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Wilfredo Saurin of OITC but now Soush Saroeun of ARP - OITC in NY Times
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Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011
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Posted: 8/31/2010 5:15:25 PM

By: Unwanted Publicity Intelligence

Dr. Soush Saroeun, or just another front man alias for Wilfredo Sarabia Saurin?

Like many, I receive my share of e-mails, however in the global information business most come to me from fraudsters and those posing as something they are not. While some are worth replying to, a few come from various journalists, authors, media production companies, various governments and their representatives on behalf of various branches, private organizations, and of course lawyers ( grin ).

The following is an e-mail I receltly received, and my reply, that may be worth sharing.

- -

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Subject: Cambodian Victims from Bank Paper Fraud
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2010 23:48:44 +0700
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Date: Mon, Aug 30, 2010 at 9:48 AM
Subject: Cambodian Victims from Bank Paper Fraud


i am a Cambodian citizent, working on these research project about:

- GERMAN EXTERNAL LOAN 1924 value: 110 M (Usd)
- FRB Ferderal Reserve Bank value: 200M (usd)

for my Ants who work with the goverment of Cambodia, she is really believed in to these things, but after i've done all my research i think it is a Bank Paper Fraud, by just after reading all your webpage.

Can you please help to send us more information so we can prove to my ants then she will believed it, because if i am going to tell her just with these prove then it will be not necesary.

Waiting for your reply


( researcher )


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source: APNIC

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From: Unwanted Publicity
Date: Tue, Aug 31, 2010 at 1:23 PM
Subject: Re: Cambodian Victims from Bank Paper Fraud


Thank you for sending me your e-mail - from your area of Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA - based on your having read the Unwanted Publicity Intelligence ( UPI ) website report ( 21JUL10 ) entitled "Phantom Bank Paper Fraudster, Terrorist Or Spy?" at this webpage:

Your research may be further enhanced by reviewing the following image documents at the UPI webpage [ ] or you may choose to begin viewing a more specific slide show of about twenty five ( 25 ) color document copies you may already be familiar with, here:

Your e-mail indicates you have one or more aunts ( Ants ) work for the "government" of "Cambodia," but does not indicate what capacity therein.

Because your e-mail came from Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA, I could not help but notice that the ( UPI ) report [ ] mentioned the business ASIA REAL PROPERTY CO. LTD. ( ARP ) - claiming affiliation with The OFFICE of INTERNATIONAL TREASURY CONTROL ( also known as ) OITC (aka) ITC (aka) TOITC - whereby ARP is also located in Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA. Might you or your aunts ( "Ants" ) be familiar with the individual Dr. Soush Saroeun or Wilfredo Sarabia Saurin? The reason I ask is because your e-mail (
view below ) indicates "GOVERMENT OF FREE VIETNAM value: 200 M (USD)," and in that amount, are believed "real" by your aunts ( "Ants" ), as your e-mail indicates, "who work for the government," and the UPI report [ ] clearly showed newspaper accountings that described "GOVERNMENT OF FREE VIET NAM" 'fraudulent currency' was being distributed by what those newspaper accountings described as "terrorists" that the UPI report links to high yield face value U.S. Federal Reserve Bank and U.S. Department of the Treasury notes efforted in the name of Wilfredo Saurin who is aware of a long list of alias names linked to 'counterfeit United States seals' manufactured onto 'fraudulent document bank paper' distributed by Dragon Family members and their representatives - albeit knowingly or not - nevertheless such was proved amidst the seeming appearance value of $134,600,000,000 billion interalia $135 billion in U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve Bank 'counterfeit seals' on 'fraudulent documents' printed on parchment paper ( that became available during the late 1970s at most United States stationary stores ); seemingly simple although highly unlawfully crafted were those amateur reproduction bank papers seized at the Switzerland border crossing in Chiasso, Italy - actually on 01JUL09 [ ].

Current information indicates a representative of the Dragon Family has been in communication with the incredibly infamous Dr. Günter Berthold Horn ( Sangt Augustin, Germany - near Bonn, Germany ) [ ] in an effort to somehow reclaim 'counterfeit U.S. Treasury Department and Federal Reserve Bank seal' documents [ ] that were seized on 01JUL09 in Chiasso, Italy near the border of Switzerland. Now, your e-mail indicates your aunts ( "Ants" ) believe there are "FRB Federal Reserve Bank value: 200 M (USD)" so, I am trying to ascertain from you whether your aunts ( "Ants" ) believe there is yet 'another' $200,000,000 ( face value ) of similarly 'counterfeited U.S. Treasury and or Federal Reserve Board seal' documents to be or that have been brokered and / or marketed from Cambodia, Viet Nam, Philippine Islands or other location?

An additional reason why I ask the aforementioned question is because your e-mail also indicates "GERMAN EXTERNAL LOAN 1924 value: 110 M (USD)," and the only individual who has been secretly video taped possessing such fraudulent documents is, again, the infamous Dr. Günter Berthold Horn ( Sangt Augustin, Germany - near Bonn, Germany ).

Should you have scanned color copies of such documents ( your e-mail references ) I would appreciate viewing copies reviewing those in your next e-mail with attachments to determine whether they may be authentic or restricted sucurities, or from yet another batch or bundle of counterfeit seal fraudulent high value financial instrument documents.

Perhaps, your further research may bring new light to these subjects written about at the Unwanted Publicity Intelligence website, which and apparently even The New York Times newspaper reporters were unaware of by the appearance of its November 26, 2009 article [ ] that only served to raise on its news platform ASIA REAL PROPERTY CO. LTD. ( ARP ) - claiming affiliation with The OFFICE of INTERNATIONAL TREASURY CONTROL ( also known as ) OITC (aka) ITC (aka) TOITC - Soush Saroeun who I suspect is only yet another alias used by and / or of Wilfredo Sarabia Saurin.

I hope you will see this message reaches others, including your "Ants." Let me know if anything develops.

Thank you for your most informative e-mail.


Unwanted Publicity Intelligence, the website(s), Host



- -

Now, is that e-mailer really a "researcher"?

Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011

Posted: 8/31/2010 6:48:36 PM

By: Unwanted Publicity Intelligence

It is believed that these fellas are nothing more than semi-sophisticated 'up-front fee' ( or 'other valuable property' ) 'joker brokers' jostling documents all over the world for a 'master fraudster'.

Some of the fraud games surrounding OITC may be reviewed in documents, at the Unwanted Publicity Intelligence website:

Frankly, many are surprised they're even allowed to continue operating now for well over a decade. Though their curious satellite organizations, i.e. CONSOLIDATED CREDIT BANK LIMITED and THE NEW WORLD INVESTMENT TRUST ( TNWIT ) have been linked to THE DOMINION OF MELCHIZEDEK, some believe their network of con artists may actually be sifting-out 'other fraudster's information' and feeding that in some undercover role to governments. Perhaps, not just a novel theory, especially in-lieu of the fact 'no arrests and no convictions' against the masters and their Captains have been made in over a decade.

Some believe that something went terribly wrong with the Dragon Family network operation that seemed to run amok in Chiasso, Italy amidst those 'counterfeit FED seals" on fraudulent bank paper documents ( $135 billion phony face value ) that were seized during the first week of July 2009. A 'telephone tip', no-doubt set that incident into a media feeding frenzy event that went from FOX News and many others to several well-known syndicated columnists in America to others around the world.

Interestingly and shortly subsequent thereto, there seemed to 'only be the appearance being given', predominantly on internet message boards / forums, there was somehow rife going on amidst fraudsters heading-up their child organizations. One such forum still is being expounded upon in this regard by a bloke using the name Benjamin Fulford, who - from only what I've closely read - I believe is actually Ray Chhat Dam or Keith Francis Scott posing statements that 'now' OITC is a fraud. Hence, the 'seeming division between fraud operators' of THE OFFICE OF INTERNATIONAL TREASURY CONTROL ( OITC ) is believed their own 'self-made controversial mumbo-jumbo big talk', backed by only sheer thin air.

And to that rubbish, I leave it open for further review and commentary with my advice to others: Try to differentiate between what the 'wanted publicity' is versus what the actual "Unwanted Publicity" really is.

David? What say you, on the subject?

