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Nathan Drage - follow-up post
Posted: Sunday, November 6, 2011
Joined: 9/22/2011
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 I believe this is the same Nathan Drage mentioned in the 2000 OBNR article:


“A look at the dubious GTrade stock exchange and its principal, Andy Mann”


Link to Motion to Suppress Evidence Obtained in Search of Premises

 Decision on Motion to Dismiss dated October 2010


Having reviewed the motion and the government's response, the Court denies the defendants' motion to dismiss. Because there is some question as to whether documents passed to the prosecution team which might be considered privileged and to require defendants to review all documents would constitute an undue burden, the Court will suppress any privileged evidence which the government seeks to introduce at trial. This suppression will be determined by the Court on a document by document basis. Consequently, the defendants' Motion to Suppress Evidence Obtained in the Search of the Premises Located at 4766 Holladay Boulevard, with the exception of any privileged evidence as determined by the Court, is DENIED. 


Link to indictment of Lester Hemmert Mower, Eva Jeanette Mower, Adrin Angus Wilson, and Nathan Whitney Drage 

 From indictment:  It was further part of the conspiracy that the defendants participated in over 20 acquisition deals involving the following public shells and private companies:


Public Shell/Private Company

Venture World Inc/NetAmerica International Corp

SBB, Inc/Alfine Corporation

Leesburg Land & Mining Inc/Intelliquis LLC

Life Medical Technologies Inc/, Inc

Consil Corp/Lumalite, Inc

Reality Interactive Inc/Natural Gas Systems Inc

NTC Holdings Inc/Particle Drilling Technologies Inc

First Capital, Inc/Innovate Oncology, Inc

Liberty Mint, Ltd/Akesis Pharmaceuticals


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