HMB Holdings Ltd. v. Antigua & Barbuda’s Minister of Finance: Judgment (‘$26M Debt Collection’)

Judgment that Antigua and Barbuda’s Minister of Finance has “wrongfully and in breach of his public duty failed to procure payment” on the balance of a $26 million for the expropriation of the Half Moon Bay hotel in 2007 but refusing to issue an order of mandamus in HMB Holdings Ltd. v. Gaston Browne, as Minister of Finance, at the Antigua and Barbuda High Court.

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    March 08, 2022
    Gaston Browne
    Jan Drysdale
    John Carrington QC, Stacy Richards Roach, Jomokie Phillips
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    Anthony Astaphan, David Dorsett, Cherissa Roberts-Thomas
    HMB Holdings Limited