Unwanted Publicity Intelligence, the website(s), Host



Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011

Posted: 8/31/2010 5:50:35 PM

By: Threat Research

they seem to have some immmunity from arrest so, guess it's ok to fool around like OITC with its shennigans. Wikipedia lists a few OITC frauds at:


Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011

Posted: 8/31/2010 5:41:24 PM




Courtesy of: Unwanted Publicity Information Group

Source: Khmerweb Inc. ( Cambodia )

Circa: July 13, 2010

50 B Street, No. # 240
Sangkat Chaktomuk
Daun Penh
TEL / FAX: +855 23 221-341
CELL: +855 012 383-030
CELL: +855 011 872-526
CELL: +855 012 789-841
CELL: +855 016 796-272

THE UNOITC, a UN Chartered Institute Vide Charter Control 10-60847 (aka)
1133 Connecticut Avenue N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20036
TEL: +1 (202) 449-9499
FAX: +1 (202) 449-9546

a Fund and Collateral Master Commitment Provider ( with full federal license )


its affiliate ( immediately below ), an International Real Estate Consultant Firm subsidiary of the Master Collateral Commitment Provider ( immediately above ) ]:

ARP-OITC GROUP CO. LTD. [ a Private Limited Company, Cambodia company register no.: 2097 ]
277 Norodom Boulevard
Bassac Commune
Chamcar Morn District
Phnom Penh
TEL: +855 23 221 341
FAX: +855 23 224 392
CELL: +855 12 383 030
CELL: +855 13 383 030
CELL: +855 15 383 030
CELL: +855 11 872 526
SKYPE: dr.saroeun

Welcome to Business Potentials Development and Financial Facility Services, at:


We are pleased to have the opportunity to service you and your interest in our credit facilities.

We look forward to developing a relationship with you and your company during our loan assessment process, of:

- BG;
- MTN;
- Development Indemnity Bond; etc.

Beginning today, January 7, 2009, we are located along Norodom Boulevard, close to the Ministry of Interior, catering to all your banking needs and have a variety of 'banking facilities' [ bank paper instruments ] that can be tailored to suit the needs of your business.

Come office with us, and you’ll find our commitment to excellence will serve you well. In our commitment to provide you with convenience and superior customer service, ARP-OITC GROUP proudly announces the opening of Cambodia branch. Enjoy our full range of innovation business and banking solutions, and day and night service that will make your life easy and Cambodia successfully. Please come and experience:

World class banking instruments, at:

ARP-OITC GROUP ( Phnom Penh, Cambodia )

We warmly welcome foreign and national companies and business travelers to come and do business in Kingdom of Cambodia. I wish them a lot of success. And look forward to serving and may god blessing well.

Greatest Regards,

Dr. Saroeun Soush

Executive Managing Director, Chief Property Development Officer and Member of the OITC Cabinet, and Private Assistant to the Chairman ( i.e. His Excellency Professor Dr. Ray C. Dam )


As part of our experience of researching activity in real estate in the past year, from 1999 we were about to publish our internal magazine ( issued 2 times per year, once every 6-months ) including advertising aimed at satisfying our customers most of which have been foreigners amongst high profile clients, such as:

World Vision;
World Bank;

Garment factories, banks, ministries of government, hospitals, international schools, embassies and secretaries of the U.S., UK, Philippines, Germany, India, Belgium, the 5-star hotel ( Phnom Penh, Cambodia ), crowded pedestrian places and other places delivered nationwide.

We are about creating magazines that successfully engage the hearts and minds of highly targeted groups of readers, and because our concepts are targeted as such we are able to establish greater reader involvement than many general publications.

Our service is offering high-quality, highly defined and highly involved reader markets, cost-effectively, to companies that wish to reach those markets.

Our range of publications is read by highly motivated customers. Our readers are passionate about the subject matter or simply motivated by the need to research for an impending major purchase. We do not target large numbers of passive consumers but we do target readers who are actively engaged with the subject matter.

As a result we are able to offer some of the most valuable and effective marketing solutions in the business. Marketers who work with us have the reassurance of knowing their advertising message is being read by the people to whom it matters the most.

Each magazine created by ARP PUBLICATIONS is constructed with a true appreciation of the needs of its readership, reflected in the editorial, photographic and design standards set. With each publication, we explore the reader mind-set thoroughly to ensure that our creative strikes a chord. We employ some of Cambodian's best experiences in field of journalistic, photographic and design talent. Of course, good publishing does not end with a great product. The product itself has to be exposed to as many relevant members of the target market as possible, which is where ARP PUBLICATIONS goes the extra mile. ARP PUBLICATIONS is a proficient multi-channel marketer offering specialist distribution and unique marketing programs that provide access to markets that are otherwise hard to reach.

We produce a diverse group of publication in lucrative target market.

ARP, Publication serves including the follow:

- Designing, Printing, Scanning, Inkjet Printing, offset Printing of Sticker,
- Brochure, Newsletter, Catalog Designing and printing.
- Light Box, Sign Board, Banners, Pennants (Rate)
- Printing on T-shirt

Related Topic: Rate of Advertising on ARP Magazine

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ARP PUBLICATIONS produce a range of high quality, information packed URL advertising to consumers in getting the right information and products.

This advertising placement can be use as a multi-tiered mini site or a striking brand billboard with extra bells and whistles. Integrated within our latest content, the homepage URL advertising is the canvass available on arp-estate net's main page, and can be enhanced with the latest rich media technologies. More than 2.6 millions unique user will see your advertising over 29 millions times per months.

If you would like any information on advertising on our both magazine and our web page.

Please contact Mr. Prok Piseth, IT and Design Manager, at:

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CELL: +855 0 12 383-030
CELL: +855 0 13 383-030
CELL: +855 0 15 383-030
CELL: +855 0 99 853-861
CELL: +855 0 10 321-685
FAX: +855 0 23 224-392


ASIA REAL PROPERTY CO. LTD. ( ARP ) was established in 1999 with just a few hundred dollars and a small dilapidate office with a chair, table and an old motorbike, but coupled with determination, the company achieved hard-earned leap frog success with difficulties molding company strength as it matured.

ASIA REAL PROPERTY CO. LTD. ( ARP ) is now one of the leading trusted realtors and real estate professionals in Cambodia where since its inception it successfully diversified services from just a humble property rental & sales firm into a trusted official security valuator of a variety of local and foreign financial institutions where company vision never stopped but continued into property management, real estate development and consultancy and property asset management services in progress bearing promising results while strengthening core management with integrity, independence and impartiality delivering the best quality services as part of ASIA REAL PROPERTY CO. LTD. ( ARP ) philosophy while hard work and patience remain its way of life with service innovations its greatest challenge.


1999 - Mr. Soush Saroeun founded ASIA REAL PROPERTY CO. LTD. ( ARP ) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia where it catered a simple rental service to expatriates with a start-up capital of a few hundred dollars. Advertising materials were disseminated through photocopied leaflets stuck on tree trunks around Phnom Penh and 6-months later, bolstered by the mouth of our satisfied foreign clients, a secretary was employed to meet ever-increasing house rental inquiries. Mr. Soush Saroeun spent most his time in the field of property research, compiling property listings.

2000 - Experiencing devastation saw dedication to materializing ARP vision with a manager, property researcher and marketing personnel hired that aallowed Mr. Saroeun Soush time to oversee business attaining more vision.

2001 - Property valuation service was born as Cambodia National Bank underwent nationwide "security" appraisals it looked for qualified local bidders where ARP landed on the short list of bidders it was later awarded the contract as official security valuator and periodic security revaluator.

2002 - Property valuation services brought demand with increasing contracts coming from various local and foreign banks pouring in, strengthening and enhancing the quality of ARP services, property appraisal specialists were hired.

2003 - Demands and good reputation enabled ARP to attract property owners availing themselves to our services as their broker. Since then, service in property rental and sales, property management, property asset management, real estate development and consultancy were born.

2004 - Mid-2004, ARP was on the verge of collapse. Mismanagement and financial hemorrhage was the main culprit couple with the management ignorance in importance of strong core management and risk management. Our magazine "Essential Decorating Guide" was launched and available in major banks, hotels, embassies, NGOs, companies, restaurants, ministries, schools and most residences in Phnom Penh. It will be distributed free of charge, door to door, to every office, shop, hotel, restaurant and business in Phnom Penh as a project which offers a fantastic marketing strategy for over a half year. Subsequently, in 2006, 10,000 copies will be printed giving great exposure to businesses where it will be seen in almost every office, shop and business in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Sihanouk Ville.

2005 - Is the most challenging year as competition became stiffer, but having been awarded the contract to appraise over 1,000 hectares of Agriculture Land Investment in Southwest Cambodia was a unique achievement so we could stand among competitors and also receive very high numbers closing contracts from rental and sale properties.

