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Jack Kronis newbie question
Posted: Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I am new to this site and not sure if this topic has been discussed.

Aside from Jackie Boy and myself is there anyone who does an occasional Google search of the convict?

A recent National Post article about Dr. Lorne Wayne Sokol of Toronto and his Chabad connection or Scott Rothstein are fascinating but do not capture the imagination like Jackie.

Perhaps "K" who whispered into "L's" ear 30 plus years ago forewarning her of a life of criminality and scammery that awaits her are still intrigued by the convicted criminal element.

Perhaps his uber hot fraulein who insisted on nothing but the "best" uber alles!

Perhaps not.

Without an element of guilt he methodically set out to cheat innocent hard working families of their life saving in order to fund his 1st class lifestyle that was owed to him retroactively since the Beverely Bedding days.

Vacations, shopping sprees, Cohibas, Dom, designer jewellery adoned with the finest of jewels and platinum (not Indium), S Series black hand crafted motor coaches from Mannheim Deutschland, Mortons's Of Chicago or better yet a flight to Chicago, Patek Phillipe because ALS, AP and VC are for poser and catching up on some zzz'z at The Breakers after a hard week of manning the phones.

But then again, wasn't it Jack Lewis doing all that loading, lying, cheating and scamming?

Does this mean his innocent victims of crime were not awarded compensation by the courts payable by Jack Kronis Esq?

I have no idea but perhaps one of his "friends" who attended Associated Hebrew Day Schools or Community Hebrew Academy Of Toronto with him 'back in the day' who went on to graduate from Law School instead of Boiler Room School could answer this question.



Posted: Thursday, November 24, 2011
Joined: 10/6/2011
Posts: 11

Jack has done time in europe,canada and the usa.He is a well healed boiler room loader who cant seem to stay off the phone.

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