When an investment scam known as Privilege Wealth collapsed after being exposed by OffshoreAlert, the scheme's principal, banned British company director Brett Jolly, rolled it into a new venture called 'Creditech', which was initially fronted by Britons Keith Harris, a prominent British football financier, and Andrew MacKenzie, until they both resigned in 2017 shortly after being questioned about the new scheme by OffshoreAlert. Harris and MacKenzie soon tried again, however, heading a look-alike scheme called C-Tech Financial that was also exposed by OffshoreAlert.



    Privilege Wealth look-alike C-Tech Financial seeks millions from investors

    British businessmen who fronted a failed attempt to keep the collapsed Privilege Wealth investment scheme going under another name in 2017 after it was exposed by OffshoreAlert have launched a look-alike in Florida and England, C-Tech Financial. They are Keith Harris, who is Deputy Chairman of Everton Football Club, and Andrew MacKenzie, who once ran the image rights firm of British politician and Olympic champion Sebastian Coe.



    Last director of Privilege Wealth spin-off Creditech Plc resigns

    The last remaining director of British firm Creditech Plc has quit, seemingly signaling the end of a firm that was attempting to continue an investment fraud that began as Privilege Wealth. Since being approached by OffshoreAlert less than a month ago, Creditech's entire board and its secretary have all resigned.
    Andreas Woelfl - Argentarius - Malta



    Malta’s Argentarius Group kicked off Gibraltar Stock Exchange

    Argentarius Group, which operates investment platforms in Malta, Gibraltar and the Cayman Islands on which several suspect schemes have been trying to raise funds, has been kicked off the Gibraltar Stock Exchange.



    Brett Jolly rolls Privilege Wealth investment scam into ‘Creditech’

    Banned company director and serial fraudster Brett Jolly has resurrected his failed Privilege Wealth investment scheme under a new name - Creditech - using as fronts two well-connected British nationals who quickly resigned after being contacted by OffshoreAlert, we can reveal.