In spite of these successes, our prompt response to ever evolving customer innovations and challenges, we will never cease and always keep in touch with you forever.

I truly hope my sincerity shines through in this presentation. My staff and I follow the old saying "by helping others become successful you become successful yourself." This statement truly captures our philosophy for the sake of the consumer.

We believe our best and faithful services will be provided with full and tireless effort from our company staff and will become that asset resulting in mutual commitment and benefits.

I am looking forward to providing our best and express services with reasonable prices to all prospective customers until the very last minute of satisfaction.

With Warmly Regards,

( Signature and Seal )

Saroeun Soush

Executive Managing Director



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- PBN [ Bank Notes ];
- SBLC [ Stand-By Letter Of Credit ];
- MTN [ Medium Term Notes ];
- etc.

'Banking facilities' can be used as 'collateral', to obtain:

- Development Bonds ( Project Indemnity Fund, etc. );
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ARP - OITC [ ASIA REAL PROPERTY CO. LTD. ( ARP ) - OFFICE OF INTERNATIONAL TREASURY CONTROL ( OITC ) ] is ready to serve you with a professional staff whenever you have issues regarding your Banking Facilities as: PBG, PBPN, PBN, PBDLC, BSLC, MTN, etc. and new residence, property rental, warehouse, office rental, please contact us to find an efficient solution.

ARP-OITC (aka)
41 Norodom Street, No. 277
Phnom Penh
TEL: +855 23 221-341
FAX: +855 23 224-392
CELL: +855 012 383-030
CELL: +855 013 383-030
CELL: +855 015 383-030
CELL: +855 011 872-526
SKYPE ID: dr.saroeun





Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011

Posted: 8/31/2010 5:32:58 PM

By: ShoreLines

I see the NY Times article [ ] mentioning Soush Saroeun, but where is 'he' linked to The Office of Treasury Control ( OITC ) nonsense?


Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011

Posted: 9/19/2010 6:51:31 PM

By: Unwanted Publicity Intelligence

The ever so curious Italian fellow, Daniele Dal Bosco - almost 2-months subsequent to the Chiasso / Como $135 billion seizure of Federal Reserve Bank notes - claimed to be a 'financial consultant' for Leon Zagami.

Daniele Dal Bosco, however also claimed to be a 'financial advisor' for the Vatican bank, and Treasurer for the Masons too.

One thing for sure is, there is much chatter on the internet about Daniele Dal Bosco, including claims of trists with The Office of International Treasury Control ( OITC ) jokers, and Leo Zagami.

But what can people derive from the internet? That it is filled with hoaxsters?

- -


I talked to Daniele a couple of times and I am under the impression there is no intention from the elite to reform the present monetary system just like you said and like I told you last year over and over again in Japan.

But, dear [ EDITED-OUT FOR PRIVACY ], I'm also sure that this person called Neil is a disinformation agent regarding the info he is giving you about Dal Bosco who is definetely not involved to my knowledge in such a scam or any illegal activity.

In any case I'm not involved and I wish to stay out of it because me and my associates are busy with much more serious issues at the moment, we are preparing for civil unrest, global chaos and war and we don't believe it's possible to save the present civilization with the reform of the monetary system or any other reform but we believe in laying the foundations of a new Empire FREE OF THE VATICAN SATAN that we will destroy with the help of our Cosmic Brothers in the end of times coming up soon. We are dealing for a long time in secret with these beings from other parts of the universe arriving to us through dimensional portals only known to the Secret Chiefs, we are dealing with the ones who are not working with the Jesuits of course the Angelic realm.

You are free to believe this or not dear Benjamin but you should come and visit the reincarnation of Elia the Prophet inside the body of Giorgio Bongiovanni the stigmatized guy who is currentely heading the Cosmic Brotherhood we started in Sicily many years ago with Eugenio Siracusa.

Last year in the mountains of Switzerland some key members of the Swiss Illuminati including Daniele Dal Bosco met with the Alien beings near the town of Stein to seal the deal that will destroy the papacy and instal the Kingdom of the Space Gods under the One God I hope we can now introduce you to some more serious topics then the rubbish of this guy called Neil who is a slave of the system a puppet who thinks he can go after people who are protected at the highest level but as I told you earlier I dont want to be involved but if you want I can finaly introduce you to the real illuminati who are getting ready for 2013 when the system will finaly crack under the preSsure of the solar storm combined with civil unrest, famine, pestilence and war.

Regards, yours,

Leo Lyon Zagami 33o AASR
The Grand Master of the OIU

- -

The aforementioned is a sample of what folks only have to digest about those two ( Zagami and DalBosco ).

There is, however a curious effort underway to bring Daniele Dal Bosco to task surrounding the differential of between what was seized ( those bonds ) in Chiasso, Italy coupled with what 'other financial instruments' is being claimed that he somehow saw removed albeit 'prior to' or, even more curiously somehow, 'after the bonds were seized by law enforcement' there. were some of those bonds released back into the custody of one ( 1 ) of the two ( 2 ) Japan citizens that were detained amidst the Chiasso incident?

It has come to my attention that a fellow - formerly associated with a Turkey government intelligence service - may have been instrumental in passing information through to a U.S. intelligence source abroad [ don't know who the U.S. DOS, DSS, RSO was in Rome at AmEmb ], which called the U.S. Secret Service Foreign Branch [ a clean-cut short ( build ) CIA agent was scrambled ] in May 2009 'before' the train ever pulled into the Chiasso, Italy train border crossing in June 2009 when the bonds were then seized.

With ears already on rails and other by-ways to detect the next barrage of documents that will - as they have since 1991 - pull across that particular curiously watched frontier, we could see more incidents but I doubt anyone will try sending anymore from Japan.

Unwanted Publicity Intelligence, the website(s), host



Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011

Posted: 9/18/2010 4:55:01 PM

By: igots2no

How does Lyon Zagami (aka) Leo Zagami fit into the case?

Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011

Posted: 9/17/2010 6:35:41 PM

By: Unwanted Publicity Intelligence

The other fellow [ Giuseppe ( lnu ) ] might be, Giuseppe Maffei who was named in the news report ( below ) alongside Alessandro Santi.

It also appears the $134,600,000,000 billion ( $135 billion ) in U.S. Federal Reserve Note Series 1934 bonds 'were' actually seized on "July 1, 2009" - not "July 3, 2009" as so many other news reports indicated. Read below:

- - - -

Source: IL GIORNO - Italy

Avrebbe incontrato i due giapponesi ora spariti nel nulla di PAOLA PIOPPI — COMO — LA PERIZIA affidata ai servizi segreti, i due indagati giapponesi spariti prima dell’interrogatorio che si sarebbe dovuto tenere ieri mattina e tornati...

Bond Sequestrati, C’è Un Comasco

July 2, 2009

LA PERIZIA affidata ai servizi segreti, i due indagati giapponesi spariti prima dell’interrogatorio che si sarebbe dovuto tenere ieri mattina e tornati nel loro Paese, ma anche un indagato italiano, Alessandro Santi, 72 anni di Carimate, iscritto con le stesse ipotesi: falsificazione di monete e introduzione nello Stato di monete falsificate, e parificazione delle carte di pubblico credito alle monete. Santi si sarebbe incontrato con i due giapponesi - Akihiko Yamaguchi, 54 anni e Mitsuyoshi Watanabe, 61 anni - prima che andassero in dogana a inizio giugno e venissero fermati con 259 titoli obbligazionari, vale a dire bond, per un valore di 134 miliardi di dollari americani. Il più grosso sequestro mai effettuato a Como, con un controvalore di 96 miliardi di euro, rispetto al quale si sa pochissimo.

I BOND erano nascosti sul fondo di una valigia, in uno scomparto chiuso e separato da quello contenente gli indumenti personali. In tutto 249 bond della Federal Reserve americana, emessi nel 1934, del valore nominale di 500 milioni ciascuno, che secondo i primi accertamenti dovrebbero essere falsi, e 10 Bond Kennedy del valore nominale di un miliardo di dollari ciascuno, emessi nel 1998 e probabilmente autentici. Assieme ai titoli, i due avevano cospicua documentazione bancaria in originale. Tra giovedì e sabato scorsi la Guardia di finanza e i servizi segreti degli Stati Uniti hanno fatto perquisizioni in diversi luoghi della Lombardia, acquisendo telefonini, pc e documentazione varia, non si sa a carico di chi sono state fatte queste perquisizioni, ma è certo che si tratta di società o persone in qualche modo collegate ai tre indagati o ai bond. Resta comunque il fatto che questa vicenda, di cui nessuno vuole parlare, sembra nascondere un giro internazionale di alto livello, legato indiscutibilmente alla finanza: ne sono dimostrazione da un lato la presenza dei servizi segreti statunitensi dall’altro un episodio singolare. Ancora prima che i nomi dei due giapponesi comparissero sui giornali, un sito internet finanziario aveva pubblicato la fotocopia dei loro passaporti, indicando a quali precedenti affari i due si legavano.

