Greg Fairley threatens libel action over Buttonwood/Centaur article

Letter from attorney Ashley Hurst, of British law firm Olswang LLP, complaining about a reference to his client, Greg Fairley, in OffshoreAlert’s exposé of the Buttonwood Legal Capital/Centaur Litigation Ponzi scheme.

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March 07, 2014

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    David Marchant
    Ashley Hurst's claim that the OffshoreAlert article was published “without any regard to the true factual position” is without foundation and, frankly, ridiculous.

    It's beyond any reasonable doubt that Greg Fairley was involved in a senior capacity in two separate schemes that were funded through scams.

    Mr. Fairley appears to believe he can lurch from one fiasco to another, leaving behind chaos and substantial losses to clients of, and/or investors in, firms he helped to operate and then hide behind the United Kingdom's widely-ridiculed libel laws to cover up his activities, protect his reputation, and mislead others into continuing to do business with him through the omission of material information. He is seriously mistaken.

    Mr. Fairley was so proud of his involvement with Buttonwood - the lead company in a substantial fraud - that he referenced it in his LinkedIn profile, claiming to have been a “director”. Following the publication of the OffshoreAlert article, Mr. Fairley removed this reference to Buttonwood in his LinkedIn profile, along with references to Professional Funding Services and Argentum, and now he seeks to remove the single reference to him in the OffshoreAlert article. By any objective analysis, he is so embarrassed by his past that he seeks to conceal it from future business partners, clients and employers.

    The reason that Mr. Fairley, unlike certain others mentioned in the article, was not contacted prior to publication is that he was not a central character and, in fact, he was only mentioned by name once.

    Given Mr. Fairley's minor appearance in the article and the fact that he was not a focus of our investigation, I was surprised that he complained. To date, he's the only person to do so.

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