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Jordan Bionda and family of thieves
Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011

Posted: 8/14/2009 7:58:07 AM

By: jerry rubin

Is this the same Jordan that has been involved in European boiler rooms over the years?

Internal Administrator
Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011
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Posted: 8/13/2009 9:24:40 PM

By: rexdanny

i was right Jordan Bionda has been sued and he has a judgement against him for over 2 million dollars i hope his children have to work in the slave mines in south africa to pay back everyone he took from his children should pay he should pay his whole family and his dead father should pay.......payback is a bitch like his wife

Ontario Inc. submits that Bionda's appeal is merely a delay tactic, and the record
appears to support that. As r said, there is very litt!", merit to the appeal, but so laug as
the appeal is uncitrway, Bioo.da seems to ellpect to continue to reside on the premi5e5 for
[27] Further, an order that ren.t i$ pay.01e while the appeal is Wldenvay would likely be
ineffective against Bionda, as he has himself admitted to being unable to afford to pay
rent. It would likely be ignored, in allY event.
[28] Overall, the R.J.R.-MacDonald lest has not been satisfied by Bionda, and a stay
should not be granted.
z. Seenrity for Costs
[29J Ontario Inc. is requesting $12,000 security for costs pursuant to rule 61.06(1),
having filed affidavit evidence tllat this is the approximate amount required to run the
app<:a!. Thls rule permits an order of security for costs in one of three situations:
(a) there is good reason to believe the appeal is frivolous
and vexatious and that the appellant has insufficient
assets in Ontario to pay the costs of appeal;
(b) an order for security for costs could be made agaiOllt
the appellant under rule 56.01; or
(c) for other good reason.
AUG 17 2007 2:25 PM FR COURT OF APPEAL 416 327 5032 TO 94168667846 P.1I:1113
Page: 9
Both (a) and (b) are satisfied in the cilwmstances of this clI~e aIld security for costs ought
to be ordered.
[30J In &hmidt v. Toronto-Dominion Bank, (1995] O.J, No. 1604 (e.A.) this court
determined that the correct interpretation of role 61.06(1)( a) is that the moving party must
show that there is good reason to believe that the appeal is without merit, and that there is
good reason to believe that the respondent has insufficient assOOl to pay costs of the
appeal. There is no need to prove either requirement definitively. The court need not be
satisfied that the appeal is totally devoid of men!.
[31] In C()!1!jidering whetller there is good reason to believe that an appeal is frivolous
and vexatious, a court may CQllsider the m~ts of the appeal, the presence or absence of
oblique motiv~ for launching the appeal, and the conduct oflhe parties: Schmidt, at pam.
[32] I have already discussed the merits of Ihe appeal; they are weak at best. And, {
have also previously discussed the possible ulterior motive to this appeal. That i$, to
delay the execution of the application judge's order and continue living on the property
rent-free. Blanda has not conducted himself well throughout these proceedings,
especi examination and pay costs awards.

Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011

Posted: 3/16/2010 5:47:09 AM

By: Tyrone

Slave mines in South Africa?


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