Fraudster Mahmoud Chahal threatens OffshoreAlert

I am victim because of you. You have black my Name all over the world with out any Proves and any evidences or courts announcements. by circulating y name and business in your page which goes every where .. and you know such information can and one write what he want and send in internet to catch as hero. I have called your office … I got your telephone no from your office and send you sms twice and I know what I wrote … you damage my Life and family …. So what do you expect by return … Let you life happy with family and you damage mine. Now way .. I am writing this email I put my Telephone no and email and address … 48 Hours if No response Mr. Clever man …. Then you will be visited in you house in your office … I will show you how really damages humans and families. I hope you love you family .

Mahmoud Chahal

Tel.: 009613090500


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  • mm
    David Marchant
    Mahmoud Chahal defrauds people for a living and then threatens to harm OffshoreAlert's publisher if we don't remove complaints from his victims. He's the worst kind of human filth.

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