SEMPRE IN MATERIA di bond falsi, ieri il Tribunale collegiale di Como ha assolto Giuseppe Maffei, ingegnere romano di 68 anni, che a gennaio era stato trovato in possesso di 120 milioni di dollari in titoli di stato americani mentre viaggiava in treno da Lugano a Milano.

Si trattava di quattro titoli, due da dieci milioni e due da cinquanta, che i militari della Guardia di finanza avevano trovato in un cestino dell’immondizia di un vagone. L’accusa di introduzione in Italia di titoli falsi è decaduta in quanto emessi da una società privata fallita, e inoltre scaduti da sette anni.


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Google translates, the aforementioned news story, into something like this:

Source: IL GIORNO - Italy

He met the Japanese whom disappeared in hours


Expertise assigned to the secret services, the two Japanese suspects disappeared before the interrogation that should have been taken yesterday morning and returned.

Bond Seized, A Como Connection

July 2, 2009

The valuation assigned by the secret services.

The two ( 2 ) Japan citizen suspects disappeared, before the interrogation that should have been taken yesterday morning, and returned to Japan.

But Italy citizen suspect Alessandro Santi ( 72 ) of Carimate, was charged similarly: introduction of fake State / National currency and counterfeit money, and equalization of public credit currency.

Santi is believed to have met with the two ( 2 ) Japan citizens, Akihiko Yamaguchi ( 54 ) and Mitsuyoshi Watanabe ( 61 ) before coming into Italy Customs, at the beginning of June 2009 when they were stopped with 259 bonds worth $134,000,000,000 billion U.S. dollars.

The biggest seizure ever made near Como, Italy saw the value at 96,000,000,000 billion euros, and for which very little was known.

The bonds were hidden at the bottom of a suitcase in a closed compartment and separate from the one containing the clothes.

In total, 249 bonds of the U.S. Federal Reserve issued in 1934 with nominal values of $500,000,000 million U.S. dollars each, which according to preliminary investigations should be false, plus ten ( 10 ) Kennedy Bonds with nominal values of $1,000,000,000 billion U.S. dollars each were issued in 1998 appeared authentic along with titles had two ( 2 ) large original bank documents.

Between Thursday and Saturday Italy financial police and the U.S. Secret Service have done searches on several locations in Sydney, Australia acquiring mobile phones, personal computers and various documents, but those were not publicly known against whom those searches occured, it was however certain these companies or individuals were in some unknown way related to the three ( 3 ) suspects or bonds.

The fact remains that this story, which nobody wants to talk about, seems to hide a high level international tour, indisputably linked to finance: demonstrating on one hand the presence of U.S. intelligence, on the other, a single episode.

Even before the names of two ( 2 ) Japanese in the newspapers, a financial website had published a photocopy of their passports, showing what business the previous two ( 2 ) were tied to.

ALWAYS ON bond forged, collegial Court yesterday acquitted Giuseppe Maffei Como ( 68 ), Rome engineer, who in January [ 2009 ] was found in possession of $120,000,000 million in U.S. government bonds while traveling by train from Lugano, Switzerland to Milan, Italy.

It was four titles, two of ten million and fifty-two, the military's financial police had found in a garbage bin in a car.

The charge introduced in Italy of false licenses lapsed as issued by a private company failed, and also expired seven years.

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Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011

Posted: 9/17/2010 5:37:27 PM

By: Crypt Kept

Looks like more on this $135 billion in bonds story is coming.

This appears to be getting ridiculous. How could a law firm(s) in New York [ William Hughes Mulligan Jr. ] and / or Hillside Ferry Pass, Florida bring such a case?

Would a Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act ( R.I.C.O. ) action be appropriate? If so, against who / whom? Against the crooks, probably, but that would be a federal criminal case brought by Justice, right? A civil matter being brought by who / whom? The 'unwitting' versus 'others'?

Names circulating, are:

Guissepe ( lnu );
Alessandro Santi (aka) Alex Santi;
Lyon Zagami (aka) Leo Zagami;
Daniele Dal Bosco (aka) Daniel D. Bosco;
Kinichi Sohara;
Diem C. Ray;
Ray Chhat Dam;

Much of this is getting too bizarre:

Crypt Keeeper

Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011

Posted: 9/9/2010 7:33:05 PM

By: Threat Research

I don't know, but this photo of Dr. Soush Saroeun, here [ ], of ASIA REAL PROPERTY CO. LTD. (aka) ARP (aka) ARP-OITC (aka) THE OFFICE OF INTERNATIONAL TREASURY CONTROL (aka) TOITC (aka) OITC (aka) ITC, looks like a younger photo of Ray Chhat Dam, here [ ], the so-called 'former' chairman of THE OFFICE OF INTERNATIONAL TREASURY CONTROL (aka) TOITC (aka) OITC (aka) ITC.

Whatcha think? One in the same?

If so, why do current reports indicate Ray C. Dam turned over the reigns of OITC to Wilfredo Saurin?

Another curious more current development are reports supposedly coming out-of the infamous OITC surrounding Ray Dam trying, through other mouthpieces, to distance himself as far away from OITC as possible because of not only multiple past fraudulent deals ( Fiji Islands and MG-Rover, etc. ) but now more currently ( 2010 ) with OITC being mentioned as curiously linked to the July 1, 2009 Chiasso, Italy train border seizure of the counterfeit seals found printed on 'all' those Series 1934 U.S. Federal Reserve Note interest bearing coupon bonds.

I believe a Bloomberg Report columnist or correspondent broke the Chiasso incident based on a KYODO News report out-of Japan, then Glenn Beck of FOX News picked up the story and carried it on FOX cable television in America, then Asia.Net carried a wild story about the Chiasso incident but riddled with speculation that the $135 billion in these now known as 'counterfeit' Federal Reserve Notes seized at Chiasso were somehow 'real' and that was supposed to mean another foreign country ( China or Japan ? ) was somehow calling in its debt with the U.S. - all sheer poppycock.

But 'why' all the 'big international news attention' and 'extremely slow official confirmation' as to the authenticity of those FRNs? Sure, they were grandiose and fraudulent U.S. central bank paper, however it wasn't until very recently that only the Unwanted Publicity Intelligence website displayed copies of the FRNs where anyone can see the rounded-off points in the counterfeit seals thereon, proving the counterfeit nature of those seized at Chiasso.

Also, since they were counterfeit paper, why weren't the two ( 2 ) Japan citizens 'arrested'? What ever happened to the one ( 1 ) man from the Philipines who was also involved? And, how about all the other men involved with those counterfeit papers 'before' they ever reached the Chiasso border?

Why are U.S. federal law enforcement officials so shy to set this world news report straight? Oh! It's an "ongoing investigation," right?


Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011

Posted: 12/23/2010 12:50:52 AM

By: Unwanted Publicity Intelligence

Hail, hail, the fraudster gang is all here, again ( below ) in recent news!

Ray Chhat Dam ( );
Soush Sarouen ( );
Keith Francis Scott ( ); and,

All ( above ) are found mentioned again ( below ) in recent news coverage ( 25OCT10, 19DEC10, and 20DEC10 ), in Cambodia where it now appears to have finally landed a couple of arrests. How long they'll remain behind bars is another matter left open for discussion.

- - - -

Source: The Phnom Penh Post ( Phnom Penh, Cambodia )

[ PHOTO ( by, Sovan Philong ) - Ray C Dam ( left ), chairman of ARP-OITC Group, enters Phnom Penh Municipal Court yesterday: ]

Pair From Dubious Firm Charged
by, James O'Toole and Chrann Chamroeun

December 20, 2010 20:56

CAMBODIA, Phnom Penh, Daun Penh - December 22, 2010 - Two [ 2 ] men from a local property firm raided by police this past weekend [ 18DEC10, Saturday ] were charged with forgery by the Phnom Penh Municipal Court yesterday after allegedly fabricating documents claiming ties to the United Nations, the United States government and HSBC Bank.

