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Israel seeks evidence from Florida resident for money laundering investigation

Article based on an application to collect evidence for a criminal investigation into alleged money laundering - pursuant to a request for judicial assistance from Israel - that was filed at the U. S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida on April 22, 2005. Individuals and businesses mentioned in the request for assistance include Michael Komissarouk, Svetlana Komissarouk, Alexander Orlov, Boris Maas, Business Informational Systems Technology, Credit Lyonnais Bank, Chase Manhattan Bank, SunTrust Bank, JP Morgan Chase Bank, Bank Hapoalim, Algmine Spraksa Bank, Marina Tchefansky, E. U. Telcom Ltd., David Markish, Shimon Markish, Aron Misulovin, Igor Erlikh, Igor Pomeranets, Regina Misulovin, Lili Kagan, Emery Management Group LLC, Eitan Misulovin, United Industrial Bank, Acris Corp., Raisa Orlyk; Operation City, Samuel Adekuya; Unit Financial Management LLC, Comtel Management LLC,  Digitage LLC, Steallar Holding LLC, Morton Vista Corp., Yukhym Braverman, Hillcroft LLC, Rubicon Ltd., Shelton Investments LLC, Sentron SA, Partner Corporation, Green Line LLC, Sun Side LLC, Kamex Holdings LLC, Nurden Industries Ltd., DNI SIA, Fairnet Services Ltd., Tricolet Financial Ltd., Comtel Management Ltd. SA, Tyron Investment LLC, Rova Distribution LLC, Trust Credit, Eastern Commodities Limited, and Partner Corporation.
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