Helen Cooper (t/a "Cooper Associates" (a firm) v. H. Brent Kelly

Helen Cooper (t/a “Cooper Associates” (a firm) vs. H. Brent Kelly – Bermuda Supreme Court

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    H. Brent Kelly
    Cox Hallett Wilkinson
    November 14, 1988
    Court of Appeal: Appeal allowed with costs here and below. Judgment of 14-Nov-88 is set aside. Costs of the appeal and Court below to the Respondent 30-Nov-89. Privy Counsel: Appeal dismissed and judgment of the Court of Appeal for Bermuda dated 30-Nov-89 affirmed 19-Oct-92.
    January 02, 1986
    Helen Cooper (t/a ", Cooper Associates", (a firm) , Margot Cooper
    $200,000.00 (for the Defendant)