Inside the Investigation Into OFCs by The ICIJ and The Guardian

The offshore financial world has been rocked over the last few days by the publication of news stories around the world arising from confidential information on a 260 gigabyte hard drive that was leaked to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.

The ICIJ and collaborating news organizations sifted through what the ICIJ described as “a trove of 2.5 million secret files” that, among other things, contained the names of thousands of previously-anonymous offshore account holders and details of offshore firms that provided services to them.

As Investigations Executive Editor of The Guardian, David Leigh has played a leading role in the newspaper’s ongoing investigation into offshore financial centers, including shell companies, nominee directors, tax avoidance schemes, and illegal activity. In this session, David will discuss the investigation and its findings.


  • David Leigh, Former Investigations Editor, The Guardian (London)


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