Municipal Court deputy prosecutor Sok Roeun said Ray C. Dam, the chairman of ARP-OITC GROUP CO. LTD., and Soush Saroeun, the firm’s executive managing director, had been charged with forgery under Articles 626, 627, 628 and 629 of the Kingdom’s new penal code, which went into effect this month.

“We have transferred the case to an investigating judge for further examination of these charges,” Sok Roeun said.

Article 629, which relates to forging government documents, carries a jail term of between 5-years and 10-years. The combined charges carry a maximum sentence of 16-years in prison.

The case follows an October [ 25OCT10 ] report in The Post that investigated ARP-OITC and its parent company, the “Office of International Treasury Control”, questioning the groups’ grandiose alleged credentials and raising concerns over possible fraud.

OITC officials have previously been implicated in financial scandals in Ecuador, Fiji, and United Kingdom.

Ray Dam and Soush Saroeun were arrested on Saturday [ 18DEC10 ] at Dam’s luxurious home in Daun Penh district, where police confiscated OITC documents and Dam’s four [ 4 ] Lexus cars.

Two [ 2 ] foreigners were arrested along with the pair, though these men were later released, said Rin Savoeun, deputy chief of the internal security department at the Ministry of Interior.

Minister of Information Khieu Kanharith said yesterday that Prime Minister Hun Sen had “ordered investigation into this case last month after learning that [ Dam ] had pretended to be an advisor to [ Senate President ] Chea Sim and used that title to grab land in Banteay Meanchey province”. The government “welcomes” the indictments against Dam and Soush Saroeun, Khieu Kanharith added.

Ray Dam has been locked in a land dispute with Lay Saran, deputy commander of the Royal Cambodia Armed Forces in Phnom Srok district, over seven [ 7 ] hectares of land in the district.

Mey Vann, director of the financial department at the Ministry of Economy and Finance, said his ministry had filed a complaint against ARP-OITC after learning that the group was operating without a real estate license despite billing itself as an “international real estate consultancy”.

Keith Scott, the OITC “chief of cabinet”, said in an e-mail on Sunday that he was not involved in ARP-OITC operations in Cambodia, though he defended Ray Dam, who is identified on the OITC website as owner of the “Global Debt Facility” and “sole arbiter ... of the Tripartite Gold Commission, established under the Bretton Woods Agreement”.

“This does not appear to be a matter that questions the institutional and international authorities of Dr. Dam,” Scott said. “Those I know to be genuine.”


- - - -

Source: The Phnom Penh Post ( Phnom Penh, Cambodia )

[ PHOTO ( by, Heng Chivoan ) - A man leaves the Norodom Boulevard offices of the ARP-OITC Group on Saturday, during investigations at the site by police: ]

Photo by: Heng Chivoan
A man leaves the Norodom Boulevard offices of the ARP-OITC Group on Saturday, during investigations at the site by police.

Police Raid Property Firm
by, James O'Toole and Cheang Sokha

December 19, 2010 21:50

CAMBODIA, Phnom Penh - Decemner 19, 2010 - Police have arrested four [ 4 ] employees, of a shadowy organization that has been implicated in a series of bizarre scandals in multiple countries, holding the men on suspicion of large-scale fraud and forgery.

Ray C. Dam, the chairman of ARP-OITC GROUP CO. LTD., and Soush Saroeun, executive managing director of ARP-OITC, were arrested on Saturday in Phnom Penh, National Police spokesman Kirt Chantharith said.

A source close to the investigation said two [ 2 ] foreigners had been arrested as well, though the men did not have passports when they were apprehended and their nationalities could not be confirmed.

The arrests follow an October report [ 25OCT10 ] in The Post that examined the Office of International Treasury Control, of which ARP-OITC is a subsidiary, and questioned the group’s alleged associations with the United States government, the United Nations and HSBC Bank.

Housed in modern offices on Norodom Boulevard, ARP-OITC identifies itself in promotional material as an “international real estate consultancy” that also offers loans and “bank instruments” for joint venture partners.

The Post confirmed in October [ 2010 ], however, that the group is licensed with neither the National Bank of Cambodia nor the real estate department at the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

“Based on the article, I already found that the company does not have a license from the Ministry of Finance in terms of real estate, their business operation, and since then we advised them that if they want to do business properly in the country, they have to comply with Cambodia law,” Mey Vann, director of the financial department at the Ministry of Economy and Finance, said yesterday.

“They committed to us that they will ask for the license, but since then, they did not do anything, so we just put the complaint to the investigators.”

Mey Vann said following the original report in October [ 2010 ] that an inter-ministerial committee, including officials from the ministries of finance,
interior and land management, was looking into the issue.

OITC materials identify the group as “the largest single owner of gold and platinum bullion in the World” and “the largest single owner of Home Mortgage Securities in the World today”, claiming it controls top secret assets and “treasure” all over the globe.

“Much of the treasure is buried in tunnels, bunkers and caves and in sunken ships in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Cambodia,” the group says in an investment presentation. “Further treasures are hidden all around the world.”

The OITC claims on its website that it has been granted “Sovereign Entity Status under the United Nations Charter Control No: 10-60847”, and that its assets are given “full International Protection and Immunity under Full Jacket Security Level 3-5 … under the Great Seal of America ( No: 632-258894 )”. Ray C. Dam is identified as an economic adviser to U.S. Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush.

Ben Pursell, a spokesman for the UN Resident Coordinator’s office in Cambodia, confirmed in October [ 2010 ] that the group is not affiliated with the UN, and that UN “charter control numbers” do not exist.

The OITC listed address is in Washington, D.C., though American officials have also rejected any connection to Dam or OITC.

“At this point, we have seen no credible information that establishes any employment relationship or other official connection by a Mr. Ray C. Dam with the U.S. government,” U.S. embassy spokesman Mark Wenig said in an e-mail yesterday.

“If we establish that Mr. Ray C. Dam is an American citizen, we will work with Mr. Dam and the Royal Government of Cambodia in accordance with usual consular practices and procedures.”

Kirt Chantharith said police had investigated Dam “for quite a long time before we made the arrest”.

“We have enough evidence, but police are questioning him to get more details and we will send him to the court within 48-hours” of his arrest on Saturday [ 18DEC10 ], Kirt Chantharith said.

“He is accused of forging documents and using forged documents to claim he has assets of roughly $500,000,000 million ( USD ).”

According to a copy of the investigation report obtained by The Post, Dam is roughly 60-years old and was born in Banteay Meanchey province’s Phnom Srok district, having fled Cambodia for the U.S. following the Khmer Rouge period before returning to the Kingdom in the early 1990s.

The report states that Dam was arrested in Cambodia on suspicion of fraud in 1997, though it is unclear how this case was resolved.

In 2006, Dam and two [ 2 ] associates were sued by the mayor of a town in Ecuador who claimed she had paid them $20,000 in exchange for a $150,000,000 million line of credit that never materialized, according to Ecuador El Universo newspaper.

That same year, OITC “chief of cabinet” Keith Scott travelled to Fiji, offering $6,000,000,000 billion to be used toward the creation of a bank for local landowners. Fiji police commissioner Andrew Hughes later said he was “profoundly suspicious” of OITC’s offer, and Fiji Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase said “no one in their right mind” would inject so much money into such a small economy, the Fiji Times reported.

During an interview in October [ 2010 ] at the ARP-OITC offices in Phnom Penh, Soush Saroeun claimed the firm was involved in joint ventures with companies from France, Canada and Vietnam, though he did not provide details of the projects.

According to a copy of the contract with the Viet Nam firm BAO PHU GIA COMPANY, ARP-OITC has guaranteed $100,000,000 million in financing via HSBC Bank in exchange for a $200,000 payment from BAO PHU GIA COMPANY for “bank-mobilization fees”.

As proof of his firm’s connection with the London based bank, Soush Saroeun offered a document dated December 29, 2009 and littered with spelling and grammatical errors that was signed by HSBC Group Finance Director “Dr. David J. Flint”.

As of December 2009, HSBC Group Finance Director was Douglas Flint. HSBC spokesman Gareth Hewett said at the time that the bank “tend[s] not to comment on these things”.

Pheng Sideth, a lawyer for ARP-OITC, said he was too busy to comment yesterday. In a letter dated October 30, 2010, however he accused The Post of “creating a story different from the truth, which damages the honor and value” of the company [ ARP - OITC ]. “What was published is fake or exaggerated information with the goal of shocking citizens who use ARP-OITC GROUP CO. LTD. for their business,” he wrote.

