‘I hope you can sleep at night,’ says anonymous letter-writer

Do you realise that by posting your report on Tim Schools and the Axiom fund you are potentially responsible for thousands of retired people losing their pension investment and are now at risk of losing their homes due to the collapse of the fund you so flippantly attacked? I hope you can sleep at night.




  • mm
    David Marchant
    You have essentially adopted a 'shoot the messenger' approach. How misguided. What you should have stated is 'thanks for saving the pensions and homes of prospective investors'.

    David Marchant
    Publisher, OffshoreAlert
    • Wayne Goodman
      One of the worst frauds is that of John Cottrell . He investigates elders who have lost most everything and them gives them at "tip" to invest in worthless crap (delta uranium) which is now delisted . How can he sleep at night. My 86 year old mother would have lost her house between Cotrell and the original investment

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