Gulf Union Bank (Bahamas) Ltd. v. Sheik Abdus Shimmy Quraeshi et al: Complaint

Complaint in Gulf Union Bank (Bahamas) Limited v. Sheik Abdus Shimmy Qureshi, Escue Management, Inc., Shahid S. Quraeshi, Crown Capital Advisors, Sohail S. Quraeshi, and Syed Asadullah Kazmi at the U. S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Florida.

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    December 28, 1998
    Escue Management, Inc., Syed Asadullah Kazmi, Sohail S. Quraeshi, Crown Capital Advisors, Shahid S. Quraeshi, Sheik Abdus Shimmy Quraeshi
    Gulf Union Bank (Bahamas) Limited
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