Insider Talking: February 28, 2002

The scam committed by Morrison Cross Financial Investments, which fleeced investors while operating as a stock broker in Panama without a license, has entered a new phase; Justice Ephraim Georges, sitting in the Antigua High Court, has apparently recused himself from legal hearings relating to the liquidation of Eurofed Bank after an objection by attorneys acting for former Ukrainian Prime Minister Pavlo Lazarenko, who considered that the judge's partiality was compromised by his son being employed by PricewaterhouseCoopers, which is liquidating the bank; On February 12, 2002, a Dallas County Grand Jury in Texas returned 24 indictments against Cameron O. Bailey relating to the sale of unregistered securities, namely Certificates of Deposit issued by Cambridge International Bank & Trust, of Grenada, and promissory notes issued by Omne Srl; As Julien Giraud waits in custody in Florida for the start of his trial on money laundering charges, his wife Lyn has been writing letters of outrage to the local press in their native Dominica, protesting at the arrest of her husband in Puerto Rico last November while he was traveling with Dominica's Finance Minister, Ambrose George; OffshoreAlert has previously reported on stock scams and other frauds perpetrated by firms linked with Bermuda Stock Exchange-listed Mezzanine Capital; and Complaints are starting to be made publicly by people who have either bought shares from, or have been approached about buying shares by, Goodman Hart Associates, Morgan Paris & Company and/or St. James & Company, who have been promoting two stocks particularly heavily: AdRentaCar Inc. and Spantel Communications Inc.