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new utopia floitlla company a fail fraud ??
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Posted: Saturday, August 13, 2011
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Posted: 10/11/2010 7:00:04 AM

By: klaus smaby


i wonder what happen to the pepopll( (and mony/id ) behind the new utopia project?i did not follow up since 2006

Dallas Global Development Corporation that was suposed to have a buissniss plan in a pdf fil for new utopia,tooo look gone away tha same street adres that companys adres and name (that still existes in 2006 becuse i did look up that adres )

it looks like they is not much developing in that project some places said they was convicted of fraud in 2007 is that true ?(can it in usa be guiltiy of fraud and been paid mony/company and its assets be tranferd to the class action pepol whioute be on any record some kind of back room deals ?can they do that in caymen or bemruda becuse its easyer ther then usa and get the same or better resualts?

i dont know much abut usa laws :) but did think objectvist ideas look nice in ealry 2000 :(

sorry for my bad enghlis

what happen to new utopia flotilla comapny (they that was supsoed to build the houses in new utopia )ther website are dowen and the discussen borad for constrction are also dowen and the the domain name did change have any of the << charter citizen>> get ther mony back ?if they hhave who did sue them? and are it many class action aginst ther inevstoers and govonors ?

(sorry try to ask this before but look like a misunderstanding did happen )


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