Kevin Gelasio v. Haris bin Zafar et al: Complaint (‘$2.5M NFT Crypto Fraud’)

    Complaint “about a pseudonymous Internet trickster and amateur artist who thinks his quasi-anonymity and modest notoriety allows him to criminally defraud his ostensible friends and business partners, psychologically manipulate and bully them into silence, and unjustly enrich himself at their expense without facing any repercussions” in Kevin Gelasio, described as “a full-time nurse and part-time cryptocurrency trader” v. Haris bin Zafar, described as a citizen and resident of the United Kingdom, and Project Ether Limited, of Hong Kong, at the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

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    September 08, 2023
    Haris bin Zafar, Project Ether Limited
    Kevin Gelasio
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    Miller Barondess, Brandon Orewyler