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‘I was never president of fraudulent fund’, writes TCI attorney Courtenay Barnett

Dear Sirs,

Please note the content of an article in your publication which is highly defamation in its statement (below) that I was President of the two (2) companies.

The companies were registered at my law office, but I was never at an time an officer, director or participant in the companies’ affairs and had no involvement with its financial dealings whatsoever.

If there is not a removal of the publication and an apology, I shall be left no option but to take appropriate legal action:-

Assets of investment fund linked with TCI attorney Courtenay Barnett frozen in Miami September 23, 2014. “An investment fund of which Turks and Caicos Islands-based attorney Courtenay Barnett was president has had its assets frozen as part of an investigation into a suspected $4.6 million Ponzi.”

RELATED CONTENT: SEC v. Abatement Corp. Holding Company Ltd.; Complaint SEC v. Abatement Corp. Holding Company Ltd.: Motion for Asset Freeze.

Yours sincerely,

Barnett and Associates

Per: Courtenay Barnett

cc. Turks and Caicos Financial Services Commission

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  • mm
    David Marchant
    Before complaining about an article, you really ought to read it first. It was never reported by OffshoreAlert that you were "President of the two companies", as you erroneously claim.

    We reported that you were president of Delaware-domiciled International Balanced Fund, which we took from an exhibit to the SEC's motion for an asset freeze, to wit: the 2013 Annual Franchise Tax Report for International Balanced Fund that was filed with the State of Delaware on February 6, 2014. This document is in our database and linked to the article. You have subsequently claimed that this filing amounts to a "fraudulent misrepresentation".

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