Gavin Wilson v. F.B.S. Nominees Limited et al.

    Gavin Wilson vs. F.B.S. Nominees Limited et al. – Bermuda Supreme Court

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    F.B.S. Nominees Limited , First Bermuda Securities Limited , Jeffrey Conyers , Joseph Taussig , Lynda Milligan-Whyte
    Gavin Wilson , William Craig
    Notice of Motion for leave to appeal filed by Milligan-Whyte & Smith dated 20-Nov-98 (the Appeals Act 1911 Section 2). Notice of withdrawal of appeal Order 2, Rule 15 filed by Milligan-Whyte & Smith dated 24-Feb-99. Leave to appeal granted. The hearing of the application as the hearing of the appeal to the extend that those parts of the amended Statement of Claim as were ordered to be struck out still be reinstated so far as the 1st Plaintiff is concerned but that otherwise the appeal shall be dismissed. Costs reserved to president 24-Nov-98.
    February 19, 1997
    Hall & Associates, Milligan-Whyte & Smith
    Cox Hallett Wilkinson