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Kevin Daniel Moore £ 300-K Donations For?
Unwanted Publicity Intelligence
Posted: Monday, February 4, 2019
Joined: 8/23/2011
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GoFundMe of The Kevin Moore Show ( UK ) host ( Kevin Daniel Moore ) seeking £ 300-K in Donations for recent 'prank' production activities in America begs a few questions, such as: "When do multiple international case instances of blatant self-admitted public slandering and stalking demand 'donations'?"
Recent personal admissions from Kevin D. Moore proves he purposely moved to Amsterdam to avoid being prosecuted by a United Kingdom criminal court prosecution for operating two ( 2 ) foreign businesses; one, experimenting with underage child pornography whilst the other distributed hard to obtain high-tech computer software avoiding certain Internet restrictions surrounding motion picture film televised broadcast production relatives of sex and sex toys along with males and females having just barely reaching statutory age 18 ( adulthood ).
YouTube appears to be televised broadcast platforms for numerous curious activities of Kevin Moore who initially disavowed previous involvement with, both:
- Central Banking; and,
- Financial Services.


Companies House archived records, however, proved otherwise as the 'same' Kevin Daniel Moore actually held a board member vested position as Director, earlier claiming its intended line of business focus reflected an officially listed SIC pertaining to matters of indeed 'Financial Services' together with 'Central Banking'.


Besides an addotional thirty-two ( 32 ) Companies House officially registered businesses, Kevin Moore admitted having indeed signed as the listed Director for his company named JUST 18 LIMITED and went on YouTube publicly explaining  it as pornographic as well as detailing he moved from his residence in the UK in-to a home near Amsterdam because unlike the United Kingdom, "Amsterdam provided a legitimate venue" for his high technology software spectrum of enterprising pornographic tools.

There is more going on with Kevin Moore who recently begain claiming already "spent" funds for "two" ( 2 ) filmed "Documentaries" for which he seeks to "recover" for himself by publicly seeking donations of 300,000 British Pounds Sterling.

I know U.S. Secret Service Foreign Branch is and has been too overwhelmed with more important 'fraud fish to fry-up' in-to prison punishment so, what ( if anything ) can be done - if not in America ( where he recently escaped California in December 2018 ) - then 'where' and by 'whom'?

kevin moore
Posted: Thursday, January 14, 2021
Joined: 1/12/2021
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Just for the record if anyone reads this and takes any of these words from Paul Collins to be nothing more then disinformation and misinformation and just the ramblings of a lunatic, a fraudster, a spy wannabe AKA Paul Collins.

Paul Collins is one of the many fakes working for a conspiracy theorist Kerry Cassidy.

My names Kevin Moore and I am currently filming a docuseries based on man called Mark Richards who goes by the name of Captain Mark Richards.

Mark Richard CDCR# C89732 is a convicted murderer serving life without parole in California, Mark is the top Whistle blower for conspiracy theorist Kerry Cassidy’s. Kerry claims Mark is the most important whistle-blower out there regarding the ET visitation and war of world’s on and off the Planet. see her latest post

From November 2013, Kerry has interviewed Mark over Twelve times in person in prison. The premises of the documentary are to (INVESTIGATE THE CLAIMS THAT MARK WAS FRAMED FOR MURDER DUE TO HIS WORK IN THE SECRET SPACE PROGRAM) also to show how misleading and dangerous unfounded conspiracy theories are especially in today's climate.

The Docuseries comes out this year 2021 as I am currently editing it. I originally interviewed Marks wife back in 2015 my interview is here  I never really believed the story, but it was in 2018 when a guy you know called Geoff Reed contacted me and opened my eyes up to the story which I found fascinating due to the true crime aspect.

The website for the docuseries is currently   the name for the docuseries is (Captain Mark Richards A Murder in Camelot).

A new website is going to be made just before the docuseries is released.  I intend to release the docuseries free on my YouTube channel and on streaming platforms like Amazon and Roku.

All of Marks Claims are false and not only has crazy Kerry Cassidy not wanted to see my research on Mark as I have been interviewing people that knew Mark Back in the day, but she went and sought help from a lunatic, a fraudster, a spy wannabe AKA Paul Collins to put a smear campaign on me a few years back

Mark Richards A Murder in Camelot will be a miniseries, the first documentary of its kind where ufology meets True Crime. This miniseries will investigate the many claims of a whistle blower Mark Richard who claims that he is political prisoner and was framed for the Murder of his friend Richard Baldwin due to his time spent in the secret space program. This investigation will also cover the supporters of mark Richards and their research.


Mark states he was framed in 1982 for the murder of his friend Richard Baldwin,  this was to provide a convenient way for the government to keep him quiet and discredit him for the time that he spent in the Secret Space Program. During his time in the SSP Captain Mark Richards oversaw a star ship enterprise type vessel, fighting the war against aliens bent on the takeover of Planet Earth.


Kerry Cassidy regards Richards as the most important whistle-blower exposing the "Secret Space Program." Kerry has said that Mark was framed for the murder of his friend Richard Baldwin, and that he is imprisoned by the Illuminati-Draco run planetary government. Mark’s Wife Jo Ann Richards who married Mark in prison around 2002 has stated that Mark is currently a political prisoner in the California State Prison system. Mark was arrested in 1982 and convicted in 1984 for a murder is wife states he had nothing to do with. Both Kerry and his wife promote that this a convenient way for the government to keep him quiet, as he knows way too many secrets and would fight against the New World Order with all his might if given the chance.


 A companion book to the documentary will be released with the miniseries and everyone who takes part in the docuseries will be included in the book.

I started filming the docuseries back in September 2018 and I have not only interviewed Marks Crime Partner Crossan Hoover over a 5-month period from Soledad State Prison which blows apart marks story but also a total of 22 interviews and a good amount of B footage has been recorded so far with people who knew Mark Richards back in the 1970s and 1980s, researchers from the UFO community and more. The spy wannabe AKA Paul Collins has never interviewed any of the 22 people that I met in person so no comparison there.


So as the spy wannabe AKA Paul Collins claims I had a go fund me for 300-K in Donations is just not a reality, never happened lol where is the Go Fund Me Page lol

Again Collins claims I moved to Amsterdam to avoid being prosecuted by a United Kingdom criminal court prosecution for operating two ( 2 ) foreign businesses; one, experimenting with underage child pornography whilst the other distributed hard to obtain high-tech computer software avoiding certain Internet restrictions. The is just plain nuts and just insane as I did move to Amsterdam in 2016 then moved back to the UK in 2017 and don’t ever remember getting prosecuted for child pornography, again just a smear campaign by Kerry Cassidy as I have the audacity to make a docuseries on her top fake whistle blower.

Here is my response video to this person


Also, I found some interesting articles on Paul Collins see





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