FTX Trading Ltd. et al: Motion for Joint Administration (‘More Than One Million Creditors’)

Motion for Joint Administration and Motion Modifying Certain Creditor List Requirements, Authorizing the Debtors to Serve Certain Parties by E-Mail, and Granting Related Relief in the matter of Alameda Aus Pty Ltd., Alameda Global Services Ltd., Alameda Research (Bahamas) Ltd., Alameda Research Holdings Inc., Alameda Research KK, Alameda Research LLC, Alameda Research Ltd., Alameda Research Pte Ltd., Alameda Research Yankari Ltd., Alameda TR Ltd., Alameda TR Systems S. de R. L., Allston Way Ltd., Altalix Ltd., Analisya Pte Ltd., Atlantis Technology Ltd., B for Transfer Egypt, B Payment Services Nigeria, B Transfer Services Ltd., B Transfer Services Ltd. UAE, B Transfer Services Uganda, Bancroft Way Ltd., BitPesa Kenya Ltd., BitPesa RDC SARL, BitPesa Senegal Ltd., BitPesa South Africa, BitPesa Tanzania Ltd., BitPesa Uganda Ltd., Bitvo, Inc., Blockfolio Holdings, Inc., Blockfolio, Inc., Blue Ridge Ltd., BT Payment Services Ghana, BT Payment Services South Africa, BT Payments Uganda, BT Pesa Nigeria Ltd., BTC Africa S.A., BTLS Limited Tanzania, Cardinal Ventures Ltd., Cedar Bay Ltd., Cedar Grove Technology Services, Ltd., Clifton Bay Investments LLC, Clifton Bay Investments Ltd., CM-Equity AG, Corner Stone Staffing, Cottonwood Grove Ltd., Cottonwood Technologies Ltd., Crypto Bahamas LLC, DAAG Trading, DMCC, Deck Technologies Holdings LLC, Deck Technologies Inc., Deep Creek Ltd., Digital Custody Inc., Euclid Way Ltd., Exchange 4 Free Seychellen, Exchange 4Free Australia Br., Exchange 4Free Ltd., Exchange 4Free South Africa Br., Exchange 4Free Swiss Branch, Finfax Company, FTX (Gibraltar) Ltd., FTX Canada Inc., FTX Certificates GmbH, FTX Crypto Services Ltd., FTX Digital Assets LLC, FTX Digital Holdings (Singapore) Pte Ltd., FTX EMEA Ltd., FTX Equity Record Holdings Ltd., FTX Europe AG, FTX Exchange FZE, FTX Hong Kong Ltd., FTX Japan Holdings K.K., FTX Japan K.K., FTX Japan Services KK, FTX Lend Inc., FTX Marketplace, Inc., FTX Products (Singapore) Pte Ltd., FTX Property Holdings Ltd., FTX Services Solutions Ltd., FTX Structured Products AG, FTX Switzerland GmbH, FTX Trading GmbH, FTX Trading Ltd., FTX TURKEY TEKNOLOJİ VE TİCARET ANONİM ŞİRKET, FTX US Derivatives LLC, FTX US Services, Inc., FTX US Trading, Inc., FTX Vault Trust Company, FTX Ventures Ltd., FTX Ventures Partnership, FTX Zuma Ltd., GG Trading Terminal Ltd., Global Compass Dynamics Ltd., Good Luck Games, LLC, Goodman Investments Ltd., Hannam Group Inc., Hawaii Digital Assets Inc., Hilltop Technology Services LLC, Hive Empire Trading Pty Ltd., Innovatia Ltd., Island Bay Ventures Inc., K-DNA Financial Services Ltd., Killarney Lake Investments Ltd., Ledger Holdings Inc., LedgerPrime Bitcoin Yield Enhancement Fund, LLC, LedgerPrime Bitcoin Yield Enhancement Master Fund LP, LedgerPrime Digital Asset Opportunities Fund, LLC, LedgerPrime Digital Asset Opportunities Master Fund LP, Ledger Prime LLC, LedgerPrime Ventures, LP, Liquid Financial USA Inc., LiquidEX LLC, Liquid Securities Singapore Pte Ltd., LT Baskets Ltd., Maclaurin Investments Ltd., Mangrove Cay Ltd., North Dimension Inc., North Dimension Ltd., North Wireless Dimension Inc., Paper Bird Inc., Pioneer Street Inc., Quoine India Pte Ltd., Quoine Pte Ltd., Quoine Vietnam Co. Ltd., SNG INVESTMENTS YATIRIM VE DANIŞMANLIK ANONİM ŞİRKETİ, Strategy Ark Collective Ltd., Technology Services Bahamas Limited, Tigetwit Ltd., TransferZero, Verdant Canyon Capital LLC, West Innovative Barista Ltd., West Realm Shires Financial Services Inc., West Realm Shires Services Inc., Western Concord Enterprises Ltd., and ZUBR Exchange Ltd. at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware.

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    November 14, 2022
    Sullivan & Cromwell, Adam Landis
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    FTX Trading Ltd.
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