Hotel Portfolio II UK Ltd. v. Andrew Ruhan et al: Judgment

    Judgment in Hotel Portfolio II UK Limited (in Liquidation) and Elizabeth Alexandra Aird-Brown, as Liquidator of Hotel Portfolio II UK Limited v. Andrew Joseph Ruhan and Anthony Edward Stevens at the High Court of Justice for England and Wales. In a press release announcing the judgment, representatives of the claimants stated: “The Claimants successfully proved a complex fraud perpetrated by the Defendants which began in December 2004 and early 2005, by establishing that Andrew Ruhan, a director of the First Claimant, used Anthony Stevens and companies ostensibly associated with him (known as “Cambulo Group”) to act as his secret nominees and to masquerade as independent purchasers of three large hotels owned by HPII, located near Hyde Park in London.”

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    February 23, 2022
    Andrew Joseph Ruhan, Anthony Edward Stevens
    David Foxton QC
    Hotel Portfolio II UK Limited, Elizabeth Alexandra Aird-Brown
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    James Pickering KC, Samuel Hodge, Spring Law