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Trip Camper, anyone?
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Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011
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Posted: 7/7/2010 2:33:31 PM

By: headhunter

Any more input on Sydney D. "Trip" Camper than below?

Before Inzon, there was Elandia. Victims of Elandia fraud, the Ahkoy Family is now suing Elandia in Pacific and Florida courts. Elandia's Allen Stanford and Sydney D. "Trip" Camper orchestrated the Ponzi scheme against Datec, the Ahkoy family business. When Elandia was exposed, Allen Stanford forced Sydney Camper to resign and before it was official, Sydney Camper found his next fraud victim in Los Angeles - a private and profitable company with aspirations to go public. With the help of his new partner in crime Edward G. Berkhof, Sydney Camper formed a "shell" holding company and together they pretended to be the owners of this private company, arranged a trip to London, opened up secret bank accounts, performed an illegal hostile takeover, and ruined the los angeles company in the same fashion as Datec, the Ahkoy family business.

Ponzi schemer Allen Stanford is in the hands of the FBI while swindlers Sydney Camper and Ed Berkhof are STILL at large. Investors Beware! Sydney Camper is a fraud and uses his stamped passport, donations to St. Jude's and Stanford Group references to gain trust. According to Google, he now hones his Ponzi skills at InZon. According to recent articles, "FMC Telecom Acquires SMS" and FMC Telecom founder Frank Cassidy is either a NEW partner in crime for Ed Berkhof OR he is simply ANOTHER victim fallen prey to Ed Berkhof's web of lies and empty promises to "take a company public". Ed Berkhof is neither a President, COO or Investor of anything. Ed Berkhof is a con artist and a has-been third rate bass player from Florida trying to find a payday.

The SEC and the FBI are investigating Allen Stanford's business relatives and continuing their search for serial swindlers such as Sydney Camper and Ed Berkhof.


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