finance & Trust)
Fritz Kern (United Securities 1980 and KS Management )
Frey Christian (Swiss Corporate Trust SA)
Alfred F. Stöckli (Swiss Commerce Trust SA)
Gilles Corset (First Capital Securities SA, en liquidation)
Erik H. Söderström (OIC Octomar) (Swedish resident)
Per-Arne H. Hemmesthorp(OIC Octomar) (Swedish resident)

Subject: Central Casting Found Fresh Face ... But Plenty of Old Favs
Posted By: jcolvin2 - Registered User
Posted At: (9/3/03 5:22 am)
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On August 19, 2003, Werner Stoffel was replaced as manager of United Trust by ...

Michael Engeler , de Ellikon an der Thur, à Langnau am Albis

Werner Stoffel shouldn't feel too bad, after all, he is still the manager of United Trust AG's auditor, Swiss Management Trust, AG. Swiss Management Trust AG's auditor is Swiss Guaranty Trust AG

Swiss Guaranty Trust, AG has Max E. Noser as its manager and OIC Octomar AG as its auditor.

The circle goes on ...

Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011

Posted: 3/27/2009 3:57:33 AM

By: Also in Bloomberg


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