- Additional reporting by Sam Rith


- - - -

Source: The Phnom Penh Post ( Phnom Penh, Cambodia )

[ PHOTO ( by, Heng Chivoan ) - The ARP-OITC office on Norodom Boulevard: ]

Mystery Firm Sparks Investment Warning
by, James O'Toole

October 25, 2010 21:48

CAMBODIA, Phnom Penh - October 25, 2010 - A shadowy organization that has been accused of fraud in multiple countries is operating in Cambodia, raising concerns about government oversight and the potential defrauding of foreign investors.

Asia Real Property Co, Ltd – a firm with offices on Norodom Boulevard – identifies itself in promotional material as a subsidiary of an international real estate consultancy known as “ARP-OITC GROUP CO. LTD. ( Cambodia )”.

OITC is short for the “Office of International Treasury Control”, a group that has been implicated in a series of bizarre scandals from Ecuador to Fiji while making grandiose claims about its links to the United Nations and the United States government.

In addition to real estate consulting, ARP-OITC offers “bank instruments”, including high-limit lines of credit, to foreign partners, ARP-OITC executive managing director Soush Saroeun said in an interview this month. He said the company was working on three [ 3 ] joint-ventures in Cambodia with companies from Viet Nam, Canada, and France.

“Though not generally or publicly known, OITC is the largest International Institution of its kind,” the organization says in a brochure. It claims to be “the largest single owner of gold and platinum bullion in the World” and “the largest single owner of Home Mortgage Securities in the World today”.

The OITC website is adorned with UN logos, and the group claims to have been granted “Sovereign Entity Status under the United Nations Charter Control No: 10-60847”. OITC assets are given “full International Protection and Immunity under Full Jacket Security Level 3-5 … under the Great Seal of America ( No: 632-258894 ) on behalf of the International Community”, the site says.

“Ask the U.S. embassy – they know me very well,” Soush Sarouen said. UN and United States embassy representatives in Phnom Penh said, however, that they had no knowledge of the organization. “After speaking with the UN headquarters we can confirm this group is not affiliated with the UN,” Ben Pursell, a spokesman for the UN Resident Coordinator Office in Cambodia, said.

“Also, UN ‘charter control numbers’ do not exist.”

“The United Nations Office of Legal Affairs advises not to interact [ with ] such entities.”

Although ARP-OITC chairman Ray C. Dam is touted in promotional material as an “economic adviser” to U.S. Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush, a spokesman at the U.S. embassy in Phnom Penh said the embassy had “no information about [ Ray C. Dam ] background nor have seen any evidence of a connection” to the U.S. government.

“It’s fanciful on so many levels that it’s almost humorous,” said Stephen Higgins, CEO of ANZ Royal Bank, who has reviewed ARP-OITC documents. “Cambodia does not want to be associated with these kinds of scams.”

OITC worldwide

“The truth about OITC is very difficult for the common person to understand as they then need to understand many other issues,” Keith Scott, an Australian who identifies himself as OITC “Chief of Council of the Cabinet”, said in an e-mail.

Scott declined to disclose his own whereabouts or those of OITC chairman Ray C. Dam.

“In the past, [ with ] small-town reporters such as in Phnom Penh, we find reporters make up what they do not understand, and it all becomes total nonsense,” he said.

Indeed, it appears many have found the work of the OITC inscrutable.

The firm made an abortive $5,000,000,000 billion ( USD ) bid for the British car company MG ROVER in 2005, the Financial Times reported, puzzling accountants by issuing a down payment of 1 pound [ British sterling pound ] in the form of a postal order.

Later that year [ 2005 ], the OITC surfaced in Ecuador, where its representatives reportedly offered $150,000,000 million in long-term credit to the small municipality of Oña for infrastructure projects in exchange for a $20,000 deposit paid by Oña mayor Germania Ullauri into a Malaysia bank account.

This line of credit never materialized, however, and in April 2006, Ullauri filed a lawsuit accusing Ray C. Dam and two [ 2 ] Ecuador associates of fraud, Ecuador’s El Universo newspaper reported.

Keith Scott surfaced in Fiji in March of 2006, where he reportedly offered $6,000,000,000 billion to be used toward the creation of a bank for local landowners.

Fiji police commissioner Andrew Hughes later said he was “profoundly suspicious” of the OITC offer; Fiji Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase said “no one in their right mind” would inject so much money into such a small economy, the Fiji Times reported.

Keo Vanthan, the director of INTERPOL in Cambodia, said he had no information on Scott or the OITC.

Inroads in the Kingdom

Keith Scott and his associates took an increasingly hostile tack with journalists in Fiji, with OITC Fiji agent Masi Kaumaitotoya warning at a news conference that media outlets who criticised the organization could face legal action.

“Reporters, I give you a warning. Don’t you ever, ever, ever again report negatively on OITC or we’ll sue you for defamation,” Kaumaitotoya said, according to the Fiji Times.

The group has continued its litigious ways in Cambodia, filing a disinformation complaint against a journalist from the Cambodia Television Network ( CTN ) in Banteay Meanchey province following his reporting on a local land dispute.

The journalist, Lay Li, was summoned to appear in court earlier this month in connection with his reporting on the dispute allegedly between the OITC’s Ray C. Dam and Lay Saran, the Royal Cambodia Armed Forces deputy commander in Phnom Srok district.

Soush Sarouen declined to provide contact information for Ray C. Dam, and described his location as “around the world”.

Phone calls to a number listed in ARP-OITC promotional materials for Ray C. Dam’s office in Washington D.C. were not answered.

Soush Saroeun said CTN had “looked down on” his organisation with its coverage of the dispute in Banteay Meanchey, which centres on 7-hectares of farmland claimed by both Lay Saran and Ray C. Dam.

Aside from the land in Banteay Meanchey, Soush Saroeun said ARP-OITC did not have real estate interests of its own in Cambodia, and had instead provided “bank instruments” and consulting on property and land concessions to foreign companies.

“I have many connections with the high officials to do this,” he said.

But Mao Pao, the deputy chief of the real estate division at the Ministry of Economy and Finance, said ARP-OITC did not have a licence from the government to work in the property sector.

He said the finance ministry had contacted the company last month and told it that it needed to apply for the licence or face sanctions.

Earlier this month, Mao Pao said, the “director” of ARP-OITC had come to the Ministry of Economy and Finance to say that the company had not operated in the property sector since last year due to the global economic crisis.

“We want them to write an official letter to confirm that they’ve stopped their operations, but until now, we have not received a letter or any information yet,” Mao Pao said. “They have no licence to operate in the real estate sector in Cambodia.”

Soush Sarouen said it was “our plan” to get a licence from the Ministry of Economy and Finance in the future.

ARP-OITC also offers “credit facilities” and “loan assessment”, according to its promotional material, services that may also bring it under the authority of the National Bank of Cambodia.

NBC director general Tal Nay Im said she was unfamiliar with ARP-OITC, but that any company offering loans or credit needed a licence from the national bank.

ARP-OITC was not registered with the NBC as of last month.

In an interview earlier this month [ October 2010 ] at his offices – which were home to a receptionist, two [ 2 ] other staff members and modern computers and office equipment – Soush Saroeun offered only vague outlines of his company’s joint ventures in Cambodia.

The project with the Canada company, he said, involved the construction of “local housing”, while the French company is working on “a movie in the U.S. for Hollywood”.

The Viet Nam firm, BAO PHU GIA COMPANY, plans to work as an importer, Soush Saroeun said.

According to a copy of the contract between BAO PHU GIA COMPANY and ARP-OITC, ARP-OITC has guaranteed $100,000,000 million in funding via HSBC Bank in-exchange for a $200,000 payment from BAO PHU GIA COMPANY for “bank-mobilization fees”.

HSBC spokesman Gareth Hewett said in an e-mail that the bank “tend[s] not to comment on these things”.

As proof of his firm’s connection with the global finance giant, Soush Saroeun offered a document dated December 29, 2009 and littered with spelling and grammatical errors that was signed by HSBC Group Finance Director “Dr. David J. Flint”.

As of December 2009, HSBC Group Finance Director was Douglas Flint.

ANZ Bank ( Cambodia ) Stephen Higgins called the contract “clearly a fraud”, and said it was “damaging to Cambodia’s image to have operations such as this in Phnom Penh”.

“Clearly, they’ve managed to fool people with this scam,” he said. “It’s so laughable, but you get enough people falling for it that people make money off it.”

