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Mack Allman Obioha, Wilfredo Saurin, et al.
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Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011
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Posted: 7/24/2010 2:41:13 PM

By: ShoreLines

During November 1997 Robert John Skirving of FIDELITY INTERNATIONAL BANK INC. ( FIB ) introduced a fellow named Mack Allman Obioha ( when he was about 50-yrs. old ) to Gilbert Allen Ziegler (aka) Van Arthur Brink ( Portland, Oregon, USA ) of FIRST INTERNATIONAL BANK OF GRENADA LIMITED ( FIBG ).

Mack Allman Obioha was listed on several firms in Portland, Oregon, USA:


During November 1997, Mack Allman Obioha held himself out as a "trader" who along with Robert J. Skirving ( Portland, Oregon, USA ), Paul James Peiffer (aka) Jim Peiffer ( Portland, Oregon, USA ) and William Leslie IV ( Falls Church, Virginia, USA ) were hammering out agreements involving a gold deal and $1,000,000 ( USD ) million private placement trading program scheme and amidst their communications almost 2-years later on August 27, 1999 Mack Allman Obioha ( Portland, Oregon, USA ) got arrested as did his criminal co-defendants Roland Bleyer ( Beverly Hills, California, USA), Jay Stevens ( Los Angeles, California, USA ), Tari McNamara ( Ohio, USA ) and Ann Henderson ( Texas, USA ) amidst their private placement investment deal that eventually involved a Sacramento, California victim losing almost $1,000,000 ( USD ) he invested through Mack A. Obioha who was given $500,000,000 ( USD ) towards a $15,000,000 'construction loan' investment program that was to pay the victim $650,000 ( USD ) in only 2-weeks.

The same Sacramento, California victim, after having lost $500,000 ( USD ) with Mack obioha, was approached by Roland Frank Bleyer offering to assist the victim in recovering his previous loss if he invested another $363,000 ( USD ) in another project. In total, the victim lost $863,000 ( USD ) - almost $1,000,000 ( USD ) million.

Things become real interesting, for:

Jay Stevens ( Los Angeles, California, USA );
Mack Allman Obioha ( Portland, Oregon, USA ); and,
Roland Bleyer ( Beverly Hills, California, USA).

It appears they got away with it because they all got arrested and released - one way or another - but that's not all. Within 2-weeks thereof ( early September 1999 ), adding insult with even more injuries, Mack Obioha travels to California ( USA ) and then to Connecticut ( USA ) where he clips yet another victim, Ann DeAbate, for $1,000,000 ( USD ) million dollars. Takes half of it - $500,000 ( USD ) - and sends it to his previous Sacramento, California victim.

Matters did not fair as well for their remaining two ( 2 ) criminal co-defendants. Tari McNamara ( Ohio, USA ) and Ann Henderson ( Texas, USA ), a drag queen who posed as a former U.S. Secret Service agent, were sentenced.

Now as all this is going on - from mid 1999 all the way into mid 2002 - Mack Obioha is running his other firms as well as a 'publicly listed' firm named INTERNATIONAL CAPITAL PARTNERS LLC that he sells out his stock holding interest in for nearly $4,000,000 ( USD ) million, and then Obioha disappears - no-doubt headed for his white sand beach.

Get this . . . No cops or feds are after Mack Allman Obioha ( as of late 2007 ) even though he was 'arrested and charged' with federal crimes, he mysteriously never got convicted, never got sentenced, and walked away with millions and was 54-years old when he did. No one knows 'how much' he walked-away with but if he can waltz away in less than 1-month with $1,000,000 ( USD ) million dollars 'net', imagine what he took down in total since he started - long before 1997.

How can characters like this get by with it? Where does their teflon come from? Many claim they are legitimate businessmen who are very good at what they do.

Anything ever happen to these guys?

Apparently activities like this being written about was somehow overlooked but it's nice to try and keep an eye on things from time to time to see if anything has changed.

In March 2008, a sizeable reward was offered just to locate Mack Allman Obioha. What's the use, I thought, if law enforcement lets 'em walk or claim no resources to perfect justice?

Sometimes I wonder 'how far' these characters are really allowed to continue walking, or whether they just eventually trip over the cord they're attached to.

At first, I recalled the case of Gabriel Francis MacEnroe but then quickly realized even that Swiss Irishman will be out of U.S. federal custody soon.

Some may live to see retirement while others may not be so lucky.

David, ever consider a book about fraudsters who appeared to have gotten away with it? What their lives turned out like?

- ShoreLines

Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011

Posted: 8/26/2010 7:05:45 PM


Wilfredo Sarabia Saurin photo, here:



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