John Harney et al v. Jakov Dolic et al: Complaint (‘Crypto Firm Dispute’)

Complaint in John Harney and DGF Investments Inc., of the British Virgin Islands, individually and derivatively on behalf of Layer1 Technologies Inc., described as “a cryptocurrency mining and technology company” whose “parent and sole stockholder” is Enigma Holding AG, of Switzerland, which has “subsidiaries in the United States, Switzerland, Croatia, and the Bahamas” v. Jakov Dolic and Tobias Ebel, Defendants, and Layer1 Technologies, Nominal Defendant, at the Court of Chancery of the State of Delaware.

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    February 02, 2023
    Jakov Dolic, Tobias Ebel, Layer1 Technologies Inc.
    Ross Aronstam & Moritz, Garrett Moritz, Blank Rome, David Dorey
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    John Harney, DGF Investments Inc.