- Additional reporting by Soeun Say AND Chhay Channyda


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Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011

Posted: 9/21/2010 8:54:45 PM

By: Crypt Kept

Kinichi Sohara found mentioned, amongst others, within this sixteen ( 16 ) page slideshow 'set of documents ( circa 2004 )' conveying the Japan government Series 57 bond(s) surrounding what was seized in Chiasso, Italy along with U.S. Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Ohio Series 1934 Federal Reserve Notes:

There are a slew of others - financial instrument documents and individuals - in the wringer that has yet to ring-fence them all to-date.


Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011

Posted: 9/21/2010 4:50:56 PM


"Don't ask - Don't tell," a most curious phrase that may also serve as applicability to another area of U.S. Department of Defense ( DoD ) military budget today in the news. Also, in the news today, we see the U.S. Federal Reserve, plus bond issues that may very well all be related after reviewing the following perspective - not just only the determination of counterfeit versus legitamacy of the Federal Reserve Bank Notes / Bonds amounting to $134 billion / $135 billion incident at Chiasso, Italy - but perhaps more may be gleaned today from the following mentioning Latin America, petroleum, international foreign trade financing, covert financing secret operation, etc.:


$134 Billion Suitcase Bomb
by, E.P. Heidner

June 22, 2009

For two decades, U.S. security forces worried endlessly about the surfacing of the infamous ‘suitcase nuclear weapons’ built by the Soviet Union. In June 2009, a suitcase carrying a weapon of mass destruction - $134 billion of bearer bonds – was confiscated as it was being smuggled into Switzerland. Without any additional reported facts – which seems to be where this story will end-up - the source and destination of the $134 billion in bearer bonds will probably remain a mystery. There are however, adequate clues in the initial reports to provide insight for speculation:

1. An extremely powerful organization is making a major commitment to a financial strategy with global implications. Given the value of the bonds in question, this strategy is certainly being backed with a nod and wink by a central bank or treasury somewhere. The bonds are designated as intergovernmental, and somewhere in the process, a U.S. central bank or Treasury official would have been required to support the scam, if it indeed it was a scam. Any one organizing a scam of this magnitude would have considered and planned for verification of the bonds – meaning someone in the U.S. Treasury is involved in this. Otherwise, one has to question why anyone would create such perfect and expensive forgeries with such a fatal flaw in execution of the plan;

2. The Italian police were “trailing” the holders of the bonds, suggesting a long term investigation was behind the arrests. Discovering these bonds was not an accident, and there is a lot more information to be had but is not being released;

3. The Italian police or press referenced a ‘bond scam’ being run by the ‘Mafia’ with the Venezuela Central bank, accusations for which the bank has denied any involvement. The Venezuelan Central bank would not be the bank validating the legitimacy of the bonds, but as explained below, would be the initial target.

4. The two carriers with Japanese passports displayed the behavior of typical low level, dispensable resources who were allowed to be released from incarceration, and subsequently disappeared. ( Odd, since a $134 billion of bonds illegally deployed can do more damage than a small nuclear weapon, and even a phony nuclear device will keep you in prison for a long time ). Whoever is behind the trafficking has a lot of ‘influence’ with multiple government agencies;

5. Significant press coverage has been totally stifled, considering the potential risk for global devastation this ‘suitcase bomb’ had. The five corporations that control most of the western media are all tightly linked in a network that supports U.S. covert operations.1 The Mafia does not have that level of influence. – the U.S. and Israel governments do.

Can the bonds be real?

There is a lot of speculation on the internet that these bonds are not forgeries, given that neither Italy nor Germany officials thought they were forgeries, but there are those nagging facts indicating it is impossible for them to be real, unless they were issued covertly.

The U.S. Department of the Treasury denied the bonds are real.

There are a lot of internet bloggers that want to discount the possibility that these bonds are real, simply on the basis of “there is no official record of these existing.”

So what pieces of data do we have that suggest that the U.S. government has covertly issued bonds in that order of magnitude in the past? At this point of course, it all depends on who you chose to believe, the officials of the U.S. government, or independent historians and researchers.

1. Starting with the research in "Gold Warriors," by Sterling Seagrave and Peggy Seagrave documenting how the Imperial Treasury of Japan was confiscated by U.S. bankers and President Truman in the aftermath of World War II, and subsequently the balance taken from former Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos in 1985 by Ronald Reagan, George Bush and Henry Kissinger. Estimates vary, but at one point we have estimates that can put the value of 'that treasury' at easily over $200 billion. Under international law, confiscation was illegal so, there are not a lot of U.S. officials stepping up to admit this.2

2. Then move the story line to Mrs. V.K. Durham, wife of widely reported CIA covert fund manager Russell Hermann, who claims - in sworn testimony, and provides actual documents of the transfers - that Alan Greenspan and George Bush - with the assistance of GOLDMAN SACHS - generated around $240 billion in covert bonds in 1991. Documents show the bonds were sent to Israel where they were converted to Japan yen and Germany deutschemarks.3

3. Following on Mrs. Durham’s claims, readers may research the status of the deutschemark [ DM ] in 1991 when, from 1990 to 1991, the Bundesbank increased it’s currency printing costs from DM 190 million to DM 331 million while increasing the interest rates to reduce money supply. Germany monetary policy failed inexplicably in this timeframe 4, unless one considers $120 billion in deutschemarks created covertly by Alan Greenspan, George Bush, Rubin and Friedman.

4. Move the story line to Andrei Kozlov, first deputy chief of Russia's Central Bank, who was heading an investigation into the loss and reported the theft at 400 billion rubles from the Russia Central Bank in 1991. ( Not to be confused with a similar scam run out of Chechniya in 1992 on a much smaller order of magnitude ). These rubles were stolen by someone putting 'hard currency securities' in remote Chechniya banks as collateral for Russia loans and then making the collateral notes disappear from the remote banks at the same time the funds were being withdrawn. At the time, official exchange rates, 400 billion rubles was about $240 billion.5

5. Turn then to the highly respected consultant to the CIA, Claire Sterling who unabashedly points out that the collapse of Russia in 1991 was directly managed by intelligence agencies. “The fact that scarcely anyone outside Russia has heard of the Great Ruble Scam may be explained partly by its seemingly unbelievable details, but partly, too, by Western reluctance to touch exquisitely sensitive political nerves. Western governments rejoicing in the collapse of the evil empire wanted to assume, and to all appearances did assume, that all the evils in an emerging democracy emanated from politicians identified with the fallen communist state. Not one was prepared to acknowledge indelicate evidence to the contrary. The ability of three [ 3 ] or four [ 4 ] characters to mount such a planet wide operation, their extraordinary impact on what was still a world superpower, and their singular immunity from beginning to end suggest the guiding hand of not just one, but several intelligence agencies.”6

6. Look at the widely unreported claims that in the 1990s, the United States covertly introduced hundreds of tonnes of gold into the market on at least four [ 4 ] occasions, representing somewhere between $120 billion to $140 billion in bonds.7 The two [ 2 ] lawsuits that could have opened this story were shut down prematurely – FBI records related to the Reginald Howe lawsuit were destroyed on [ September 11, 2001 ] 9/11, and a similar suit by Donald W. Doyle of BLANCHARD - where BARRICK GOLD was a primary defendant - was settled out of court in 2006 and sealed under agreement.

7. General Earl Cock ‘deathbed’ deposition in April 2000 describes the CITI BANK (aka) CITIBANK and John Reed central involvement in Project Hammer in the last quarter of 1991 as being funded with $223 billion dollars, mostly CIA moneys. Gen. Cocke also referenced 'baby bonds' used to collaterize these funds, which are 10-year bonds. Gen. Cocke describes the source of these funds as “accounts, participants or players” with the accounts converting to bank ownership upon the death of the controlling party, and then to the government. This matches exactly what Sterling Seagrave and Peggy Seagrave claim happens to the gold accounts opened by agents of the United States.8

These historical facts have been summarized to illustrate that the U.S. government does indeed have and move massive amounts of currency around covertly because the objectives of these financial manipulations run counter to United States law, and the origins of these funds are illegal. No nation will admit criminality until the statute of limitations runs out.

The next question requiring an answer then is, "Why would covert pro-U.S. forces be running these bonds?" While the hypothesis of the bonds being used to claim TARP [ Troubled Assets Relief Program ] funds is interesting, the strategy of substituting one form of worthless U.S. debt for another does not seem plausible. On the other hand, there is a rich history of that linking the plot to Venezuela, as original press reports did.

