GreyList: Case Studies in Applying Artificial Intelligence in Investigations (Product Demo)

  1. Introducing the GreyList Algorithm;
  2. Evidentiary considerations based on technology investigations;
  3. Using GreyList in Court;
  4. What happens when banks and their clients lie?;
  5. Using digital evidence to contradict and rebut financial disclosure statements;
  6. AI in analysing relationships and identifying conspiracies.


  • Bob Duffield, Executive Chairman at GreyList Trace
  • Nigel A Nicholson, CEO at GreyList Trace
  • Craig Heschuk, Executive Vice President at GreyList Trace
  • John Fleming, Managing Director at GreyList Trace

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GreyList is revolutionary AI software that can, in a compliant manner and in just a few weeks, identify every bank in the world in which your Person of Interest has an account.

GreyList Gold searches our entire database of 220,000 banks and branches. GreyList Silver is a tailored regional search of continents or groups of countries.

GreyList Connect can test for one or two way communication between ANY pair of email addresses. It’s a perfect product for unmasking conspiracies .

GreyList Red, our KYC product, can test for communication with sanctioned banks and organisations.

Recorded at OffshoreAlert vGLOBAL on Wednesday 9 December 2020 • 12:15pm – 12:45pm EST