Bonds and Venezuela Oil

The international movement of major blocks of capital has at least twice before been associated with the takeover of large oil interests. The great success of the 1991 covert bond issuance was the transfer of ownership of Russia oil and gas interests to western investors cloaked behind holding companies and offshore banks.9 In 1998, the collapse of the Russia market - that drove the LTCM financial crisis - was again engineered in an effort to force the Russians into a debt for equity swap for the Baltic Oil pipeline. The 1998 gambit failed, and Russia simply defaulted on their debt rather than turn over control of the pipeline, and shortly thereafter, U.S. - Russia relations began an ongoing deterioration.

One can look at additional covert financial programs where governments were unhinged by engineered financial crises:

Chile ( in the 1980s ) and Mexico ( in the 1990s ) where previously ‘nationalized companies’ were returned to private investors in debt for equity swaps.10 The beneficiaries of this were privileged western investors who took over restructured operations that were rebuilt with taxpayer dollars from Russia, Chile and Mexico – and did so for pennies on the dollars.

This history is relevant because a similar scenario is unfolding today in Venezuela where an array of unknown western based investors are converting U.S. debt into Venezuela debt in an illegal market with the expectation that a crushing debt load will drive Venezuela President Hugo Chavez out of office, and force Venezuela to swap equity in its primary valuable asset, the Venezuela government oil company PETROLEOS DE VENEZUELA S.A. ( PdVSA ) to satisfy its growing debt. Key to understanding this strategy is that the exchange market where this is occurring is ambiguously legal for some purposes, and more often than not illegal for most purposes. Currency exchange for Venezuelan ‘bolivars’ is tightly regulated by the Hugo Chavez led Venezuela government to prevent capital flight and tax avoidance, and for Venezuelans to get dollars through the official channels for purposes that do not align with Chavez’s vision of social investment is very expensive. As a result, dollars are in high demand, and are procured through an officially sanctioned back-door.

The Venezuela government created a 'safety valve process' ( permuta ) in which Venezuela denominated bonds can be swapped for dollar denominated bonds at an uncontrolled rate in a market, and that exchange consist of hundreds of small ‘cambios’ that collect demand and funnel them through large money aggregators. A lot of this demand – but not all - is illegal under Venezuela law. Hence, the bonds brought to the exchange for Venezuela debt are being laundered under less than stringent governance, making bonds like those confiscated in Chiasso, Italy more likely to be accepted in these swaps.

Led by Hugo Chavez, the Venezuela government is gambling that the U.S. dollar being devalued, while on the other hand western investors are betting the Hugo Chavez hold on Venezuela political power will be disrupted before U.S. dollars collapse.

The largest permuta [ Venezuela government created a 'safety valve process' ] money-laundering appeared led by a former U.S. FEDERAL RESERVE ( Atlanta, Georgia ) regulatory officer in charge of several Latin America countries, through ROSEMONT P. CORPORATION ( Florida, USA ) also known as ROSEMONT MONEY SERVICES, and although he was recently indicted for money-laundering, the ‘parallel market’ ( the newest euphemism for ‘black market’ ) continues albeit at a more constrained pace.

ROSEMONT was indicted for accepting $900,000 of narcotics money to move through the permuta process, preliminaryly indicating the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency ( DEA ) indictment may not hold whereas the indictment was meant to disable a major player amidst the 'exchange mechanism' rather than scripple any particular drug cartel. Disrupting the exchange mechanism impedes the flow of capital to the Hugo Chavez led Venezuela government. This impediment creates inabilities for the Hugo Chavez regime to compensate foreign contractors, forcing them to shut off support for the Venezuela state run oil industry, which in turn reduces oil production and thus Venezuela revenues.

Seven [ 7 ] of nine [ 9 ] offshore oil rigs have been shut down in this manner while the remaining two [ 2 ] may probably be shut down in the near future.

As the Venezuela economy is destabilized with less oil revenue, there is increased likelihood of another coup attempt.

Investors have seen this scenario before, in Chile ( 1980s ) and Mexico in ( 1990s ), where government takeovers by upper classes ousted democracies inclined to support interests of broader constituencies, by causing mass civil unrest through economic destabilization.

In the wake of those upper class takeovers, nationalized assets were exchanged for nation’s foreign debt - usually at prices significantly enriching foreign investors at indigenous taxpayer [ domestic citizen's ] expense.

The appearance of massive large blocks of U.S. bonds - 'counterfeit' or 'legitimate' - involved with the 'permuta' [ Venezuela government created a 'safety valve process' ] money-laundering process suggests a single [ one ( 1 ) ] player attempt(s) to dominate this market.

“No one truly understands what the source of the dollars are in these transactions. Most of the money is coming from offshore accounts," said Brian Stoeckert, who runs an anti-money laundering consulting firm.”11

By shutting down the big players involved with the permuta exchange [ Venezuela government created a 'safety valve process' / money-laundering process ], and then bringing in new and controlled exchange players, covert operatives can start aggregating Venezuela debt with virtually no risk by using bonds where such authenticity can either be denied - if necessary - or argued as 'legitimate' - if necessary.

International debt settlement happens behind locked doors, and no one ever gets to find out what the settlement terms are.12

Most of the funds and individuals who were behind the 1991 takeover of Russia oil are still around, and represent the most likely candidates for running this scenario again.13

This scenario is classic U.S. government covert foreign policy, i.e. disrupt the economy and force the democratic government into debt, drive the debt to unmanageable proportions and then cut off funding and call in the loans.

The ensuing economic disruptions result in a takeover and force the government into bankruptcy proceedings. Western investors take over key national assets for pennies on the dollar. This strategy is tried, tested and trusted.

Who then, might one ask, replaces the ROSEMONT P CORPORATION. Fortunately, J AROM, the subsidiary of GOLDMAN SACHS that deals with its foreign exchange business is in an enviable position. Because of its oil and coffee trading business, J ARON has numerous contacts in Venezuela. Because of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Act [ CFT Act ] Rule 35, these bond swap trades fall into the category of 'unregulated business'.14 GOLDMAN SACHS clearly has the connections to the U.S. Department of the Treasury. In 1991, it was Rubin and Friedman, of GOLDMAN SACHS, whom facilitated the George Bush / Alan Greenspan issuance of covert bonds.15 While plausible, of course this is only speculation.


1. See, e.g. Who Controls the Media? Professor John Lye ( October 8, 2004 ); National Organization of Women [ NOW ]; also, see Chapter 13, THE SEPTEMBER 11 COMMISSION REPORT Final Report of the Investigation Into the Murders of Nicholas Berg, Eugene Armstrong and Jack Hensley by, EP Heidner ( 2008 ).

2. See, e.g. Gold Warriors: America’s Secret Recovery of Yamashita’s Gold, Sterling and Peggy Seagrave, Verso, 2005, p. 358. Most cursory reviews of this amount forget that 280,000 tonnes is less than 140-years of annual production. When one considers that treasuries and personal fortunes of SouthEast Asia and China were plundered over 50-years by the Japan army, this number should not be inconceivable.

3. V.K. Durham presents substantial photographic evidence of these crimes on her website, and it can also be located at the website of Tom Flocco as well. see; also conduct a “VK Durham” search engine query.

4. The Bundesbank: The Bank the Rules Europe ( 1992 ) by, David Marsh, Mandarin Paperbacks, pp 24 and 85.

5. “The West is not very highly concerned with the threat of cyber terrorism,” Regnum News Agency, December 15, 2006,

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8. U.S. Army Brigadier General Erle Cocke deposition in U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York ( April 13, 2000 ); photocopy version provided in "Project Hammer Files," by David G. Guyatt ).

9. Collateral Damage: U.S. Covert Operations and the Terrorist Attacks on September 11, 2001 by, E.P Heidner ( 2008 ).

10. See, e.g. The Blood Bankers, James S Henry, 2003, Chapter 7; Banking on Dictatorship.

11. US Money Laundering Case Halts Venezuela Forex Trading, Darcy Crowe, Dow Jones Newswires ( March 27, 2009 ) -

12. The writer challenges the reader to try to find a summary of how the international debt crisis was resolved in 1990.

13. the names of the investors are found in Collateral Damage: U.S. Covert Operations and the Terrorist Attacks on September 11, 2001.


15 Collateral Damage ( Part 2 ): The Subprime Crisis and the Terrorist Attacks on September 11, 2001 by, E.P. Heidner ( 2008 ).




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